Orrin Hatch: My God Is Love

About Don Imus

We have concluded, probably incorrectly, that Imus is a die-hard Republican.

Yet, Imus, this morning, plays a song titled "Independent Counsel Blues."

Kenny's got that Independent Counsel Blues…
but Starr's the one that's getting &^%$@…
he's not match for Bubba's woody…
he's got the independent counsel blues…."

Not flattering to Starr AND sort of flattering to the POTUS.

What's even funnier is that his is played just before he gets on the line with Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) – no doubt delighted in the ongoing Clinton sex scandals, but sure to pretend he doesn't.

Imus seems to love right wing critics and editorialists. He interviews, with regularity, people like Senator Al D'Amato (R-NY) and the luscious editorialist Laura Ingraham, who has more sex appeal than brains – something Imus knows as well, and uses with aplomb.

Imus, like Clinton, definitely has an eye for the girls.

And as with our own editorial bent, Imus smells a rat with the US stance on Iraq. He, like John McLaughlin, is uncomfortable with our policy – "a good thing" as bitchy magazine owner Martha Stewart might say.

Hatch came on, chuckling from Utah. He talked about our Iraq policy as "naked digress… When Clinton found out that Saddam was going to assassinate George Bush he sent a cruise missile into Iraq and killed a cleaning lady… He's cheap jerseys got to do something here. We can do a lot of damage with a sustained air attack and maybe cripple Saddam."

Imus piped in with "That's not what [Defense Secretary] Bill Cohen says," needling Hatch slightly. And Hatch did a 180.

That's the Imus genius: his friendly chide to make a point – subtle, unplanned, very quick.

Hatch took the opportunity to push for military readiness – always the pol. Hatch also launched into an attack on Microsoft.

IMUS: "Do you think Ken Starr is conducting a fair 2014-08-18 investigation?"

HATCH: "Yes…. They've basically obstructed everything he's trying to do…. To call this a right wing conspiracy – give me a break. They're gonna blame El Nino next."

IMUS: "Richard Cohen is on the op-ed page of The Washington und Post saying that this reminds him of what the Agnew people did – not suggesting that the President's guilty."

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