Orrin Hatch: My God Is Love

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Orrin Hatch: My God Is LoveThe truth isn't just that the Hatch's album isn't selling well – it's worse than that. Not because Hatch isn't talented, but because he's gotten himself into a bad distribution deal. We were contacted by a Hatch crony who asked if one of our staff – with connections to the record industry – might help. Tune in for that one. In case you forgot our own play on Hatch's Album – here's the album cover we suggested:

Orrin Hatch in leather: my God, it's love!

Imus turned back to the story of Katzenburg hugging Gore – for the fourth time in two hours: "That's worse than when Sammy Davis was hugging Richard Nixon. At least we knew he was a little weasel." Aside: "And at least they were facing each other…"


Imus then welcomed to Joseph DiGenova, former federal prosecutor cheap jerseys and independent counsel – but really a right-wing whore married to that insipid red haired talking head lawyeress who Geraldo cheap nba jerseys made famous during the O.J. season, Victoria Toensing. DiGenova was literally spawned by his hero – Ed "The Pig" Meese. We often spotted these two peas in a pod together at Washington's Monocle Restaurant – a favorite haunt of the GOP. He's not one of our favorite people and seems to make all of his loot appearing on cable television shows for scale. DiGenova is also the only talking head ex-prosecutor who has his coif done by The Hair Club for Men – and he doesn't even sport a transplant!

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