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DiGenova's claim to fame was investigating the Bush administration for rifling Bill Clinton's passport files and was initially involved in the shameless investigation of Washington DC's Mayor Marion Berry. He failed at both, in source's opinion.

IMUS: "How does it look to you?"

DIGENOVA: "Accusations about leaks are the norm now. These leaks usually come from the witnesses or friends they've talked to and Newsweek tells us that their sources come from the Clinton defense team."

IMUS: "Ashley Raines claims that Lewinsky told her about the affair and heard the phone messages from Clinton to Monica. Her mother manages the Excelsior Hotel."

DIGENOVA: "Kendall has filed a contempt charge against Starr for leaking Grand Jury material on Bill Clinton and he is not likely to get much from it. Norma Hollaway Johnson, the chief judge, may hold closed door hearings but she will make the defense team sign agreements to be silent too."

IMUS: "What about the investigation of Starr we're hearing about?"

DIGENOVA: "People are trying to get the Attorney General to investigate Starr and she's not gonna do that. She's gonna let the Chief Judge handle that."

Oh, really? Just how does he know that?

DIGENOVA: "Victoria and I have been hired to investigate the Teamster election where $27 million of US money was spent on monitoring the election – all for naught."

IMUS: "Is it better to make a deal with Lewinsky How or better to force her to testify?"

DIGENOVA: "At this point it doesn't matter. My wife describes Ginsburg as Chauncey Gardner. Starr does not have a choice. They didn't have an immunity agreement. It was not signed by Starr. Any effort Ginsburg makes to enforce an unsigned agreement will fall on its face. He's not going to try in indict the President of the United States. It will go to Congress. This appears to be the deal with Lewinsky. "You can choose to be remembered as a woman who had a affair with the President, or you can be remembered as the woman who had an affair and brought down the President. I think the President obviously has a problem… he got stunningly sharp questions on Monica Lewinsky at the Paula Jones deposition… rushed back to the White House and got Betty Currie to get back the gifts to Lewinsky and then started on what to do about Lewinsky. Remember, the President is the chief law enforcement officer of the United States [WHAT?] Whose fault is it that we are here? It's not the media's fault, its the people at the White House…"

IMUS: "But isn't… how do we get past the 'he said, she said' situation?"

DIGENOVA: "Obviously in a one on one Lewinsky/Clinton the President wins. But that's why Tripp made her tapes. What we need, what the public needs and has a right to hear, was what the president did. Kathleen Willey did say that the president made unwanted sexual advances…"

IMUS: "Thanks for taking the time to explain it to us."

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