Orrin Hatch: My God Is Love

About Don Imus

Now what bull is this? First, DiGenova pretends to "know" what the President did, what questions he was asked at a secret deposition, and what he told Betty Currie. Then he also pretends to know what the Chief Judge of the court will do, what Janet Reno is thinking, and does it all while insulting a fellow lawyer – Ginsburg.


And this is what we kind of loathe about Imus. He had Paul Begala on yesterday and called him a genius today, but at the same time he puts him down as a "Spinmeister." He then invites a right wing whore like DiGenova as guest, a man who just recently got a political payoff from the GOP to investigate the Teamsters and paints him Stealth as a angel.

This is not kosher. DiGenova is a fine lawyer, but no saint. His agenda is purely political, and along with his sneering red-mopped wife he has become a small joke in Washington among Democrats and clear thinkers. Sure, Joe and Vicky deserve to make a living – it's just too bad it's off the misery of others like Clinton and even Simpson.

But Imus also spends lots of time on more serious stuff as well. We like that.

This morning, for example, he talked to Andrea "Mrs. Alan Greenspan" Mitchell and Claire Shipman – who's now persona non grata at the White House. Imus asks very informed questions peppered with good humor and often cracks up the all-too-serious NBC press corps. He's bright beyond description, but often loses less-informed members of his audience with obscure references familiar only to erudite listeners and viewers.

Imus introduces The Bill Clinton Diaries. We hear a voiceover as "Bill Clinton" speaks: "Tony Blair… You know his wife is kinda cute… I made a big fuss over them…. I snuck Tony upstairs with a couple of interns to get his scepter polished… maybe I'll invite Jiang Zemin over for coffee, Bennie the Jew over for Deli… "

Imus on Governor Roy Romer, the DNC Chairman: "We have a tape of him with his tongue halfway down her throat… It's less acceptable to lie about it for 16 years. I guess his wife thinks it's fine. It kept the family to…"

Tasteless? Yes.

Hilarious? Yes.

Dangerous? Absolutely!

And that's what we love about Don Imus. He takes chances.

And how.