Jeff Koopersmith

Find the Satan within yourself and kill it!
An open letter to neo-fascist propagandist Ann Coulter
By Jeff Koopersmith

Feb. 27, 2002

Dear Ann,

I feel like I know you.

I have raged at you because of your idiocy so often. How is it that an educated woman can be as odious as you?

Yesterday, I read your column, "Give us 22 minutes, we'll give up the country."

You write, "Rich liberals are planning to fund a talk radio network because they believe -- as The New York Times put it -- they have been 'overshadowed in the political propaganda wars by conservative radio and television personalities.'"

I am not sure you get it, Ann.

"Rich" liberals, like Sheldon and Anita Drobny -- the common sense behind this idea -- give MILLIONS of dollars of their honestly-earned money to charity and education. They are not fashioning a new radio syndicate merely to combat political propaganda wars, but to attempt to undo nearly a quarter century of hatemongering propaganda from so-called "conservatives" (a nice way of saying "Post-Nixonian Nazis") who learned in 1980 that they could get away with Hitler's Big Lie Theory and convince America that ravenousness is better than kindness.

In fact, this neo-Nazi tide, which is not a Republican thing but a craving thing among people calling themselves Republicans, began even earlier -- and in California -- where a talented jackass and an assortment of wealthy corporate land owners who couldn't care less about the underclass passed some immoral little scheme called "Proposition 13", cutting property taxes in half -- and simultaneously cutting the throats of the poor by crushing the social welfare, Medicaid and education budgets of that state. And why? Well, merely to save stupidly insatiable real estate barons a few billion dollars collectively. Naturally, it was black and Hispanic Americans that took the brunt of that punch.

As Vernon Jordan -- someone you love to hate -- said the day "Prop 13" passed, "This is proof of America's dirty little secret." Jordan was talking, of course, about racism.

Now, to be fair, you were too young, and far more sophomoric than today, to observe the campaign that resulted in the halving of property taxes in California. But take it from me -- it was the first really massive play of the "race card" in post-Civil Rights Act politics and pitted the lucky against the ill-fated, the rich against the poor.

Proposition 13 was a harbinger of doom, an omen warning Americans that sorry little people like you would soon appear on the horizon to tear out the bellies of the poor -- while laughing all the way to the bank.

Before I turn to your pitiable scrutiny of corporate media, a group of voracious megalomaniacs that have enriched you far beyond justification, I want to tell you that I know that your books are NOT truly best-sellers and that your "friends in high places" buy them up in huge quantities, just as they did with attack tomes by Peggy Noonan, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Bernie Goldberg and William Bennett -- all so that harebrained Americans will think that you "are on to something big."

This in turn, of course, stirs high school dropouts to purchase your drivel and, to my astonishment, accept as true the lies you write.

Your books are not best-sellers -- they are, at best, propaganda for wide distribution by and among the ugliest of Americans.

I read all of your books Ann -- and I must tell you I have never seen a more bitter collection of lies, half-truth and feeble English.

Nevertheless, you know this, so why waste your time or mine?

You see, Ann, the problem with being bright -- and you are bright -- is that your own quick humorlessness always shows your hand.

I do not believe you are anything more than a whore, knowing or not, for people so evil, so vicious in the pursuit of wealth and power, that they will stop at nothing to attain it.

You, like Goebbels, are good, very good, at lying to the American people -- or should I say, American voters, for they are your target, are they not?

However, in the end, you are hated -- loathed even by the very men who pay your handlers, your pimps, to keep you fed and clothed and make you appear, at least, knowledgeable.

You must be lonely, and I feel terribly sad for you -- truly.

Now for some truth.

Liberals are losing elections because of bias, not "in the media" as you so awkwardly put it, but because newspapers, radio, and especially television (where more than 85% of us get our news) are controlled by men with absolutely no loyalty to anyone or anything, let alone this nation -- except money.

They want elected officials who worship at the altar of big business.

Bernadette Budde, the baroness of the Business Industry Political Action Committee, said it best:


The Business Industry Political Action Committee is an independent, bipartisan organization founded in 1963 as the nation's first business PAC. It has earned a reputation both in Congress and in the media as the pre-eminent source of political intelligence for business.

And that's why hundreds of the nation's "blue chip" companies, the more prominent business and trade associations and small, family-run companies have turned to BIPAC. They support BIPAC because we help American business meet the challenge of identifying, endorsing and electing pro-business candidates with state-of-the-art strategies, tactics and tools.

What makes BIPAC different? We exist to enhance the political success of American business. We even play by the same rules -- quality, cost control, return on investment. BIPAC protects your bottom line while increasing your effectiveness.


Could it be more plain?

The Board of Directors of BIPAC reads like the Who's Who of television, radio and print advertising buyers. Do you need a road map to see whose interests the media protects - and has to protect?

These are frightened small men and women, who think their only out -- their only escape if something should happen -- is cash, and the more the better.

I do not blame them really, for we live in a world where cash and the deceit it takes to garner lots of it, is King.

The problem, of course, is that in the end, people like this always lose. In the end, the masses -- no matter how thick and hypnotized -- grasp that they have been duped.

One need only be conscious of history to see this -- to understand that within a few years you and people like you will be cast into the dustbin of history like the Pied Pipers of Rome, Istanbul, Great Britain, Egypt, Greece, and so forth-- all the great societies now dead and dying, or in some state of moribund rehabilitation.

This is what you are one leading light for, Ann -- The destruction of America.

It is I, and people like me, that might be defined as true patriots -- although since Oliver North stole that mantle we are hard-pressed to use it.

And it is you, Ann Coulter, who are a traitor.

You are a traitor to everything America should, and did stand for: freedom, compassion, the rule of law.

You twist these principles into some brutish beast that piles-on at your command -- attacking the weakest among us.

You write that Rush Limbaugh has been driving liberals crazy for years -- but in fact, without liberals Rush's audience would be cut by as much as 60, maybe 70 percent, because it is we who listen to him, laugh at him, and sometimes fret that our idiot brothers actually believe what he says.

He's a sideshow, a laughing stock, a cancerous idiot who we've ignored too long -- just to keep him around for amusement perhaps.

I listen to Rush as often as I can -- and I pity him. Why? Because like you, he can't even walk into a restaurant without people getting up in revulsion mid-meal and walking out. He cannot allow even a single opposing guest into his studio, for he is unable to cope with a logical or truthful person. He is a little Hitler -- a dictator of lies, and people like that must remain alone, locked in their bunkers, spouting their malevolence.

As you may be obliged to someday, Mr. Limbaugh hides behind iron gates and doormen because he knows that people crazed with poverty and sickness might someday find him, and slap him down for the hatred and the lies he so easily dishes up every weekday for nothing more than ready money.

You are accurate, though. Trying to figure out how to combat Rush Limbaugh should not be too difficult. All liberals must do is engage in the same party line, the same repugnant preaching without check, the same hateful speech that you use as you publish one vitriolic, hate-filled paragraph after another.

It is that simple, and I am ready -- more than raring to go.

Let us go over the men and women who you might call your "colleagues in neo-Nazi arms."

There is Robert Novak -- the sick old man known as "The Prince of Darkness" with a visa from the devil who lives off the lynching of anyone not ultra-right, ultra-hateful, and ultra-wealthy.

There is the thug high school-dropout Sean Hannity -- who had so much intellectual but unschooled promise and who wasted it for nothing more than money, attacking everything that is good in America or everything he and his audience cannot understand.

There is the abhorrent "Dr." Laura Schlessinger -- who is not a doctor of psychology or medicine but a physiologist who let her mother rot in her home, dead, and then had the nerve to defend her position and insult her mother in death on the Larry King show. Schlessinger, I believe, has caused more damage and more pain to more stupid women than any entertainer I can think of.

There is contemptible Michael Weiner, who goes by the stage name Michael Savage -- who makes his paycheck gay-bashing, poor-bashing, Jew-bashing, black-bashing and who is about to get his own national television show as a reward from big business.

There is Bill O'Reilly -- the Irish "regular guy" from Levittown, Long Island who is nothing of the sort, and who makes his living lynching black superstars like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, and calls Mexican field hands "wetbacks" without pause. This man "bans" books and records and would burn them in Central Park if he thought he could get away with it. Soon, he may be able to get away with it.

Not least is the impudent punk (and that it is a considered term I use here -- "punk") Tucker Carlson -- a mean little boy steeped in all the worst traditions, already sneering and curmudgeon-like at such a young age, the Last White Hope of a dying doctrine -- your article of faith -- the creed of greed.

Then there are your other friends.

There's tobacco lawyer Kenneth Starr, the most despised attorney in America and a man who earns his living defending corporations who murder people knowingly.

There's William Bennett, a poseur pretending to be the moral compass of America while engaging in lynch-mobbing or dragging behind pick-ups anyone who does not believe in his brand of "family values."

Of course, there's Oliver North, Casper Weinberger, and other felons who brought us Iran-Contra and the collegiate-cable television talking head traitors and felons who should be in prison, as treasonous, and not teaching our children about America.

You are correct though, Ann, when you say that the Democratic National Committee has let us, who proudly define ourselves as Liberals, down.

They have.

This is largely due to corporate control over the media, and ergo that psyche -- the very essence of America.

What choice did Democrats have, after a decade of blowhard materialism, than to break with its liberal traditions and embrace the scum-of-the-earth ideologies that have resulted in America's new, undeserved and hateful reputation?

Where were you when Bill Clinton signed the Welfare Reform Act? That's what you and your kind did -- you made a good man do a bad thing. You've done that to others as well.

Welfare Reform? What is that - Leona Helmsley's idea of taking care of the poor? Or maybe Albert Speer's?

Your breed, and now you, forced and compelled empathetic policymakers to turn on the very people who need them most. You cry out victorious about men and women now working for five bucks an hour -- and "proving their mettle" their "value" to America -- but you do not tell the rest of the story: that they are living in the back seats of their cars living on Wonder Bread.

Yes, the Democratic Party and most who represent it are doing a putrid-poor job of representing Americans who need them most -- working men and women, gay men and women, minority men and women, the crippled and sick, the mentally ill -- all the people you and your kind treat as some kind of sub-species.

Yes, the Democratic Party should be ashamed, mortified really to have allowed six businessmen to control everything we see on television, and another dozen to control almost everything we hear on radio.

In addition, while I am at it, let me talk about the few people in the media who pretend to represent the Liberal or "left" point of view.

There is Paul Begala, more interested in being clever than splintering the non-intellectual jaw of Bob Novak or Tucker Carlson.

There is James Carville -- the "Ragin' Cajun" who is so vested in corporate America and her politics that he would not dare take a real stand against the media he lives off.

There is one interesting thing about Carville, though -- he is married to Mary Matalin, a frightening right-winger, which offers certain proof that the world is nothing but a stage filled with actors, actors who couldn't care less about their fellow man.

There is Alan Colmes, who once told me that he could not "really" defend the liberal point of view or Roger Ailes would fire him. Colmes continues to take his paycheck, but he does no service to the liberal or progressive American.

Who else?

Oh yes, what about Mara Liasson, the "girl from National Public Radio" who is so afraid of losing her fifteen minutes of fame each week on FOX News Sunday that she gladly bends over for Roger Ailes and helps him "prove" his lie -- that FOX News is "fair and balanced."

Then there is Susan Estrich, a wonderful woman who spends much of air time smiling that beautiful infectious smile and no time at all defending the very principals she teaches -- again for her FOX News paycheck and just one more time in the fame box.

So yes, Democrats have done a miserable job doing battle with neo-fascists like you Ann.

A terrible job.

And there is no excuse for it.

Not the melancholic cry that Liberals don't "name call" -- not the plaintive justification that we Liberals always try to be fair-minded; not the impractical groan that we won't lower ourselves into your nationalistic, flag waving sewer of inhumanity.

There are no excuses.

You see Ann, the problem is that the Democratic Party has lost its way, and elected officials within the Party are fearful that they will lose their jobs and consequently their ability to stop -- dead in their tracks -- maniacs like Newt Gingrich and his zealous televangelist zombie sycophants from taking away our country.

Therefore, they stay, and they pretend, unbearably, to stand for things similar to what you claim to stand for.

Yet in the end, they, like you, stand for nothing at all.

Are you surprised, Ann?

Are you shocked that I agree that it is far more entertaining to listen to Rush Limbaugh that to the untalented, unentertaining lineup you described -- Mario Cuomo, Phil Donahue, and yes, even Jim Hightower?

I do agree. I do indeed.

Do you know why, Ann? Do you know why these men are far less entertaining?

It is because they think their job is not to "entertain" but to inform. There is nothing more boring to the average dolt -- including me -- than being clued in without being amused.

What entertains people more than throwing the Christians to the lions?

What diverts people more than to watch the powerful, the intelligent, the good, the gifted, and the benevolent stripped of their reputations, invaded and raped, pulled off their towers and trampled in vileness?

What is more entertaining than to call a Rhodes Scholar President a "lying sexually deviant moron," a "traitor," and worse?

What is more entertaining than destroying his young daughter Chelsea's life at college or humiliating his wife Hillary?

What is more engaging than having women like you fascinated with Presidential genitalia, semen and sub-rosa trysts that women like Linda Tripp were paid, like vermin-ridden whores, to reveal?

What is more compelling than watching a felon, Oliver North, have the impudence to run for the US Senate and then have as his reward his own television show(s) -- standing as a beacon of freedom (yeah, right) on MSNBC and FOX News Channel?

Is this really what you want your children to emulate?

What could more enjoyable than watching Gary Condit's wife nearly die, miserably depressed, hiding in her house from the likes of you?

What could be more entertaining than calling a black man whose shoes you are not fit to lick -- Vernon Jordan -- a crook and a collaborator?

What could be more entertaining than making a mockery out of the private personal miseries, addictions, pain, or heartfelt public concerns of other people in the public spotlight -- people like Michael Jackson who has done more for charitable organizations than you and your associates combined? Or Whitney Houston, who electrified the world with her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at Super Bowl XXV? Or Alec Baldwin -- a giving and caring actor? Or Paul "Pee Wee Herman" Reubens? Sean Penn? Barbara Streisand? Jane Fonda? George Carlin? Diana Ross? Michael Moore? Mike Farrell? John F. Kennedy? John F. Kennedy Jr.? Bill Moyers? Half of the music world? Most actors? Our most famous film directors? All of them are scum in your mind and the minds of your Media Gestapo collaborators.

What could be more pleasurable?

What could more amusing than convincing people that mothers on welfare just love that lifestyle and "cheat" using food stamps to buy cigarettes -- perhaps their only deadly comfort?

What could be wittier than to convince voters it is better to get a "tax break" by closing nearly 70% of all psychiatric hospitals in the nation and throwing their patients onto the streets of our cities to die in squalor?

What could be more intensely wild than listening to people name-calling feminists -- to whom you owe everything you have -- "feminazis?"

It seems never to cease. Nevertheless, the fact, the fact, is that this is what the average American loves yet at the same time decries.

And Ann, this is what Hitler knew as well -- how amusing it can be to the lumpenproletariat. He knew it very well. He wrote about it. Haven't you read his papers, his books, and the writings of his henchmen?

He laid it all out.

It's called the Big Lie Theory.

The concept is pretty simple: tell people who are ill-equipped to find the truth or think critically a lie so big that, to them, it just has to be true -- and then you spread it, ice it, and smear it all over them until they not only believe it, but also actually swear an oath to it.

That is what you are about, Ann Coulter.

You are a liar.

You try to take contemptible advantage of less educated working men and women who have been so brainwashed, so fallen upon by Madison Avenue and the nonstop advertising that fills your wallet, that they cannot see straight.

You have taken their faith in journalism, smashed it, and used it maliciously and without a care -- taunting them:

"You can be rich if you only stop paying taxes to help the poor; you can rule the world if you'll only let us run huge deficits to design and build even more heinous weapons; you can wear Gucci and Chanel -- if only you'll let us privatize Social Security; everyone is jealous of America because we are so good, so fine, so much better than they, so we'll have to kill them before they kill us; you can inherit the earth if only you become a Nazi."

Liberals are not "pesky devils," as you call them.

Liberals have minds -- uncluttered by your insatiable desire for power. They see others and they see the future, which does not include people like you making decisions that control anything much beyond the brand of makeup you might choose to buy.

Do you read the research, Ann? Do you see that the more educated one is, the less likely he or she is to vote for the candidates you endorse?

Read it. Get an education.

Liberals see that while some of us are more talented, brighter, and yes, luckier than others, that this is no excuse to trample the less privileged, the sick and the elderly.

Liberals are willing to give a larger piece of their pie to others, without remorse and, without malice for the many because of the trespasses of the few.

Liberals know all too well that the promise of America -- at least the way in which you and your ilk define it -- is a pipe dream, a perjury, a prescription for disillusionment and later, resentment. Not everyone can live the high life. Not everyone can have the most beautiful home or the newest car, or that wonderful retirement in Florida.

You want facts, Ann?

Here's one: There are far more wealthy Liberals than there are conservatives. The crucial difference between the two groups is that liberals are benevolent usually without fanfare where conservatives are charitable from ego and a need for recognition.

There are also far more liberals than conservatives in business.

Does that shock you?

While it may be true that the large corporate boardroom is filled with people like you, those board members are not generally there from a need to be considerate to, or gentle on, their brethren. They are there to collect fat recompense and damn anyone who gets in their way.

And that's been proven lately, has it not? Ever heard of Enron? WorldCom? Global Crossing? Halliburton? The Carlyle Group?

You write that Liberals have no ideas, but again you lie and you knowingly lie. For those smart enough to see it, nearly every monumental ideal for America is a liberal-based one.

Freedom of the press -- which you and your ilk are now trying to gain for only the few, is a liberal idea.

Public welfare -- taking care of each other regardless of the reason someone might need help -- is also a liberal idea, and, I might add, a Christian one.

Public education -- making certain that Americans have the intellect to spot neo-Nazis like you before you crush them -- is a liberal idea.

The United Nations -- leveling the playing field so that no nation or people feels that the luckier ones have all the power, and so that others will not have to live in fear -- is also a liberal idea. You, on the other hand, like to mock the United Nations, do you not? We all know why: because you are frightened to share your knowledge and your wealth with others lest you be denied something in the process, lest you learn that others might have a better idea.

Equal rights -- finally, after 100 years, Democrats, not Republicans, made sure that people of color in America could vote without restriction - is another liberal idea, and one that you dare to pretend to embrace using the cherished memory of Abraham Lincoln -- a man who would have had you deported to the Confederacy rather than be a member of the Republican Party.

Universal health care -- taking care of the ill and making sure they have the medicines to pursue the true American Dream -- is not the nightmare you and your kind have sketched for us. Yet you mocked Hillary Clinton and her plan for this at the behest of powerful, moneychangers who are now charging a family of four almost $10,000 a year for so-called "protection" against disease and accidents.

The environment -- protecting our land, water and air against rampant and irresponsible corporate interests, the interests you represent - is yet another liberal idea now embraced by more and more conservatives, mostly I often think because they want to make certain they can hunt down animals and kill them in our forest than because they care about my son's ability to breathe.

The "rule of law" -- and particularly protecting the rights of the few against the many -- is another liberal idea, Ann.

Yet your friends, like the religious CD-star-cum-Attorney-General John Ashcroft, is and has always been stalking the law, abridging our rights, challenging any portion of it that gives a leg up to the needy or the abused or the common. Ashcroft is one of your heroes - a zealot who kneels and prays to Jesus in an office which specifically disallows the combination of church and state, and who knelt on a bathroom floor with now Justice Thomas before he played the first of many neo-fascist race cards and packed the Supreme Court with like minded ultra-conservatives who think that the Constitution is not the wonderful elastic malleable document it is but is instead some Bible of inequity to be read literally and without integrity.

Finally, we come to one last liberal idea: peace.

Yes, peace.

You, Ann Coulter, are an apologist for the worst of us, the ones who send our sons and daughters to fight for their fleeting power -- not freedom, but power, money and plain old human cruelty.

You applaud what happened in Vietnam where 58,000 men and boys were fed into a jungle slaughterhouse so you could wave your flag and say, "See! We killed millions of you gooks! And you, you could only kill 58,000 of us!"

You pretend, you lie, and you say this "helped defeat the Soviets" when in truth the Soviets defeated themselves by playing our game.

You lie and tell our children that those of us who did not serve and who protested (and that includes many or most of YOUR heroes, by the way) hated our brave soldiers and put them in harm's way.

We did no such thing. We sought to protect them from the very people who swim lavishly in your words -- delight in your neo-fascism and pray to your gods.

We wanted them to live long lives, to marry, to have children and to dance in their bliss. People like you Ann, stole that from them, and people like you pretend to weep at their graves even as you send more to die for the empty promise that you have helped create in America. The kids murdered at Kent State University protesting that action -- not even a "war" -- never wished any harm to our boys in uniform, yet you and your kind would never allow their names to be etched on that black marble Wall on the Mall in Washington.

Yet each one was a hero and a patriot -- and someone's child.

Think about that, if you dare.

You wrote, "Liberal persuasion consists of the highbrow sneer from self-satisfied snobs ladled out for people with a 40 IQ. This is not an ideology that can withstand several hours a day of caller scrutiny where their goofball notions can be shot down by any truck driver with a cell phone."

Yet your own lack of candor in everything you do and stand for belies your own words.

Look at yourself -- a fine and handsome young woman so "coked up" on herself that she can hardly speak. Her eyes stare blank and ebon as she vomits out verbal bile, or roll in their sockets demonstrating her own derision of anything and everything that is not her and for her kind.

It is you, Ann, that counts on the ignorance of Americans -- and it is you who design your twaddle for the lowest intellect, the dumbest of people, the least likely to check or confirm.

You know, people with intelligence do read your books and columns, yet I defy you to find even one not aligned with you who hasn't torn your text to shreds on the basis of the falsehoods contained therein; from the fabrications, deceit, insufferableness and mendacity that fill almost every page you pen and almost every word you speak.

It is not "Liberalism [that] thrives on ignorance" -- it is neo-fascism that so prospers.

You cloak yourself in the category -- "conservative" -- but that is not what you are. What you really are is not a traditionalist at all.

You are a fascist, by any good and proper definition

And you -- like all neoconservative genetic copies -- feign that you are "conservative".

Conservatives, from any extensive politically historic perspective are men and women who are less willing to flaunt wealth and privilege and less quick to raise taxes in order to pay for things America does not need.

Conservatives are not, and were never, greedy, abominable, hate-mongering, gay-bashing, woman-hating, minority-lynching, warmongers who use the media they own to brainwash the American people.

You are no conservative, Ann Coulter.

You are a misinformation specialist -- a creature of Animal Farm or 1984.

You are our worst nightmare.

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