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Jeff Koopersmith

It's War!
The fight is on. Does John Kerry have the right stuff to take on George W. Bush?
By Jeff Koopersmith

March 3, 2004 -- WASHINGTON ( -- John Kerry emerged the coronet of the Democratic Party this morning. This writer hopes he will cast off whatever inculcated but imprudent "sense of decency" he hangs onto and realizes that in order to beat George W. Bush he'll have to discard his Turnbull & Asser shirts and shop at The Gap as he rolls up his sleeves and viciously but calmly attacks the monster that has become our neoconservative Republican-controlled government.

The head of this megaserpent is the President -- and anyone knows that its head must be severed in order to immobilize the snake, once and hopefully for all.

This is not a time for the temperate.

In order for Mr. Kerry to kick some counterfeit-Texan butt, he will be forced to tell the truth -- about everything -- and not pander to the "politically correct" or, worse, his former frat buddies from Skull & Bones.

The President and, more than ever, the men and women around him will display no conscience. They are in a fight to the death -- a filthy fight -- and they've proven over and over again that they are not above the worst kind of hate-mongering, the grimiest mudslinging, and the basest of puerile political smut-peddling.

John Kerry

John Kerry's battle won't be painless, yet with any good fortune he will hearken back to his days in the jungles of Southeast Asia. He will see this "president" for what he is: an enemy of the people and a call girl for the New American Elite who would rather starve their aging parents than give up a chance to own a McMansion on the Main Line.

Kerry should take care to take aim at the White House -- on every front, and at all possible junctures. He should assemble his troops vigilantly, and launch them, with "Shock and Awe," at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue -- without apology, hesitation, or regret.

Fighting for the Oval Office is not akin to ordering dinner at a local Chinese Restaurant -- one from Column "A", two from Column "B." Waging war against this President and the miscreants surrounding him is more like a twenty-eight course meal, serving up everything George Bush has done to destroy our country and taking no prisoners -- not one.

This is not the time for thoughtful contemplation. It is instead time for a blood-spattered political battle, the toughest in American history -- for in a sense, the nation itself, the Constitution, the rule of law, and just plain fairness are at stake as never before.

And our children are at risk. Make no mistake: their miniature minds are being poisoned not by the gore and sexuality of Hollywood but by the nonstop lies they hear all around them from the elite media and the present administration.

Mr. Kerry must also make a clean breast of his own mistakes. He must faithfully tell the voters he was hoodwinked on Iraq, as he has been hinting. He must disavow whatever led him down garden paths in the past -- and instead tell us how he'll right some wrongs, whether his or the opposition's.

He must also not be fearful to label this President a Liar.

He should use these words:

"George W. Bush is a liar."

He has proven it over and over again. Everyone grasps it -- in their "heart or hearts."

Yes, we've mostly been hoodwinked too -- at least half of us who tell Gallup we will still vote for George W. Bush and what he stands for.

There is little this President and his hangers-on have not lied about:

-- He has lied, over and over again about Iraq and even Afghanistan.
-- He is lying about Pakistan and in bed with the devil there.
-- He is lying about the economy, and Wall Street is playing his tune -- hoping against hope it could be true.
-- He lied to allies - in fact, he lied to all the nations of the earth, using Colin Powell and others to spread his malicious disease.
-- He lies about "educating" our children, promising to "leave no child behind" yet putting the boot in their tiny backs at every go-round.
-- He lies about medical care for the elderly and the poor, two-facedly rewarding his huge corporate funders while shouting "Let them eat cake" at the poorest of the poor.
-- His tax "cuts" are a swindle. They do nothing but malnourish the nation and force cuts for everything but warfare -- or convincing the dumbest of the lower middle class that he is principled.

Mr. Bush is also not ethical -- he has no idea what the word "ethical" means. He is the fortunate and favorite son of unprincipled ancestors, his father escaping indictment from Iran-Contra by only a hair, his grandfather laundering money for Nazi industrialists during World War II (and never forget that this nation confiscated Grand-daddy Prescott's ill-gotten riches -- at least until things "quieted down").

He is ravenous for money to fuel his war machine and nothing will stop him unless he is exposed for the autocrat he is.

He calls himself "The War President." It makes one wretch.

President Bush whimpers and kowtows to the evilest of men -- Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Perle, and Paul Wolfowitz, the draftsmen of Armageddon, too full of malevolence to see the upshot of their gluttony.

He sneers at the working man -- "Too bad for you -- it's a world economy now -- and you're just a relic" -- even as he dons his $200 running shoes made by nine-year-old children in the sweatshops of Asia earning pennies a day.

He threatens our already meager retirement and tells our children they can no longer rely on their government to make sure they have a roof over their heads or a meager meal in their old age.

Which will it be now, Mr. Bush? Retirement at 75, 80, 85 years old?

Bush boasts of American worker's "productivity" but has no idea what the appalling cost of this is -- the very physical pain that is takes to make a thousand widgets instead of eight hundred to "pay the man." It's not productivity -- it's fear, the terror of the possibility of losing one's job.

He yells from the roof top, "The party is over -- at least for you!"

And the people -- what has George W. Bush done for the people in three short years?

Let me tell you.

-- He has turned the haves against the have-nots even as he accuses the classless liberal of pushing "class warfare."
-- He has empowered the ultra-right-wing controlled media elite beyond their midnight dreams -- and make no mistake, they do control almost everything you read, hear, or see on television - all in an effort to fool you, to engage you with the most superlative and unscrupulous propaganda that would make even Hitler blush.
-- He has driven charitable contributions to new lows and murdered the Disneyesque fantasy of his father's Thousand Points of Light.
-- He has attempted to drive a wedge in the most malicious and evil manner between so-called "straight" men and women and gay men and women -- all Americans, but to his warped mind, second class -- cloaked by his spurious embrace of God, and making some of us parenthetically "less American" than others.
-- His lack of action on and support for national security is a quiet joke.

We are no safer than we were on September 10th 2001. In fact we are at far greater risk -- not only from insane boogeyman Islamic fundamentalist but from other forces around the world, where George W. Bush is perceived as a hateful warring tyrant who will stop at nothing -- including the humiliation and worse of our former allies -- to get his, and his puppet master's way.

As Stephanie Cutter of John Kerry's staff told ABC News this week:

"Here's the bottom line: George Bush can't rewrite history with $150 million. George Bush is going to spend more on this election than any candidate in the nation's history to help whitewash over all his broken promises on jobs, health care, education, and national security. The real story here is what's NOT in the new Bush ads, because this president acts as though the last three and a half years never happened."

What Cutter is saying is that President Bush is living in a dream world.

Yes, he does think the past three years never happened -- for the reason that he believes so truly that he and his mob actually control the public's perception of him -- using the six corporate chiefs who control our news to do it.

And yes, they are all guilty -- allowing this President to get away with his invariable lies and treating him as if he were worthy.

Mr. Bush is only worthy to be beaten at the polls, and by huge margins.

So John Kerry, remember this: you are not a crown prince, you are David for the average American who has put heart in you to slaughter Goliath.

Today, slings and stones won't do it.

Senator Kerry, you will need political weapons of mass destruction.

You will need to step away from your gentlemanly posture in order to do battle in the filthy trenches now being dug by Republican power mongers in states both Red and Blue.

Do not forget who trusted you.

It was not cumbersome corporate donors who put you where you are today.

It was not journalists, so fearful for their own jobs that they would label Mr. Bush our savior for just one more promotion or syndication deal.

It was not the Church, nor was it the soccer moms, nor NASCAR dads who have faith in you.

It was not the mendacious Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Michael Powell, who will use "wardrobe malfunctions" to empower your enemies against you.

It was not the Chairman of General Electric or Halliburton or Enron or Mr. Bush's other allies now rotting in prison or waiting for trial.

It was not the war industry -- not Lockheed Martin, nor Exxon, nor Microsoft who carried your colors.

It was not Alan Greenspan and his Clinton-bashing wife.


It was the working poor, the quickly-becoming-extinct middle class, the factory worker, the minority, the sexually marginalized, the children of dads and moms dying in a God forsaken desert.

It was true men and women of God who need not wear their love of Heaven on their shirt sleeves like some rough-and-ready swastika of righteousness. They put you where you are today.

It was the Average Jane and Joe who voted for you over these last several weeks -- exhausted from their battle to keep up with the Cheneys and the Limbaughs, and the Hannitys and O'Reillys -- the "perfect Americans" who goad nitwits into believing he too can be mucky rich.

Gird yourself, John Kerry.

Know who you are fighting for -- only they are on proverbial terms with the tragedy that has become the American Dream.

JEFF KOOPERSMITH is a political consultant, opinion research authority, policy analyst, and self-described "renegade lobbyist."

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