“We might die of boredom.”

Is the point REALLY that easy to miss? Sherrie GG on the Republican infotainment "debates".

So it’s another day after the debate day on Twitter, and I am late to the table.  I am idly scrolling down my timeline, trying to catch up on what good stuff I missed, when I start noticing a rather odd phenomenon.

Apparently Saint Newt the Petulant is complaining about the lack of response to his dog whistles last night at the debate.  In fact, says he, if he can’t get his audience back, well, ya know, he might have to stop debating altogether.

And, far from thinking this would be a good thing, there are choruses of folks saying that the debate last night was boring.  I’m not talking about the right; I’m talking about people I talk to every damn day.  The title of this piece is a tweet I got after I said that muting the audience was a great idea.

What the fuck is up with THAT?  Are we so far gone that we think the debates are presented for our ENTERTAINMENT???  Are we pissy because there isn’t enough glitz??  Should some chick in décolletage march out and present a trophy for the remark that comes closest to actually using the word “Nigger”?

The debates are presented to give us an idea of what our country would look like if the election is won by one of the debate participants.  These past few weeks should not have entertained you, they should have scared the shit outta you.   They should have you shaking in your shoes and willing to march stark naked down Main Street if it will keep them out of office.

Democrats have notoriously short memories.

  • In 2000, the Professional Left said “Oh, voting is no big deal, everybody knows what an imbecile George W. Bush is, NOBODY will actually ELECT him.”  Somebody did.
  • In 2004, the Professional Left said, “Well, he STOLE the election in 2000 and now we have seen what a catastrophe he is, don’t worry about it, NOBODY would actually RE-ELECT him.”  Somebody did.
  • In 2008, the Professional Left said “Holy fuck, shit’s getting REAL, we gotta get out the vote and STOP this!!!!”  And we did.
  • In 2010, the Professional Left said “Well, he’s not moving quickly enough to satisfy me, tell ya what, let’s sit this one out and teach him a lesson!”  And we all learned, the hard way, what WOULD and DID happen.

This is not rocket science. 

When the Republicans held the reins, the Professional Left developed a following because they seemed to be a voice of reason in unreasonable times.  They wrote lots of books, they made loads of money, and a good time was had by all (of them).  They had a purpose.

With a Democratic administration in place, however, the Professional Left found themselves rather ignored.  Their carping about evil was out of step, they lost money, and they got mad. 

So they looked around.  They recklessly pursued self interest, and learned they could pyramid on each other's efforts.   They could get their footing back by attacking a Democratic President for “NOT DOING ENOUGH.” 

No matter that he never had the numbers to do what he wanted done without having to compromise, no matter that, for the first time ever, health care was addressed and improved, no matter that we did not have a repeat of 1929, no matter that Osama bin Laden was SHOT IN THE FUCKING FACE and Moammar Gaddafi is dead, no matter that the automotive industry has recovered and is screaming back to the top, he just isn’t doing enough.  And oh, those terrible drones, and poor Bradley Manning, and, to quote Santorum, “Blah, blah, blah.”

Do they actually think a Republican administration would be better?  Hell no, they don’t, but they think their cash flow will return to GWB levels.  They will be NEEDED again.

Now they are hitting on all cylinders trying to get enough of their own into OWS to distract from the fact that OWS’ fight is NOT with Barack Obama, it is with Congress.  And why, you ask, would they be doing that?

Here’s why.  One look at the slate of Republican candidates and you KNOW the Republicans realize they haven’t got a prayer of capturing the White House, and they can live with that — because they are banking on taking both houses of Congress back and leaving Barack Obama paralyzed for at least the first two years of his second term.

THAT is where our fight is.  Democrats not seduced by the Professional Left need to be hitting the streets, getting the President’s message out, talking about what happens if we lose the senate and don’t take back the house, and getting out the vote.  For primaries.  For caucuses.  For run-offs.  For neighborhood, city, county, state and Federal elections.

Anybody anytime anywhere who tells you that you don’t need to vote is your enemy and should be treated as such.  When Democrats vote, Democrats WIN, and these obscene debates should tell you why we need to win.

They want their audience back?  Fuck 'em. 

All future debates should have no live audience at ALL. 

The candidates, the moderators and the cameras, period.  Listen to what they say when they can’t use laugh lines or dog whistles.

And vote.  For your own sake, not mine.

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