Headlines: Editors’ Picks

President Obama Launches Aggressive Campaign Effort Against Mitt Romney in Battleground States
An embarrassingly honest admission from Rick Santorum: "Smart people will never be on our side"
Romney's tax plan to significantly increase taxes
Challenged on Medicare, G.O.P. Loses Ground
Pelosi: Medicare will win back Democratic majority in the House
White House: No Actionable Intelligence That Could Have Prevented Libya Attacks
As protests calm, tensions remain as U.S. seeks to protect embassies
Obama Notifies Congress of Troops Deployed to Libya and Yemen
Obama Erases Romney's Edge on Economy
Mitt Romney Remains Vague on Details of Some Proposals
How Mitt Romney Helped Monsanto Take Over the World (via Scoobie Davis)
Major victory against labor suppression: Judge strikes down Wisconsin law against collective bargaining for public workers
FTW Congress: House Republicans Plan Two Month Vacation, Leaving Key Bills Awaiting Action
Police hold anti-Islamic film-makeing bigot Nakoula Basseley Nakoula in Los Angeles on probation violations

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