Charleston and the Age of Fox News “Break Your Back” Racism Packed Media

22 June 2015

Charleston and the Age of Fox News’ (et al) “Break Your Back” Racism-Filled Nonsense 

racist tv networks et al

By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

There is no such thing as Race – and journalists had better know that and get this disease out of the main.

I read David Remnick’s extraordinary piece this week concerning nine innocent churchgoers murdered by a  young man named Dylan Roof in Charleston. Roof, whose skin was white, murdered these nine people whose skin was far darker after spending an hour or more with them at a bible study held at the historical Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina near to where kidnapped and captive slaves worshiped underground prior to the Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and the end of America’s Civil War – fought over Southern hatred of “slave deliverance”.

As Mr. Remnick evidenced in his piece, I too thought of Barack and also Michelle Obama, the President and First Lady of the United States and how they must weep soundlessly in our White House following years of what seems like unbridled murders of dark skinned Americans, at best in grim or eager circumstances from the shooter either from his fear, hatred, or simple absurdity.

Remnick reminds us that three thousand four hundred and forty-six dark skinned human beings that we know about were lynched in less than 100 years after the Civil War ended.

This was the way that white-skinned Americans terrorized dark-skinned people then, even for the smallest thing like talking the wrong way, or speaking to the wrong people – light skinned people, and especially women.

As time went on after that period dark skinned people were still being hung by trees in the night, or dragged by chains lashed to trucks or cars along Southern roads and dirt alleyways that tore their skins from their bones so dreadfully that coroners took days just to piece together those bodies.

What an irony it is stripping the skin off a person. The dragging of these men and women provided the truth – that there is a race called Human Beings, but these sub-races fabricated along the centuries do not exist anymore more than Fish of a different color or physical appearance are not Fish. There are no Negroes, or Blacks, or African Americans that can be identified by skin color, or musculature, or genius.  They are just part of the billions of us that belong to the human race.

Yes the media in Western Europe and these United States not only perpetuated these labels until they became – and remain – institutional as well as part of our normal societies.  Adolf Hitler took full advantage of this when he sikked his Gestapo dogs on human beings with the wrong noses, beards, fuller lips, and more normal traits of all human beings.

While Remnick – who I so very much admire – writes of..cruelty and unpunished murder as a legacy.  I disagree, it is not a legacy since it continues as viciously as before, merely wearing an altered mask that attempts to hide the fact that the lynching of miscellaneous sorts of human beings continues in America and around the globe.

Here in America society lynches dark skinned people, brown skinned people, yellow-skinned people, gay people, transsexual people, Jews, Catholics, and the poor (Etc.) no matter what the color of their skin or the tilt of their noses. It they are different, they are lynched.

However, the legacy that Remnick introduces is realty, only the weapons have changed and they are largely held and aimed by our media – but NBC, CNN, FOXNEWS, The New York Times, and frankly almost all media – including minority-owned media (although more thoughtful) – a term I loathe because people’s skin color does not make them a “minority”.  They are humans. We people are all humans.

We have made them a minority by defining them by idiotic qualities.

The Media has a much greater responsibility for turning Americans against each other than does any force in our culture since media is the most potent – even intoxicating – information source and educator than our families, our churches, and– especially our schools today – many of which directed by men and women who believe in definition by appearance or practice rather than merit.

When I point out the miserable manner in which Fox News alters the meaning of almost all happenstance it is only because their reach is so very broad and yet they are over and done with all the  basic precepts of truth which once guided journalism  and the rest of us.

It is not just Fox News or Rodger Ailes the spine-chilling head of that division of Rupert Murdoch’s empire which is to blame for creating an atmosphere so dissimilar to reality that one grieves over it or should.  The reason Fox awarded itself the “Fair and balanced” moniker follows.

According to  Roger Ailes, an artless and generally insignificant aide to Ronald Reagan nearly fifty years in the past, Fox must define itself as such because in truth it is both unfair and completely unhinged in its analysis not only of news, but of the world in general.

Fox taps on the shoulders of –so-called experts on everything from warfare to psychology but in fact none of them are – by any definition- experts. Fox uses lovely women and smiling men to push propaganda they read from notes or Teleprompters – not news.  Where Fox  does tell the truth – The Weather reports – it simultaneously stands against and mocks  all of science who know well that our weather is being raped by our gruesome atmosphere and diseased oceans that are, in fact,  destroying  not only all of us – human and otherwise on the planet, including the planet itself.

Allow me more direct examples than my indiscriminate charge that the media – and especially the news media – are killing our fellows.

Nearly ten years ago I wrote an op-ed piece titled “The Lynching of Michael Jackson”


It was the end of a series of my opinions about Mr. Jackson and the power of the media to destroy, or better said – push a man to destroy himself much as humans, over the ages, have been shoved into suicide by public scolding and sermonizing – a flagship of Fox News ethical canons. You might recall that Fox led the way, along with CNN to do everything but call Michael Jackson a child rapist.  He was no such thing.

Fox is not the only criminal in this regard – Today it seems like every cable and broadcast network is swimming in maltreatment of people’s skin color which has absolutely nothing to do with what they are – save for what the “racists” do to them.

Such is the power of news to drive one to defying death while in reality inviting it.

Remnick’s superlative lines regarding this topic are these:

But the words attributed to the shooter (Dylan Roof) are both a throwback and thoroughly contemporary: one recognizes the rhetoric of extreme reaction and racism heard so often in the era of Barack Obama. His language echoed the barely veiled epithets hurled at Obama in the 2008 and 2012 campaigns

One could be reading a teleprompter of Fox & Friends, or the O’Reilly Factor to mirror those sentences.

Another example – perhaps the most important – is Fox News’ continuing harping and sniggering at Americans trying to maintain what is called a “politically correct” national arena.

Of course Fox writers and readers and do not understand the word political or the meaning of the term political correctness. Everything in our lives is “political” – the word itself is rooted in the Latin for polity –

Oxford English Dictionary:  Civilization; civil order or organization; civil society.

Political should mean “of the polity” or simply “civil” – The term has been bastardized over the years into meaning something to do with government and politics thereby denigrating it, and of course said meaning stands today – Nevertheless when someone is “politically correct” it means that someone is civil in a societal sense – saying or doing what is expected and what is not uncivil.

So, we are down to brass tacks. In my opinion which spans many decades observing what we now call racism, but is categorically simply “getting control over others”. The war against nearly everyone but White Judeo-Christian people seems worse to me during the last 20 years – and although the government and the highest courts have ruled in essence that this type of action is illegal and a disgrace – it continues.

An umbra of this – and a very powerful one – is exemplified by those I call “minorities by color” who are driven to drugs, alcohol or worse by the beating drums of indecent media cradles.  I am thinking today of a dozen and more dark-skinned American celebrities:  Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina Brown (Houston), Marion Barry, Bill Cosby, Diana Ross, Cornell West, Vanessa Williams, and Barack and Michelle Obama.

All of these people have suffered greatly from race-based media harassment – and uncivil, indecent abuse by nearly all news media both directly or indirectly. They accomplish this by public humiliation and deceitfulness about who these people are and what they are doing.

Without going into each of their dreadful stories, which could fill ten books, I add that I believe Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston, were driven to their deaths via media callousness and the severity of it and that the others on this very short list of victims have had their lives nearly destroyed by the same.

Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston in happier saysThanks to Getty Images for this photo

Jackson and Houston were incredibly wealthy, but of course other disappointments contributed to their disability to ignore or fight those who profited from their frailties or simply lied about them to sell advertising.

Fox News is again the prime example, but its cohorts are thousandfold on the Internet, in deceptive magazines, fake “foundations” and preposterous political organizations including for the first time – the Republican Party and the Tea Party, sadly.

Did Jackson and Houston expire by their own hand whether by choice, involuntarily, or unawares escape from this earth we will never know.

Whitney Houston’s young daughter Bobbi, although still “alive” remains comatose after her own flirtation with death. Bobby Brown’s career nearly disappeared as well, and that happened prior to the opening cannon fire from television especially on Whitney Houston.

The one thing these dozen tortured people have in common is that they are dark skinned human beings – otherwise known by White Americans as African-Americans, Negroes, niggers, or blacks – none of which describe them at all and none of which are charming in any way even though these same human beings have adopted these terms and use them.  All of them have been victims to a greater of lesser extent than others – but to listen to that idiot Jerry Seinfeld – who is not funny and never was to my mind — say he is “sick of being PC” on Fox News of course – is enough to turn most people’s stomachs. Being sick of PC is to be uncivil and there is really no excuse for that.

Just ask any Southerner.

What is the answer?

I do not know.  Fox News, for instance, is nothing more than a 24 hours a day 7 day a week commercial for neocons and worse, hides behind the journalistic shield even though Fox has nothing much to prove that it is a news network and everything to prove it is a monster more dangerous than anything Goebbels imagined under Hitler.

That notwithstanding, another problem is that true news organization which are getting fewer and fewer tend to defend even the worst hypocrites and posers who deal in fantasy not fact and call it news.  While I am always eager to throw punches at Fox and its like I always make certain never to lie about them even with the most overzealous my jabs.  Their compatriots tend to defend or ignore Fox’s crimes against humanity or ditto them in some, perhaps more fashionable but still destructive way.

Fox executives know exactly what they are and plan exactly what they are doing to move ultra-right politicians into important legislative seats and governorships and if you try to stop them – they attack you.

This was proved many years ago when I began to write about Fox breaking the Federal Election laws by running these non-stop commercials and so-called “interviews” of right-wing politicians while leaving the middle of the road or liberal-progressive candidates to their indecencies. At that time, this was against the law because Fox was using corporate assets in the billions to do so. Alas, the Supreme Court now tells us that Fox News is a person – and entitled to free speech. In time that will change – but in the meantime – what can be done?

Rodger Ailes then emailed me, threatened me and went as far as hiring a private investigator to dig up dirt on me about which he boasted.  I asked him what he found.  He told me that he found I had an order to support my son. Hmmm. Well of course I did, my son lived with me and the order for support was simply part of my wife’s and my divorce agreement. Each of us contributed love and money as needed.

Here is what I think. I believe that the media – including the NY Times and especially the Washington Post lately, should begin to clean up their acts and truly present a fair view of the world’s news and when it indulges in opinion – it should do so giving another side the opportunity to respond in kind. This was the rule before which was swept way by the same ilk that has tidied up and stowed away so much decency already.

MSNBC attempted to battle Fox News – but to be honest it should have contracted with Ailes to run the network from the liberal-progressive point of view. He would have probably done a great job and both would have lost their audiences in a vain attempt toward balance and fairness.

Perhaps Brian Williams, now 56, will join the NBC network’s cable channel MSNBC as breaking news anchor and special reports in mid-August.  Hopefully the MSNBC producers and Williams will choose to make a counter-attack on Fox et al and those that buttress them – especially after Fox bitterly burned him at the stake for things Fox News does on what seems an hourly basis – Lie.


NOTE: Be sure to read David Remnick’s piece in the New Yorker which fully examines Barack Obama’s challenging path toward balance in these intimidating times.

It’s a chef-d’oeuvre of truth.






The Four Faces of Rachel Dolezal

4 Faces of Rachel Dolezal
Rachel Dolezal proved an imperative point for Americans

There is No Such Thing as Race! Rachel Dolezal Lynched by All the Media in America

By Jeff Koopersmith

15 June 2015

Rachel Dolezal was the President of the Spokane NAACP chapter and has been allowing Americans to think she is an African-American or more likely ignoring Americans and others who describe Rachel Dolezal as an African-American and just being human.

Two things are certain:
1. There is total scientific agreement that essentialist and typo-logical conceptualizations of race are untenable. In short there is no such thing as “race”. Race is not determined by features or typical appearances. There is no race save the Human Race.

2. Rachel Dolezal was raised in a family of mixed race. She had dark-skinned siblings who racists would describe as Black or African-American as if all dark skinned people were only from Africa.


When this story broke that Rachel Dolezal was really of the White Race, there was a long pause among news editors. Of course right wing publications called for her dismissal as head of an NAACP chapter in Washington state. The middle of the road or leftish media stayed stuck – wondering just what to say.

The every-day violators pretended Rachel somehow gained something from allowing people to believe she was a dark-skinned or black American  But the truth is that she lost almost everything today except her pride – and what she lost was her position, her accomplishments, the respect of her own parents, and more.

There was nothing to be gained by Rachel Dolezal by being Black and a Woman in this, a tragic human rights culture.  She was smart enough to get into the schools she attended whether her color was white or green. She was able enough to be hired in an executive position by the NAACP in charge of an entire state’s activities on behalf of human rights and progress.

Then, somehow,  the dam broke and all of our news-cretins decided that Rachel was “posing” as an African American woman and somehow gaining from it- yet she had checked both WHITE and BLACK on forms and refuses to discuss race at all unless cornered to say things she would not normally say – much as I have, since science and the bible have never described any race but have identified Humans – which others later expanded to The Human Race.

Science agrees that there are us – living beings on earth that can be described as the Human Race – yet idiots do not describe fish as the Fish Race, or Apes as the Monkey Race, nor Polar bears as the White Race of Bears, or Black Bears as the Black Bear Race. These are simply fish and bears with different markings and different colored hair and surprise – there are both Black Polar Bears and White Black Bears et al.

It’s it interesting that most writers and news-people do not describe Asians as “The Yellow Race” – not for almost 100 years when English-speaking morons  for a relatively short time called Asians and especially Japanese people – “The Yellow Peril”.

So here we are, in the 21st Century where Americans voted TWICE for a Human president, Barack Hussein Obama, who is – of course, described by the media as an African-American, or a Black president.

He is neither – he is simply our American President whose father was a Human from Kenya and whose mother was a Human as well.  Barack Obama is also simply a Human,  and like all multi-genetic people which 99% of us are- could claim he was White, but to my knowledge Obama never has.

People at Fox News make their horrible snide remarks about President Obama’s race and predilection to help the poor and the dark-skinned in Chicago as an activist.  However Barack Obama is also white; could he not have done the same without Fox News mentioning it – disguised as a “left” or “commie” thing to do by their idiot news analysts?

Rachel’s parents are far more difficult to understand. For some, what appears to be very sick reasons, they allowed themselves to be put on television decrying their own daughter Rachel as “posing” as an African American.

Why they would do this is a question for a psychiatrist or perhaps a good lawyer?  Either way, this man and women, her mother and father,  seem to have an ego-centered idea of how to “punish” their daughter Rachel for “pretending” she was of the Black Race even though she is of the White Race – Both of which do not exist.

There can be no sane reason for doing so. Period.

Rachel told the press, as her life began to crumble, that she did not speak with her parents over a legal issue of some sort. To date – there is no explanation about the type of litigation this is, or was.  I believe it was something far deeper in Rachel’s mind that pushed her to disown that part of her known as “White”.

I will not repeat what the mainstream or neonazi media said about Rachel Dolezal except to write that she was called every mean, ignorant, and illiterate name in the book, and even though the NAACP seemed to stand behind her for a day or two – it appears they have decided to sacrifice her to stooges like Dr. Keith Ablow – a skinhead hair-brained psychiatrist for hire – principally by Fox News -the most racist cable-news channel ever witnessed in the West.

In addition Rachel Dolezal did a fine job with life – and an outstanding one in her position at the NAACP and successfully promoted political, educational, and economic justice for all people – not all Races.

I believe that Rachel suffered some kind of trauma brought on by society and possibly her parents. At worst if she was their only “pink” skinned child she might have felt somewhat removed from her siblings who were darker skinned and would be called American Blacks by the media I presume.

They were simply American people – All of them.

That trauma, perhaps, resulted in Rachel’s discard of any mention or interrogatory regarding race.  Since the NAACP does not hire only darker skinned Americans the question of whether Rachel is posing as Black or refuses to accept any label of race inasmuch as these labels have only been extended by ignorant and tyrannical interests throughout history. This is a fact, not a dream.

Race was originally defined as where a person lived, not what color, they were, or how big their noses or lips were, or how light or dark their hair was, or whether it was curly or straight.

People like Adolph Hitler and sadly, many American politicians and writers today, think it’s okay to deny science and pretend to themselves that there is something called Race and sub-races in the Human Race.

No matter how Rachel  is perceived by unthinking Americans who now seem to make up the vast majority of our population, I offer that whether she posed, acted, or did not act – the intent or non-intent of her actions did no harm to anyone, and instead allowed me to point  out this truth:

No Democracy, and certainly not 350 million mutts that make up the American population should ever discuss RACE as anything but a term used by idiots, dullards, or subversives.

Today I ask you to end all discussions and questions regarding RACE or Ethnicity on any application or for any reason, including inquiries from the Census Bureau or any other governmental organization, and also to call upon Congress to offer up laws which would make such a felony in the United States and a violation of human rights internationally.  They use “race” supposedly to offer help to the downtrodden – but every color of skin is recognizable as needy.

Enough is enough.

We should she be ashamed of ourselves for allowing this kind of treachery to go on this long.

Time to stop. And now.



More Boredom on the Presidential Bench . . .

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 10:  Former US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton  promotes "Hard Choices" at Barnes & Noble Union Square on June 10, 2014 in New York City.  (Photo by John Lamparski/WireImage)
NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 10: Former US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton promotes “Hard Choices” at Barnes & Noble Union Square on June 10, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by John Lamparski/WireImage)

What do we have now – like 40 presidential con-didates and a couple of serious contenders in the quadrennial race for the White House?

It is close to the official first day of Summer on the 21st of June but nothing much on the campaign trail is sizzling under the early broil.  Yet you can bet that the Republican Party is planning a strafing of Hillary Clinton’s reputation tomorrow as she throws her hat in the ring for a triumphant return to the White House and Clinton sanity.

Oh, Hillary is making her announcement tomorrow on an island off Manhattan that no one has heard of except those of us who live in the Big Apple.  The island is called Roosevelt Island – but was not owned by the Roosevelt’s even though they could afford it at the time.

Hillary Clinton Roosevelt Island
Hillary Clinton announces for President on Roosevelt island

Why Mrs. Clinton’s seemingly octogenarian-thinking group of “deciders” chose FDR Four Freedoms Park, on that island rather than a hotcontention primary state is beyond me, but I imagine she will tie herself to both Franklin and Eleanor as her silent mentors as she has often done in the past. I can hear her now “This Island was named for the great Franklin Delano Roosevelt…”

Four Freedoms Park the southernmost acreage on Roosevelt Island is a lovely place on the East River between Long Island City and Manhattan. People in fact live there – about 15,000 of them. So expect traffic on the Island Bridge from Long Island and the Ed Koch-Queensboro Bridge heading to Roosevelt Isle.

this is four freedoms park on Roosevelt island
This is Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt island

Well. I suppose any site with green grass and water and a nice Manhattan skyline view is not a “terrible” choice – yet I have to wonder if the Roosevelt Island Operation Corporation (a NY State thing) gave a her the best deal for a Saturday rental.

What I do worry about are the people of Roosevelt Island. Are they prepared? Have they stocked their shelves with Hillary memorabilia, shirts, flags, sunglasses and hats, Chanel jacket? Have the few restaurants in the area packed in more “American” style food – most important -French Fries and Diet Coke?

Who knows?- but of course the Roosevelt Island businesses and residents must be more excited than they have been in decades.

Yes Roosevelt Island is on THE MAP!

If you can’t find it – it’s just southwest of Rikers Island where many a politician has spent a few nights locked up in the worst local prison in the state – maybe the region.

Hillary would have made far more news had she chosen to announce at Rikers Island because, for one thing, there are as many residents in that huge correctional institution lots of whom are there for selling pot and more than a a thousand prison employees working – so she would be assured of a speckled crowd with a pinto past of at least 16 thousand and at a site most famous for mistreating people who looked at their windows at  the age of three years and gave up any hope there might be a wonderful life ahead.

Hillary Clinton worries about these people – and she could have also pointed to them as a disgraceful example of the illnesses currently suffered by our justice system and it’s components – A kind of omen reminding us about what’s coming from the opposite end of the nation’s non-thoughtful but super-rich.

Then again – not Rikers – it is a silly idea.

Why not have the Clinton Announcement on Roosevelt Island?  It’s prettier – easy to get to from Clinton HQ in Brooklyn and hopefully it will surrounded by yachts tooting their signals of approval that we, the voters, finally have a chance to maul and maim the Republican Party and once again deny it the White House – followed by the Senate and the House of Representatives.

That’s what we need to pray for as we pray for Hillary.

And I sure hope that close-by La Guardia Airport is ordering takeoffs toward to East or we won’t be able to hear what Hillary says!