Will the Vahge Sisters Purchase the Oval Office for the GOP?




The Vahge Sisters – are they plotting to steal the White House?

Could a Billionaire Threesome Buy the White House?


31 JULY 2015 – NEW YORK  Aside from wondering why Fox News is hosting a “debate” next week between seventeen candidates for its Presidential nomination of the man or woman who might end up in the Oval Office in 2017, I can’t help thinking that either Reince Priebus (GOP Chairman) and his team of nitwits are either taking a very long summer break – or are simply broken.

Never in the history of the United States have nearly 20 people made serious and semi-serious (as in Rand Paul) bids for that seat at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at the same time.

What goes with this foolishness are tens of millions of Republican voters who have no idea what’s going on, and are frustrated, even angry about this hijinx which comes, not from GOP chieftains, but from the very fact that that the GOP as a national organization has no power whatsoever over Republican candidates – and haven’t had for at least twenty years or more.

Money controls politics, and now more openly than ever.

The smoke filled rooms which once determined who would run for the presidency are ash. The primary system is in essence gone for GOP HQ control. Truly the GOP up on 1st and D Street SE in Washington is nothing more than a puppet for billionaires, corporate lobbyists, and even old ladies who’ve inherited enough money to get anything done for and by Republicans as long as her donation is huge and her ideas won’t get anyone imprisoned.

In fact just next to the big money there stands a group of neerdowells called ‘campaign strategists’ and ‘wonks’ who in fact control the candidates on a day to day basis. It is there job to win at all costs and wealthy individuals and groups are having a ball controlling them as well – either with rewards or threats.

Both work.

So, no matter what happens in the staged “debates” and the ludicrous caucuses and primaries in small states that represent nothing close to the American people in general, it will be at the GOP Convention where the winner will be crowned – no matter what people think in Iowa or New Hampshire.

In all, about 2,500 delegates will be howling, carrying professionally made signs that look unprofessional, drunk and excited will be stacked in hot and humid Cleveland – Cleveland?  between July 18 and the 21st of 2016.

Will this be a “brokered” convention?

You bet.

But the term “broker” refers more to Wall Street than to highly placed political thinkers and strategists. The brokers today are the fellows and ladies in the Sky Boxes playing cribbage and leaving the sure to be Convention boredom as they wish.

Imagine a couple of multi-billionaire sisters who are seeking, not only to command the White House through their chosen puppet, but to control the nation including the military, the congress, and most state houses in America via that control?

Let’s call them the Vahge sisters.

They, aged 78-94 and their closest friends have already wrested the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate from Democrat control merely because voters dared to elect a ‘socialist’ person of color as president – not only once, but twice!

Thus, to their alzy minds, the White House must now fall to the Republican party – no matter the cost – and the Vahge sisters can afford to load that greenback cannon. All they need to buy the convention, is to pay every delegate $100,000 each. That total is only somewhere around $250 million. Chicken feed to Vahges who have $23 Billion in the bank -Net.

Of course, you say, this could never happen, yet it damn well could.  Take a look at the candidates running now – with more to come perhaps. Few if any GOP candidate has the money to fund their own campaigns for the next year. Only Donald Trump claims he will do this – but I find that difficult to bet on.

Yet, it isn’t $250 million is it?  The number is $250 mill – less the delegates already in the box and maybe – to be safe – 55% (a bit more than 50% plus 1 vote) of the rest. Heck, the Vahge sisters could pull it off – Broker the convention themselves, prepay the delegates on their AMEX cards through PayPal credits made to mysterious open and closed “companies” with strange sounding names like “Delegate New LLC.”

I’ve made my point I trust.

I don’t believe the Vahge sisters exist, but I do know that billions are flowing into this presidential cycle – so it’s not difficult to assume most of it will end up one way or another in candidates’ pocketbooks as well as petty party operatives offshore a banks.

I propose, to fix this insanity, is that elections SHOULD be held via the NYSE.  Why not – that’s the way it is already. Political money can no longer be traced by the FBI or the FEC.  Payoffs are hardly ever found as eyes blur over when talking about hunting them down. Every wealthy American has ties to Wall Street.

So, if we let the New York Stock Exchange offer two IPOs – one Democrat, one Republican – heck even Tea Party and American Nazi Party IPOs – why not?  Let “the people” decide who wins by which IPO is capitalized to the highest degree when the market closes that day in November, 2016.

This is the fair way to elect people to office – even presidents.  Every American – man, woman, octogenarian and child could now buy shares of GOP or DEM.  That’s about 325 million people.

Even the Vahges could not afford to pay off that many people – could they?

50 Plus Days of Hard Core Politics

It’s difficult to know where to begin.

How about the maniac who went into a church in South Carolina – prayed with a group there and then shot dead nine of them because he was some sort of freak Rebel who hated dark skinned people?

My comment is about the Governor. I think she was bordering on idiocy when she signed a bill WITH NINE PENS that would remove the rebel flag at the state capitol – Get this: in order to give each family a pen commemorating the fact that nine perfectly innocent and wonderful people had to die in order for a long drawn out argument in the 21st century whether we shoudl allow remnants of past hatred and slavery to be flying from flagpoles and almost anywhere you can think of in the South.

A travesty. Had I received one of those pens I would would have burned it on the steps of the SC Capitol building, only because I don’t have enough courage to burn it in the the Governor’s office. Nikki Haley is her name – and she probably thinks she will be a presidential contender someday.

In the meantime more than a dozen dead dark-skinned men lay dead from police shootings. “Good shooting ore bad” there was no need to shoot to kill these men. Enough said.

Unemployment among dark-skinned American youth is close to 50%. Boy – they have a lot to look forward and so much to lose.

President Obama did well these past weeks. First, the Supreme Court agreed with him that it was okay to give Southern people and other right-wing state residents the ability to participate in health insurance we now call ObamaCare – as it should be. The court, in doing so, mocked those who tried to deny the poor health care in far too many states with Republican governors who didn’t deserve to govern,

When will politicians learn they are not elected to take action based on polls?  As John Locke told us – the masses are asses – and today it couldn’t be more true in the United States.  All of you elected men and women – vote for what is fair and the correct thing to do – not what is popular A democracy does not mean that the voters decide on everything although the neonazis in America think that’s the way it should be. We elect men and women to office becuase they are good choice. They are normally smart, well educated in one way or another, friendly and see both sides of an issue. We do not elect them beccause they loathe the same people we hate, or are the same religion we are.

Speaking of hate and using religion as the excuse to exercise it. The Supreme Court again slapped the teatards and other neonazis allowing people who are not straight and have sex only with the opposite sex to get married and enjoy the benefits of such.  They protecct gay, lesbian, and transexual Americans to live as if they were anyone else.  And – wow – they are and were – all along.

Last – even though the warmongering neofascista in congress have already begun to attack the President and Secretary of State John Kerry – and the entire world for wanting to create a no-nukes Iran which even Iran said it wanted – the deal has been made and Iran for at least 10-25 years will not be permitted to “nuke-up”. Now if only we demanded that of all the other nuclear powers including ourselves. Wouldn’t that be something.

The state of the nation otherwise is moderate. However on the horizon seems to be a potential reflection of what happened in China last week where it’s markets lost more than 30% of their value. We began to plummet as well but something stopped that – and it was “fishy” at best. Somehow as the market began to crash the New York Stock Exchange went dark – and no one was to blame. Hmmm.

In addition – inflation in the real estate sector is worsening to the point where the average family or individual can do nothing but rent a home – and at unbelievably high prices.  This is blamed on the USa being the most “exceptional” place on earth.  I might go with the “safest” place on earth because we are surrounded by two oceans – but that would be foolish. However, the realtors tell us that all the world that has the money is in a bidding war for American property particularly in New York City, Florida, and California.  I believe this is partly true – but remember what happened to Japan when they bought what seemed like half of New York years ago?  They were “had” but people like Donald Trump and were forced to sell these same properties at fire-sale prices not much longer afterward.

How long the average American will put up with ridiculous prices for real estate is beyond my guessing power. I might say – “sooner rather than later” as I watch NYC apartments selling for between 1 and 5 thousand dollars per square foot in the nicest sections of the city – but still over a million dollars in areas that no one would want to live in on a few years ago.

Something is rotten in America – and I think you know what it is.

Oh- the Pope knows as well.