DONALD TRUMP – Now the presumptive heir to increasing hatred from the Have-nots, the Ultra-right, the Somewhat Right, and the Democrat Left

UNITED STATES – FEBRUARY 10: Donald Trump speaks to a CPAC meeting, held by the American Conservative Union in Washington on Thursday, Feb. 10, 2010. (Photo By Bill Clark/Roll Call)


By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

“Beware the Ides of March”

15 March 2016 WASHINGTON DC  – It is clear to me that Donald Trump is not a Racist. There are few true racist New Yorkers born during the era 1950 and on up through 1980s.

Yes. Beware the Ides of March Mr. Trump.

Trump and I share some things. We are an alike age, and I feel I can guarantee this that I write today, and I know he would agree.  This is not a defense of Donald Trump – it is only an exploratory explanation.

Yes, Trump disapproves of President Obama and did mention the Birther issue – that Obama was born in Kenya — once too many times, but The Donald is at heart not a racist or closed minded in fact, you might guess on your own, that Trump is merely designedly politically incorrect as are a great number of New Yorkers, city and state who did not design that quality but are Boomers who were raised in politically incorrect homes, boarding schools, and elsewhere where urban White kids were taught ethics by their parents, and that hanging around Black Americans – except in “our” house  – was “dangerous”.


Victoria and Florida
Looking after my cousin Dale. Just family in the 1950s












Our parents and relatives, teachers and preachers  were and  some still are acting when they need be acting like angels and hiding their own racism or tilted preferences in many matters.

Boomers lived through our own era of riots and burning – and know better than to say things socially well-banned – but some things are static and we hang on to old expressions not now P.C. – I call this “Haunted by Parental Memories”. What we learned then was that minorities will only digest a small portion of mean or evil treatment before they explode.  That is similar to any human being.

Donald Trump is simply; often crude and quite direct.

However, other charges made against him by fellow Republicans include; going bankrupt – a normal need for entrepreneurs who often must bring their business investments bankrupt because it did not show profits.

This week Trump has been attacked in full force by almost all media, left, right, and center and many politicians because he has allegedly caused the attendees to his arena appearances to become “destructive and violent.”

This is only half the story of course inasmuch as there were only a few instances of violence and one or two small injuries resulting from Trump speech attendees and others who attended without revealing they were anti-Trump and that some were Bernie Shapiro and Hillary Clinton supporters – et al.  No one knows as yet whether these hi-jinks were started by the alleged “victims” or by Trump supporters.

These events bring large crowds and contain a majority of young testosterone-fueled men along with women. Both men and women from the StopTrump groups seem to take the lead in interrupting Trump one by one so that he cannot speak at all.

Let me add that both the Secret Service and Trump’s private security felt it needed to be at large gatherings like these and in greater quantity – and they sometimes were involved in what some label as violence

I have personally seen all the videos of these fisticuffs and removals from the venues and do not agree that Trump had much or anything to do with what also occurs far more often at every sports venue, every bar, and every schoolyard over and over again.

It’s a “cheap shot” as they say in NY City – thus far to blame Trump for all this nonsense, and you should consider just who is inflaming the crowds?  I put my money, on the money.  My belief is that both the one-percent and the existing political big and small wigs realize Trump won’t be a pushover for THEIR wishes needs and wants so they must stop him – and we now behold StopTrump in its many forms.

Along with these charges are other more-whispered charges – that Trump is a misogynist (many misogynists have no idea they dislike women); that Trump is stupid, that Trump would cause WWIII once in office et al. Other recorded insults include being a  feckless blowhard; a Jackass (by Sen Lindsey Graham an also-ran with little supports in these primaries of 2016); Jimmy Kimmel said “The closest he ever got to battle was a fight with Rosie O’Donnell” as if all Presidents went to war; Former Texas Gov and another early loser in the primaries of 2016 called Trump “a cancer.”; Sen. John McCains’s son Jack called Trump “”Reprehensible”; Sen Marco Rubio – soon to be a loser in the primaries called Trump “shameful” for remarking that border crossings from Mexico murderers and rapists:  Trump was also called vile and worse for criticizing Sen. John McCain for saying “I like people who weren’t captured – and that McCain was not a war hero as others have said for the past 40 years. (To be fair, the NY Times actually tracked all “202” insults that Trump supposedly wrote or said about others – SEE

I invite you as well to research the background of Senator McCain – who, by the way is a fun guy to have a beer with, but who also left many American prisoners of war in Vietnam at the invitation of his father – an Admiral in the U.S Navy. Perhaps McCain did not want to do this, but one thing is for sure – he was questionable pilot and that was and is proven in military records.

Donald Trump is neither stupid nor a racist. He is, in my opinion a ‘limousine liberal’ – and most of the wealthiest men and women in this country are the same – save for the GOP penchant for antagonism with taxation and a mix of warmongers.

There is little or no proof that Donald Trump lied any more than the rest of the candidates this year – including Bernard Sanders.  Almost all the 27 original candidates have insulted Trump and the rest of their opponents including “the angel of the day” – Ted Cruz, who acts more like a gangster, and even the quiet Jeb Bush,(so quiet I don’t recall what he said about Donald Trump).

Trump fans of course are incensed by the current RNC, et al, “set-up” it seems because what Trump has said is mostly true about the others in my opinion because all elections and especially those for president have had similar insults hurled and worse.  I suggest you research the insults and crimes made in presidential elections since the birth of the nation – you might shocked or you might laugh.

I prefer to laugh.

Those who have formed PACS and other groups to destroyTrump’s chances to acquire enough primary votes to be nearly guaranteed  the nomination are now running ads that show women repeating some very politically and socially incorrect statements he is said to have made.  These insults, I assume,  come from living in New York for nigh on  60 years.

This is, regrettably, how men can talk in small and even larger but private groups. I do not excuse my gender for this, but instead face the truth that we men are terrors when it comes to “dirty” talk  about women and tend also to insult them, and others, behind their backs.

We all remember the odd couple - but what did they say at commercial?
We all remember the Odd Couple – but what did they say at commercial?

I am not sure I’ve ever been a poker game with men where wisecracks (no pun intended) are the menu of the day and frequently focus on women as various animals, stupid, naive, having great boobs and the like.

Most men would never repeat those phrases within earshot of women, but a few do – One of them seems to be Mr. Trump who tends to say whatever comes to mind. He does not read from a teleprompter shooting him misogynous verbiage, he just speaks like Trump speaks.  A problem yes, a disqualifier – I doubt it.

The other side of this war erupting between men and women that has continued through thousands of years is that women do the same. I have heard women friends, family members, even my mother and her pals say some fairly crude things about men, both negative and “dirty positive”.  Is this in the genes thing in both men and women or just the result of media?  Have you ever seen HBO’s “Game of Thrones” – a quite sophisticated 100 hours of wonder but woven heavily and generously with filthy words about the opposite sex from both male and female characters.  In short – laced with the truth.

Let me add that every one of the men still competing for the presidential nomination – on both sides – have engaged in private and public expressions that make us gape – but the gape is phony and the chuckles are always there.

Let’s make sure our new babies are taught from birth that saying anything untoward is punishable by death. (Happy Birthday Mom).  I think she might agree, but still scold! (My mother would have been 98 years old today)

Trump, like Fox News, has had to choose his audience of voters. He knew that he could not become a Democrat overnight, for many reasons – including supporting many Democrats for office proof that he was in fact a liberal guy – as are most New Yorkers, most of the time even if they register as Republicans.

The Trump's and Clinton's - Civil at a party
The Trump’s and Clinton’s – Civil at a party

To live in a city as dense and diverse as New York City one must be fairly liberal or hide in their homes and clubs, which some amazingly do.

When Trump and I were in boarding schools on diverse coasts I doubt that many of our fellows were Black. At my school in tony Brentwood, Los Angeles there was a single Black student. We did have several Latino boys at school boarding and day students.  They were the sons of President’s and Dictators or wealthy industrialists. We also had lots of movie and television stars’ children at my school as well as David Hearst – the grandson and once in a while pool swimmer at Hearst Castle built famously by William Randolph Hearst.

The problem of course was that there were, at our young ages, few “mixed” neighborhoods in the United States – including in New York City – both my and Trumps home town. Here is  a photo of Donald Trump and his father surveying a”war zone” of development:


In the 1950’s Black Americans were still extricating themselves out of gluey slavery and phony institutional mixes which was normally  lip-service kinds of programs here and there.

Thus, Donald Trump and I both grew up and were “trained’ as bigoted without knowing it.  Much as many of you were.

But we were also growing during the 1960s and witnessed the riots in black neighborhoods that, alone, resulted in several forward-looking federal programs which mandated the states to rethink their patriarchal near-slavery posture in the South – and more privately in the North with Blacks calm but edgy anywhere (sort of).

Shacks in Washington DC riots in the 1930s
Shacks in Washington DC riots in the 1930s







Yet blacks remained most welcome in the homes of the middle and upper middle class, to help with children, cooking, gardening, and especially cleaning to give White women more time at the “clubs” or card parties, or mahjong madness.

Victoria and Florida
Victoria and Florida with my cousin Dale on a park lawn with some friends

In my home we had two Black women who lived with us.  One, as a boy, was my precious, Victoria. Looking back, I loved her more than my own mother who I hardly saw, save at dinner times.  The other girl was named Florida who was quite young and not educated – the nicest person in the house, except for my father, and of course Victoria.  Florida bought that “nudists” were the name for pretzels!

I don’t know what Donald Trump’s parents felt about Blacks or the poor in the 1950s-60s, and early 1970s.  What I do know is that my own grandfather Julius and Trump’s father were in the same business and that both of them, in Brooklyn together, called Blacks ’Schwartzehs’ –in German or Yiddish.  Jews, after WWII were not racist – they already knew what that could mean and all too well.

Trump and I also attended the same type of military schools, although Trump’s school had a far stricter reputation as you may see here:

class of 66 brentwood
At the top right hand photo is a photo of me, Jeff Koopersmith, from my boarding school which was Air Force






This is Donald Trump's graduating class 3,000 miles away at NY Military Academy - Can you find him in the photo?
This is Donald Trump’s graduating class 3,000 miles away at NY Military Academy – Can you find him in the photo?

Here is a little video about Brentwood Academy where I went to school and lived.






However, the Jews who came to America after the war did enjoy finding that non-white Americans were treated as a sub-species generally – so they too – finally had someone to “pick on” in a negative way –  I.E. “Let the Schwartzeh do it, or my maid is a Schwartzeh.”

My family took pains to provide Black men and women decent jobs in business and some of my uncles catered to ‘negro tastes” in their retail stores.  I can’t say that I know this was because they “felt” for them, or because they would work for less than whites – but hire them they did – and that was unusual in late 19th and early 20th century America.

Where I lucked out, and turned out differently then most, was that my own Mother was an early and sturdy activist against America’s apartheid which surely existed with great pain to the negro – from her own childhood beginning in 1918.

I am politically correct, most of the time, but a racist thought or word can come out of my mouth on occasion and at home where only my dogs can hear it!

Perhaps that is easier to happen to Mr. Trump.  He was groomed for business – I was turned-out for the law.  Yet I call one of my favorite Chinese friends Little Miss Ching, and a great Black woman associate and friend called me “Pink Dick” and in front of everyone in our office.  Am I a racist – no, but then again I wasn’t raised by one.

The reason my mother was such an early adopter of complete fairness, and who saw no color at all, was because she ran away from home as a teen and became an entertainer at the Chicago World’s Fair where she was surrounded by Black musicians, dancer, singers and other talented souls who made up a majority of the “left” in her world at that early time and throughout her life.

Then she began to suffer from Alzheimer’s, and that caused her to revert to racism except with the closest Black friends she maintained even in old age. This was an unbelievable transformation to me – then an adult. I could not stand for her new diseased personality and certainly thought she had lost her mind – but no, she was just ill I was too injudicious to realize it.

My mother was also a great supporter and front-line activist in convincing Congress and later President Truman to integrate women directly in the armed forces  She was in the Women’s Army Corp immediately and later was instrumental, along with my Uncle Raymond Schroeder to convince President Harry S. Truman to sign a law creating regular and reserve status for women in the armed forces.

Presdent Harry Truman makes it law

I never considered race, creed of religion.  My father owned a factory in the Bronx, NY – which was also a blighted part of New York City – a horror –  at which most blacks who needed to live near Manhattan resided.  I played baseball, stick-ball, and the usual boy’s games with these pals and they made me even more angered at the dregs of slavery that yet existed in American in the 1950s and which I became more and more expert on.

I recall my games stickball in the Bronx, NY projects
I recall my games stickball in Bronx, NY projects

Many of my “aunts and uncles” were Black. Of course they were either musicians, lawyers, and even one high court judge in New York.  The mother of one of those early friends of my mom was like my own grandma and I would venture to visit her as often as I could – even as a grown man. She was called Mama Carolee and was the sweetest woman I have ever had to pleasure to meet.

mama carolee

Mama Carolee

I lived at college from 1966-1970. My roommate and I were supportive of Black causes and the complete end to institutional racism at that time even though there not many Blacks in our dorms or at the university.

The dormitory into which Satch and Leroy tossed the aluminum furniture!
The dormitory into which Satch and Leroy tossed the aluminum furniture!

Both he and I joined, figuratively, the Black Panthers, but only helped with their social dealings. We even took well-known Black first names – I was Leroy and my roomie was Satch, after the great musician Satchmo Louis Armstrong.

Satch and I did do one “violent” thing – we threw all the furniture around the large swimming pool at our dormitory into that pool as an event we planned to prove our fealty to our Panther friends.

At that time student Panthers were also less active than non- school-attending Panthers who did, along with social work in the Black community, commit crimes to make their points and feather the Panther treasury, and even committed murder.

Our generation served food at the first meals served to Black children by the Panthers. In Retrospect I might have been wrong to become a special Panther, but looking back I adopted the good, and rejected the bad party of that battle. And I got to wear a beret for a while.

Here is Charles Bursey at one fo the first Panther free breakfasts
Here is Charles Bursey at one of the first Panther free breakfasts. Many Panthers were later said to have been falsely arrested and Bursey was one and convicted of attempted murder of an officer.

The Republicans had no appreciable presence at most state universities during the period from 1964 through the early 1970s. When they did go to college they went to smaller private ones, or religious hideouts.  Republicans at public universities could not chance having an open table to sign-up at almost every university in the United States.

In 1965 I traveled through the American South and saw that things were far worse there – although it was hard to imagine anything shoddier than the “projects” in New York and Chicago and most big cities in America that were built very quickly after earlier riots – when minorities had had it.

The musical West Side Story took the part of poor Puerto Ricans at that time – I wonder now why it wasn’t Black Americans who were the focus of Leonard Bernstein then. Was he too a racist?

One day I took a drink of water, purposely, in Bogalusa, Mississippi just after emerging from a Black’s Only rest room.  I took my drink from a “Blacks Only” water fountain and woke up from a good beating and a slashed hand as my gift. Things were more than touchy throughout the U.S. that year and some thugs who hated Blacks pummeled and cut me up as they did many freedom riders.

The Klan murdered and lynched Black Americans and some say even today
The Klan murdered and lynched Black Americans and some say even today

Let me be clear – I was never a freedom rider.  I was afraid of dying. Yet as I moved through the South from Miami to New Orleans and on back to California I became angrier and angrier at what I witnessed.

The lowliest young racist today has never witnessed what went on in this country from the end of WWII through the 1990s.

Sadly, after 1998, racism somehow began to come into its appalling own again – especially in the South and among ill-educated youth and blue collar families elsewhere.

I can recall driving through Chicago with a well-to-do uncle and him lowering the locks on his Lincoln Continental because we were entering a “coffee and cream” area of the city.  He was not a racist as we define them today – he was a pussycat in comparison – but some things stuck and coffee with cream was one of them.  Yes, cream, were the Whites living in the same neighborhoods as the coffee.


After 1998 things changed for the worse.

It was Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch who most severely brought this change – and very quickly via Fox News, newspaper rags from London, and later the purchase of the Wall Street Journal. They poisoned the minds of millions of Americans to adopt severe right wing doctrine.

Early on Aisles who is responsible for Fox Television and more of Rupert Murdoch’s menu began his quest.  I will not explain this as “Mr. Ailes salivating at the chance” to bring back old nightmares.  I think he settled on becoming another cable news channel to compete with CNN – but aiming for older viewers that kept their right and ultra-right attitudes – or grew them starting in the Reagan Era – where Aisles played a small but important role.

Aisles who has gone after me personally and with private investigators had no idea, when he launched Fox News on cable, that it would become so popular. He couldn’t have known that not just older white Americans would flock to his new channel but would soon be joined by all “unsuccessful” men and women who not only were negative to minorities from annoyance to hatred – and also because these white families were facing retirement with almost nothing in Fox’s near future. They too were have-nots – although they feel, even today – a step above the Black man.

Aisles knew how to profit on fear – he was an artiste at it.

Fox News Fun Logo
When Fox viewers realized they were watching untrue news many designed new logos for Fox News

Ailes also knows how to deliver on war – and the Bush-Cheney Administration gave him the quantifiable action to speedily go forward – using a ‘hate the Arabs’ and ‘Love your America theme – And lets not forget who has made you poorer –Democrats and “Leftists” who gave those “people” welfare and other “handouts” – That’s who.

fox continues to lie about the war in Iraq - here's just one of hundreds of examples
Fox continues to lie about the war in Iraq – here’s just one of hundreds of examples

Well Aisles be damned – it turned out that he had hit the only “oil” left in the viewership world at that pre-Internet time – and boy did he become richer than Croesus as a result. Within a few years his viewers outpaced CNN.

Fox News is said to have enemies lists from Ailes and his “Brain Room” and it became a Nixonite list of those people who preferred peace to war, minorities who didn’t adopt “American Values”, people who didn’t “work hard enough”, people on welfare, people on Medicare, people who “expected” handouts, any criminal (except Republican criminals) it seems, drug users, drug pushers (but not Pfizer), the lying eco “nuts” who were lying about the ruined earth even though Fox knew they were lying,

All middle of the road (then) newspapers and the more liberal newspapers – the worst being the “commies” at the New York Times were Ailes’  hated targets as well.

One could hear on Fox News – especially in early mornings when blue collar workers were getting ready to toil in hard jobs with low pay – they now became Aisles unwitting friends.  Wall Street, Brokers, banks and additionally, and to create a buttress, were the Jews and Israel because these factions were too smart, yet too under siege to accept or deny Ailes pap as truth.

Crazy Ralph Peters
Retired Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters is a near psycho war monger and was a German posting “Intel” man. He was recently suspended – by Fox News for calling President Obama a “Pussy” on Fox’s biz news channel – he is certifiable in my opinion.

This is a very complex part of the Aisles formula for greatness because he had to stave off Jewish leaders who were largely on the left of center, yet bring Israel and Zionists to his breast to be fed more half-truth and false interpretations from Fox and often denied by Israelis but accepted, as needed, as a gift. Israel knew it had to toe the line for Fox – it was and is her biggest positive free media source in the United States, and should not be blamed for tens of million of free media aimed at Congress and the White House.  In short, he copied the same ruse as the Republicans in the “new” Congress.

One might call Rodger Ailes a genius, as they once called Hitler, had Hitler, like Ailes, befriended the Jews only to use them instead of murder them Ailes would then be a clone.

Ergo – “Ailes can’t be a fascist because he loves the “Jewish People and Israel”. Perhaps he does, but he uses them like no one since Himmler. Rodger Ailes is, in my opinion an old geezer playing the modern fascist – he fools the have-nots and he fools them well enough to consider voting for neocons and worse.  Ailes claims his half-truth news program is “entertainment” from which I assume that Fox News is a misnomer. It is not news at all – it’s dogma.

Those Republican thugs we see now, even in Congress, have no idea how terrible it was for minorities in those older days – and they seem not to care.

Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle in their middle sixties and older certainly do see it – but they are now called RINOS – Republicans iName Only and the “communists” by their juniors – and according to freaks like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio – themselves come from immigrant Latino minorities yet too young to be treated like street garbage during their own youth – and now – they are deniers.

Senators Rubio and Cruz
Sen’s Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz plotting the destruction of the GOP.

Deniers are the worst.

Fox News and Rodger Aisles did not do this alone.  They supported and cheered on even more right-wing publications – especially on the Internet or still alive in hardly-read magazines that spouted right wing ethics which were in reality, a lack thereof.

What became “The American Way” was not a giving, caring nation and morphed into a nation that stood for “Work hard to get rich, and even if you don’t make – Worship the Rich. (Unless they were left wing rich or entertainers). These website rags  include The Daily Caller, Red State, Breitbart, The Blaze and dozens of others.

This list of wrongdoers is from what I call on my own formula – A true generalization. There is nothing wrong with generalizing when the truth is wide-ranging and provable.

I have many Republican and even Ultra Right-Wing associates and friends.  Two of my closest friends who are Trump supporters know that a detente has seemingly been reached between Trump and Fox  News in most cases even though sex-pot, shrieking, know-it-all Megyn Kelly will take a shot at him at almost any opportunity privately and even on the air at times.

Saying Republicans are today only out for money and killing the poor and Islam as racism using budget cuts is, or course is not true for all Republicans – but the trend is toward expanding Neo-Nazism within certain growing wings of the Grand Old Party, and anyone who disagrees with this new and evil-appearing club scares even even the GOP codgers — who will have to move way to the right to get re-elected.

This movement to the right is a major problem for the United States, as it has become so in Europe and in other so-called Democracies around our world.

The problem is that even the most unsophisticated person working a field in the desserts of Africa or the rivers of Vietnam now know – in detail – very well, what appears to be a huge group of White-dominated hypocrites who are sneaking into power and posing a tremendous threat to the underclasses.

This is poster created by the Far Right - it contains photos of celebrities and others who are considered to be "Socialists or Communists" by the NeoCon right.
This is poster created by the Far Right – it contains photos of celebrities and others who are considered to be “Socialists or Communists” by the Neocon right.

In conclusion: American voters should realize that almost no politician tells the truth during a campaign. Politics today is far too sophisticated to ignore pollsters who in fact direct political candidates on what to say, when to say it, and to whom.

Donald Trump may not be spending a lot with pollsters but he is watching what they think closely.  The tragedy for The Donald may be that he saved money in the wrong place and should have hired the best pollsters around to guide him a bit better while still keeping to his ‘say what I want, no matter the cost’ theme. (For a smile see:

In fact, I am quite amazed by Trump’s lack of cleverness here.  It almost certainly will, at this late juncture, cost him a straight-winning nomination based on state primary wins – and once the GOP goes to convention to choose, it will be quite difficult to prevail, I would go so far as to say impossible, for Trump to get the nod.

As it looks today that reward would most likely go either to Ted Cruz or even Mitt Romney or some dark horse.  But Cruz is the more likely – and I can tell you that you will not even recognize the United States when Cruz starts his battle of vengeance on the poor, the sick, the minority, and our allies as he missuses his power and allows his regrettable ego to take charge and ruin what’s left of the magic of the United States.

Trump, if he loses the nomination,  must then run as an Independent, in my opinion – to deny the GOP a win for the White House.

Mr. Trump could do this easily and emerge as a leader in American politics for his lifetime, yet he must plan for it now as it will be a complex objective to achieve. All he need do is to focus on key heavily populated states. to run independently and deny any candidate the Republicans come up with for President.

He must also make it clear that this is what he is doing I hope.

This could be Donald Trump’s greatest gift to America. The America he recognizes well, and loves perhaps without knowing it.  He could deny the far more dangerous and destructive Ted Cruz a shot at the Oval Office, and he can save himself the heartache one must endure, upon entering 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for four to eight years of misery.

Any past president who is honest will be glad to tell Mr. Trump what misery to expect, and how grueling it would be for him and his family.

Thus this essay is  about me, and this is Donald Trump as well – We are dissimilar and alike – and that’s what I hope you have gleaned about our times.  The above is an outline of how we grew up, what we learned and miss-learned, what we did correctly, and what we did in error. What I have not included is my personal knowledge of Trumps social interests – which are many.

By the by- I am not voting for Donald Trump nor anyone else – I believe that the circus we have witnessed during the past months is proof of what I’ve suspected since elementary school – “Most things we hear or read from public or corporate sources are straight- out lies and half-truths”.

Today the media controls the political process for better or worse.

It is their advertisers that call the shots because business provides the money to make a profit or not in the  television, radio, and print business.

Worse, the men and women who own or control large media sources are friends with those who make it clear through not-very-true news – They insist on what is acceptable to them and of course what is “not Presidential material”.

There is nothing new about this – it’s been going on for a millennium. I know it, you, at least, suspect it.

Politics today, and Democratic Voting  anywhere on Earth is a kind of a fabulously gross Ice Cream Sundae combined with slaves fighting to the death in Roman coliseums.  Finding who are the slaves, and who are the masters is the key.

Fighting was real in Rome – it is not in America and elsewhere – because the voters do not make policy except by completely frightening the top one percent and what we call opinion-leaders, who are usually also chosen by the big money (with many surprising exceptions, but when measured – not enough.)   So shaking them up, is better than casting a vote they might never count.

You should go and vote though – but not for this crowd.  I am writing in Senator Elizabeth Warren because she’s a genius, she is kind, and she stands for the true American Values that grew up and matured during my lifetime – going from greed to caring and now, sadly back again. American Values do not include making billions of dollars on the backs of “lesser citizens”.



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Nancy Reagan – Coming home today to Ronnie


nancy on the ranch taking it easy









BY: Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

11 March 2016

I have to say I indeed had tears in my eyes when I heard of Nancy Reagan’s death.  I knew she was quite ill just before but I thought she would live well into 100.

I knew her fairly well because I was in boarding school after my parents were killed in a car crash.  I was young and knew a friend of the kids and they lived two or three houses down from the Reagan place in Pacific Palisades where they lived before Ronald Reagan became Governor of California.

gov and nancy

Nancy Reagan was kind and very gentle to me.  Later I became interested in politics in public service. I led the Reagan for Government Youth at my school and then in a region near Brentwood School.  Reagan wrote by law-school recommendation letters with personal comments under the typed portion.


I did not see the Reagan’s in Sacramento – but did see them when in Los Angeles at this and that event or dinner thing. Nancy was always the best-dressed woman in the crowd.  When Reagan kicked off his presidential bid I was there at the old Ambassador Hotel where they had a train caboose as I recall called the Reagan Express some-such.

together always nancy and ron

I went to the White House as a guest just three times – once with my partner and twice with my young son Teddy.  Even in the second term the President knew my name and recalled the amusing story about the law school letters.  He was, and Nancy was one-of-a-kind, even if I sometimes thought he was listening to hard to the right-wing. Ronald Reagan was not as conservative as they say. In fact his father was active in Civil Rights and Reagan was also very concerned in that area and others that are sometimes ascribed only to “the lefties”.

just another helo trip nancy and ron

Some don’t realize that RR was brought into politics in a bigger way by a car dealer which I won’t mention, and then several more Republicans that mushroomed after meeting him and hearing him speak.



Of course – in Big Circus politics – the true person is rarely revealed.

But even when the Democrats were angry over this or that – everyone liked him and admired him as a man of such unusual charisma and kindness. He was the best politician I ever knew, and one of the finest men ever.

donald regan and nancyIt is true that Nancy Reagan was President Reagan’s chief protector all their lives together.  She would not stand for any “garbage” from any negative source or person as Mr. Donald Regan, not Reagan found out. There were others as well who she called on the carpet with just a frozen glance or a single word.President Reagan wrote me a personal note sent along with the copies of letters sent to several law schools I hoped I might attend.

He wrote:

 ” Jeff – I am not the most liked guy at UCLA these days.  A letter from me would do more harm than good. Just so you know I’m telling the truth – Patti applied and was turned down.”

(this was Patti Davis who RR considered his own)

These are some favorite photos of Ron and Nancy Reagan….

ron and nancy hand in hand laughing gov and nancy press loved nancy and ron ron and nancy after the shooting nancy getting help dismounting her horse from ron would nancy ever stop hugging ron nancy and ron benching it just another helo trip nancy and ron nancy and ron dancing ron cuts in on nancy would nancy ever stop hugging ron donald regan and nancy ron and nancy hand in hand laughing gov and nancy press loved nancy and ron ron cuts in on nancy nancy bob hpe and ron together always nancy and ron saying goodbye1

The Republican Party Today Is A Monster Chimera







By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

Our Democracy is in Critical Condition – Mostly from inept laws and leadership

I am not certain that most Americans realize how close the nation is to falling into mass disarray, even collapse.  The potential should leave no one laughing or uncaring because a Chimera is made up of so many pieces that perhaps it will die from misuse.

The chance of this over the current shenanigans being planned and re-planned by not only Chairman Reince Priebus and twice losing candidate Mitt Romney has destroyed not only Republicans but all citizens as well in that it seems to us that nothing at all can be counted on in America and brings with it great danger to the country.

We do not live in our own chamber of silence.  Because of our national posture we are watched closely by friends, enemies, and those that could change their opinion of us in a very short period.  Already Europe and Asia are nervous about this election cycle.  Many for the wrong reasons. Some because they believe that Donald Trump is an ignoramus and hot-headed with no self-discipline. This is not the case. What Trump is doing is attempting to link with the average man and woman.  In a way he is mirroring most of our society including remarks made that are not politically correct or those that appear to label him a racist of misogynist.  You see, we do not know Donald Trump – most of us – so it is easy for his opposition and his enemies to take a statement here and there and make it seem like this is who he is.

I am not defending Mr Trump. He should be more careful, but then again, being careful also loses supporters the same way being thuggish can.  Mr. Trump has not found the fine balance in American politics today – but neither have the rest of these GOP candidates who engage in similar idiocy time and time again as well.

Thinks about your aunt or uncle – you know that one that hunts birds and squirrels, drives only American cars, and has only a year of college under the belt because he had to work and support his family.  He is often a man like Trump.  Yet some uncles are men like Barack Obama, or Dick Cheney, or a mob boss.  We know those men – they are part of family and sometimes we carry similar traits do we not?

On the other hand, Mr. Trump does owe us at least the courtesy of better explanation for his more raucous remarks. When he says Mexico sends killers or rapists to the United States he certainly does not mean that every Mexican is a criminal nor that every American is a saint.  He is human an he makes mistakes just as we all have over a dinner table or holiday Turkey, matzoh, ham, or mushroom casserole.

The media are never a help in these situations.  They love any kind of what they consider “outrageousness”.  They tend to make small things bigger than they are almost always.  You know what I write of – the knife that appears out of nowhere that might have been used to slice up OJ Simpson’s wife and Ron Goldman; a storm that isn’t really very bad and leaves a couple inches of water on the sidewalk not a “flood”; almost anytime either the right or left engages in free speech that ends in violence – especially minorities and unions members. Am I wrong? No I am not wrong – excitement sells ads and new media is no longer into telling the truth but being as insanely absurd about negatives and even positives to make you think not watching would be a crime or a sign of ignorance.

Yes the media remains at least almost politically correct. For instance why hasn’t even a single interviewer asked Mr. Cruz and Mr. Rubio, in a non-combative manner how it is that two first term senators who are Cuban-Americans with little or no true work experience save in realpolitik, opinionating, and ingratiation? I think this about this often and I think is shows signs of America’s growing discursiveness, yet others I know and respect believe this is a kind of conspiracy among Cruz and Rubio or among those who support their efforts.

I think about the “B” team in political races. I know that it is very possible to earn quite a handsome sum running for office – and the presidency is the Vegas Slot Machine of that game.  What is it that makes people run publicly for statewide or national office when they know they haven’t a chance in a million to win?  What makes the Runnyloos – like Mike Huckabee or Ben Carson, continue to run for the White House even though they know very well nothing could get them elected unless there was a plague that wiped all all other comers?

Many academics, think tanks, authors, and reporters say they run for the money, and in more than one way.  Running for President most times makes someone more well-known than before and this makes them a commodity, to speak at functions, to write books no one reads, to endorse products, and even religions.

Yet there are those that add cash to those commodities. Check and see, over the past eight presidential cycles whose wives, husbands, children, and relatives are paid staffers on the campaign. Check whether there cousin owns the printing company, or the investment house that the campaign money you give them goes into those pockets.  Worse watch how large contributors can force campaigns to use their own or buddy’s businesses to do the thinking, printing, television, polling etc. on those campaigns?  You will be shocked.

Heck it’s a living, and it is not illegal. Not yet.

When Ted Cruz tells us over and over again that he “defends the Constitution” – which is a lie in itself (the constitution does not need defending) the movers and shakers that USE the Constitution for good or evil of who Mr. Cruz defends – their opinions, or perhaps even his. So his entire campaign could be about getting him a great job like Attorney General or other cabinet position that will then make him eligible to sit on the board of directors of some huge corporation who pays him millions a year just to have his or he name no their letterhead.

Of course, not every candidate for federal office does this, but many do – and most of the time – and especially lately – the starting line is five times bigger than the finishers: Win, place, or show.

Someone arguing against this allegation might argue that some are simply getting their names out for later chances to run.  I agree – some are no question but they are not the reason I am writing this essay.

At the moment – the two-party system in this country is dying. The Republicans have it worse than Democrats – but the DNC too has much infighting that you will be more aware as time goes by – and especially after this coming November.

Worse, Democracy itself is on the endangered list as more and more Americans realize that democracy has not worked in the general interest in decades. Democracy works in specific interests that do not get too many voters angry – but many others very rich. See Dick Cheney as the prime example of this and last century – but there are many others equally “gifted” to the endangerment of others – not only here – but around the world.

I believe we must start over – still using our Constitution and especially its Amendments – the most critical and important parts.  I think all federal officials, elected or otherwise should step down every two, four or six years in some rotating order similar to the U.S. Senate which has reelection on a one-third, every sic year cycle. This is one reason the Senate is more mature and wiser than the House of Representatives that is now plagues by a veritable disease of ultra right nut-balls trying to move us back in time to the mid 18th Century ethically, and at soul.

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Super Tuesday: The writing has been on the wall since late January

The flurry of primaries and caucuses on “Super Tuesday,” along with the smattering of races that fall before it, have been calculated to serve one purpose only: to give the former Confederate States an unfair early advantage in manipulating each party’s presidential races. The only big southern state not included in the action is Florida.

So it is no surprise that Hillary Clinton, given her generally far greater name recognition among Southerners (particularly black voters) than Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, swept Dixie. I am not going out on a limb by saying that Hillary is going to be the Democrats’ presidential nominee – but do not discount the Sanders factor in that he will push the party platform – and Hillary – a little bit to the left.

Meanwhile, back in the great red nation of the GOP, everything that party chairman Reince Priebus had put into place to prevent a rerun of 2012 – a compacted primary season, a big crop of competent candidates, and an earlier convention – has blown up in his face with even greater force than the latest Acme gadget purchased by Wile E. Coyote. Late last year, the press became enamored with the Chauncey Gardner of brain surgery, Ben Carson – only to discover that the real way to draw eyeballs and sell newspapers was to go Trump 24-7. Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who comes across more and more as the evil offspring of Ghostbusters‘ Dr. Peter Venkman and televangelist über-scammer Robert Tilton, is seriously underperforming, and to say Florida Senator Marco Rubio is not ready for prime time is, well, about the kindest way to put it.

The GOP is now bracing for a convention in which the plurality of votes will go to a game show host and erratic though frequently successful real estate mogul. There are already rumblings that the Republican “old guard” and their millionaire backers are planning… well, something to see to it that “Der Drumpf”* is procedurally defeated and a more acceptable candidate – perhaps loser Mitt “Kill the 47%” Romney – is given the party’s blessing.

It’s not a clown car driving around the Party of Lincoln – it’s a full-blown Cuckoo’s Nest, and the inmates have commandeered a Hummer with Stinger missiles.

So grab the popcorn. This is going to be an hellacious but entertaining election season. Game on!

* Drumpf? Yes, Drumpf! In case you missed it, it is worth watching the entire 21 minutes.

Dave “Doctor” Gonzo is a renegade record producer, writer, reformed corporate shill, and still-registered lobbyist for non-one-percenter performing artists and musicians. He lives in a heavily fortified compound in one of Manhattan’s less trendy yet eminently artsy neighborhoods. He writes for American Politics Journal, Liberaland, and Freakout Nation.