THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA – The Biggest Losers in the October Trump-Clinton Event

Popular Media – The Leading Rabble in the Sad Story “Trump-Clinton” Remains


What can anyone really think or say regarding this latest attempt at knocking Donald Trump off his political horse?



Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump listens to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during the second presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016. (AP Photo/John Locher)



By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

The “obscene” talk that magically moved a couple of dozen fellow and phony Republicans to “un-support” Republican Donald Trump’s bid to beat Hillary Clinton to the Oval Office is more than usually heard in frat houses, gym and club showers, and on long drives where two guys “compare notes” on their sexual conquests.

Some men brag often, others occasionally – but most do so at one time or another – despite CNN’s Jake Tapper’s wail that he was in a fraternity and the gym and never said anything like that – ever!

Well Okay Jake.

However, the true reason that the Republican Party Chiefs and even Trump’s Vice Presidential choice went a little mad as if they had never, ever, heard or said such things.  This remains the height of hypocrisy though it is true that some teens and adult men really have never said anything like the instant video starring Donald Trump – maybe.

Personally, I don’t know of one.

I did my own “mini-poll” with several acquaintances – Only one of seven said he never used vulgarity in his reenactments.  All seven were quite well known conquistadores when we were young, and all chuckled with me at our fellow men pretending they were above such language – even about women no one knew or truly never existed.

What is even more sidesplitting are the news readers and sorta journalists acting as if each was holier than the other.

The female member of the ‘Fourth Estate’ is yet acting as though they have been personally gang-raped by Trump and chums.  Senators and House members, for a short time this weekend, tried to beat each other out in their mad dashes to encrypt Trump in The Political Graveyard and disavow him.

At this very moment NPR is fully playing along – airing Trump and Howard Stern, years ago, talking murky and about Stern never turning down “a date” with Ivanka Trump, Donald’s beloved daughter.

Here are the non-facts as portrayed by most media outlets.

Late last week, a video appeared along with an ailing idea of where it came from.  From what I know – the video was located by an anonymous source at NBC television and then laundered by sending it to the Washington Post so that it appeared that somehow, someone, uncovered a privately and perhaps illegally taped and filmed look at Donald Trump speaking with Billy Bush (now gone from his own television show as punishment?) about women.

Their chat was the kind of conversation one might here in the locker room of a males-only prep school.   It was peppered with undeserved bravado, braggadocio, and unusually filthy specifications about how to approach a great looking woman who was married, including how easy they were to kiss and touch – especially by wealthy and famous male perps.

The audio portion was the only important part of the video since the guffaws, grunts and giggles that spewed from both men’s mouths was what is so violently off putting to many women who have donned the latest and strongest feminism hat thus far including real or posed outrage at uninvited attention from the opposite sex.

Along with this has come a deluge of college and military rape claims from women who heretofore did not often report these rapes in prior decades.

It is a changed world. Women find reporting these rapes has become duly a badge of courage inasmuch as the police, courts and university officials still seem to be living in an age where “boys will be boys” – without asking first for small are larger favors from the ladies.

Many lawyers, including Hillary Clinton believe that perhaps a majority of rape claims exist because. at this time, women are far more offended and defensive, while taking additional chances, being alone with seemingly normal men, getting drunk with them or each other, and using drugs that can cloud or completely block their mental capacity to choose sex partners who they may later charge with rape based on inability to make “informed selections”.

Added to this, aflame, is the fact that young men and women of any gender are at this time of life experiencing not only peer pressure to “loosen up” but the added pressure delivered by an Everest of biological desire to reproduce – often miss-classified as “love”.

All of us remember these feelings, and many men have felt a slap in the face or more for trying beyond the “limits of the day.”

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