The Donald Trump Press Conference – New York City 11 January 2017 Reporter’s Notes not edited

The Trump News Conference 11 January 2017


We’ve had much good news this period. Ford Fiat Chrysler I hope GM will follow.  We must get our Drug industry back her mfg.  Pharma is getting away with murder – ((that is for sure) I don’t know the F35 is so costly not god – we will work on F18 too – Jack Ma – they are going to do tremendous things in this country.

Many people say they’ve never seen anything like me before I am gonna create millions of jobs like never.  We have most of the bands from the military. (oh gee) We have a movement like the world has never seen before. We have the Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic to straighten out the VA. David will help – you will get the information later.

Question one – did you get the two-page summary of the Hack – the new stuff?  First – the meetings are classified, I cannot talk about them.  I saw the information – It’s all fake news – it’s phony stuff – it did not happen. It was gotten by opponents of ours. They are sick people It’s not a disgrace – I think Russia has hacked but many more countries hack. We have much hacking going on – we have some of the greatest minds in computers – and form a defense with them.  The DNC was totally open to being hacked. Reince Probus helps us and no one hacked the RNC.

How can all this help you build a relationship with Putin – He said it was by Putin this morning – If Russia had hacked them they would be glad to tell you about it. Look what was showed -Hillary got the debate questions before anyone – they were from -.

If Putin like Donald Trump that is an asset not a liability – do you believe that Hillary would be tougher on Putin than me?

People say you are perpetually vulnerable to blackmail. I am surrounded by body guards and people. Do very careful I tell them – you will have cameras in your hotel rooms – in the strangest places – and you can’t see them because they are so small. I tell this to people all the time. I was in Russia with the Miss Universe thing -I told many people then be careful. Not just Russia. I am also quite of a Germ-A-Phoebe.

Does Russia have a leverage over you?

I have no deals with Russia, no loans with Russia, I have very little debt also. I certified that. We could make deals in Russia – but I think that would be a conflict. Over the weekend, I was offered 2 billion to do a deal in Dubai Hussein Dema – several deals – I turned in down.  As you know I have a no -conflict situation because I am president and so does the vice president. We have no conflict problems becaue I am president.  So, I could run my business and the government at the same time and I could run the country – But I don’t want to do that.

I am not releasing taxes- they are under audit? Would they show something. I don’t think Americans care about my taxes.  What I will going to me doing Don and Eric will be running the company they will not discuss it with me – again I don’t have to do this – then I will bring up Sherry Dillon.

I will speak of the questions you are asking.  Not unlike the size of Nelson Rockefellers’ when he was running. Morgan Louis and Bacchius law firm is us – He will assure the American People he acts for the nation and never from him.  He is not required to sever himself from assets.  This is the Congress who made this clear in 1989 – there terms Office and Employee in the Section does not include the President. He instructed us to take all steps to insure this – Fred Fielding – hahahahha – Ron Reagan and George HW and W. Also, was VP of Ethics Organization.  Let me detail some of the steps.

The Trump Organizations have all been conveyed to a trust (100 and 100s of them) He has relinquished power to Dona Eric and Allen Weisberg?  – the trust agreement insures that the organization with include a high-level ethics advisor – The family and Allen will do everything. President Trump will resign from all entities of business. The President has already moved all stocks bonds and treasury instruments. The trust will hold all the assets he owns, huskiness, royalties, resorts, trump tower – President elect Trump has terminating all ending deals.  That caused an immediate loss of millions of dollars – and there will no foreign deals allowed – domesticate will be allowed – but he will not be involved or not know about any deal.  He will not know about them unless he reads it in papers or sees it on television.

President will sharply limit his information on the company – no separate biz by biz accounting – Chief Compliance counsel will be there – a new position.  Everything done so show no exploiting of his office as President.  These actions – in sum – will sever the presidency from the organization.

Selling everything would not eliminate the problems – he could sell – he would be entire led to royalties form that brand – further any price paid would be called “evil “and such sales could cause a fire sale atmosphere. Selling the organization is not possible.  This would involve new banking, loans etc., know they will then be criticized.  There is no one capable to run the Trump Organization as a Trust except the current family and employees’,

Emollients –  Pres cannot receive gifts.  This does not apply to fair value exchanges. Now hotel expense are not emoluments – but President Trump will pay for these – so he will voluntarily from foreign users who uses his hotels, or anything else 0 will be awarded to the Unit States Treasury as a fight and show that his presidency is his ole interest.  Thanks, You

Your cabinet also shows conflicts of interest?  You’ve seen Tillerson and what he is doing – and that Sessions is doing similar.

We are way behind, we don’t make good deals anymore – we have hundreds of billions of losses with China Japan so many countries.

ObamaCare – repeal and replace simultaneously!

We going to take care of health care in this country.  Obama is a Democrat problem we are doing them a tremendous service doing this. We could sit back and let is explode – but that would not be good for Americans. This will be far less expensive and far better.

Do you conceive making a program of meeting with executives?  You wanna move your plant – and you will sell through the border – it’s not gonna happen because you will pay a great border tax.  You can move to any state – but you can’t move to any country. We would have millions of manufacturing workers we don’t have now.

What do you mean by asking if we are living in Nazi Germany?

It’s not a fence – it’s a Wall. I could wait 18 months – I don’t want to wait – Mike Pence will start building very soon. Mexico will reimburse us in many forms.  It will be a tax, a payment – most likely a tax.

Reports went out last week that Americans are going to pay for the wall.  It will now be.  I don’t blame the presidents of Mexico – I say we should never have let that get started.

On Supreme court judges – I will make the decision about two weeks after inaugural.  We will be signing things you will want to see first. You will all be invited to the signings. Seems to assure the nation it will be a right-wing justice.

I said Nazi Germany – because information that was false and fake – that is like Nazi Germany.  And CNN building it up -they said Michael Cohn was in Prague – a lie.

Jim Accosta CNN – tries to get a question – Trump says – No, you are fake news.

Lindsey Graham – I’ve been competing with him – he’s a nice guy. I’ve been hearing it.

BBC news – “that’s another beauty” – if any of this is true will you …. There is nothing they can come back with.

I don’t recommend reforms – I recommend a moral compass.  I could name the Fake News people – we must live with them. I can speak back at them.  Others cannot speak back.  I have seen other people destroyed.

Do you trust your US INTEL people?  Intel agencies are vital are very important.  When the report on hacking comes through we are the worst – the united states is last in protecting hacking.  So, I tricked you – I told no-one about a meeting with intel – but lo and behold – it was in print right away – They are leaking from within.  He should not have hacked PUTIN – he won’t be doing that again – 22 million accounts have been hacked in this country.  Maybe by china.  No reset button – like Hillary – we will get along, or we won’t –

I don’t like this building tin the South China Sea, and other stuff.  These papers are all just a piece of many companies put into trust.  I hope in eight years – I can say you did a good job – otherwise I will say You’re fired!



Jake Tapper – Sean Spicer said CNN and BUZZFEED published this document.  I said there was a falsehood that I pointed out in Buzzfeed.  I did say that intel chiefs provided the prez and trump a two-page synopsis without the information, uncorroborated yet – but believe the source is credible. And that the president elect should know about that.  WE have asked for a day for a comment from the Trump organization – and they are engaging in poor form – Buzzfeed is what is wrong.

Trump says that Russia was responsible for DNC and Clinton hacks – I think it was Russia.

CNN is not doing a good job on this two-page thing. Nor should they be putting buzz feed in a bad position because they had one element wrong?

Sean Spicer told Jim Acosta if he tried again with his questions – he would be thrown out.

Also, Accosta claims that Trump said to several people on the way out and not formally – that no-one from his team, corporation, etc. was in contact with Russia as this MI6 retiree claims.



Senator Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearings on Nomination for United States Attorney General

Senator Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearings on Nomination for United States Attorney General

10 January 2017                                                                                                                                                  NOTES:

Many Americans are interested in the selection by Donald Trump of Senator Jeff Sessions to serve as the United State Attorney General for the next four or possibly eight years.  Sessions is from Alabama one of the nation’s leading nests of racism, and Sessions himself has, in the past been denied a seat on the Federal Bench for his own racist activity and statements.  Now, years later, Sessions tells us that he has changed and his supporters have risen to support this.  The Democrats are sickened by the chance of his becoming the AG BC of his social stands and because he would be involved in Supreme Court cases perhaps from the sidelines with President Trump choosing as many as 3, even four, Supreme Court Justices with Democrats will be from the ultra-right – judging the names that the Trump team has tested in past weeks.

[People rise in Klan Suits and other costumes and are escorted out as the claim that Jefferson Sessions is a racist.  The sound is cut by C-Span and the hearing has not started yet]

Chuck Grassley begins to speak about rules for this hearing – claiming they are the same as the last hearings on Lynch and Republican nominees.

Opening Remarks by me and Senator Sessions, will be followed by questions. I will stay here until the questions cease.  Former Attorney General Ed Meese is hilariously present and has been introduced.

Senator Grassley:  We are here today to review S positions and to know him better.  He is thoughtful and has humility says Grassley. He is always a gentleman and fair. He is from Alabama That is how G knows him for 20 years.  Senator Leahy believes the justice department have senior leadership quickly. Senator Schumer has said we will voting on a colleague with an eminent legal mind. S has had a life of public service. His dad owned a country store, then went to U of Alabama, he was in the service, and was an assistant US attorney in Alabama.  Served 15 years as a federal prosecutor, and oversaw the murder by the Klan of a black American and assured the death penalty for the murderer. He was then elected Alabama’s Attorney General, and then Senator. He was an Eagle Scout – “Be prepared” sits on his desk in his public office.  He will take on the task of enforcing the laws as the congress makes and made them.

Grassley then takes swaps at the Obama Attorney’s General have been lax in enforcing certain laws that they should.  He goes on citing instances of Senator Sessions outstanding actions and mechanics in office(s) he has held. “he is a man of honor……”.

Senator Feinstein:  She introduces Maxine Waters and Barbara Lee, and a Dreamer.  We have worked with Session’s for 20 years – this makes it difficult for her he states.  His job is not to advocate for his beliefs but the laws of the United States – the inference “can he do this with his background.” Trump said that if I win I want a special prosecutor to consider Secretary Clinton.  The AG must put aside his loyalty to the President.  The office is not political but strictly legal. She puts Sessions on Notice here.

What type of AG will Senator Sessions be? There is much fear in this Country, especially by African Americans. He supported no laws or causes regarding civil rights.  He voted no and spoke for 30 minutes that the U.S. would not bar people from entering this country because of their religion. Twice he voted against the Dream Act – calling that “mass amnesty”. He voted against the hate crimes act. He said in 2009, today I am not sure that women and ordinary people face that kind of crime.

We cannot ignore the deep concerns and anxiety across America about what Trump will bring.  We are concerned – can we rely on the Department of Justice to maintain freedoms.  1400 lawyers and 1000 law students express deep anxiety about the direction of the nation under Trump and Sessions leadership.

Condi Rice sends a powerful letter or support as she won’t be there.

Senator Shelby:  He introduces him…. before joining the senate, he was an attorney general – these past 20 years I have known him well as a man of extraordinary character. His political opponents attacked him unfairly during the weeks leading to this hearing.  He will apply the law with no partiality.

Senator Snowe:  She presents “my friend” senator sessions (people are yelling from the audience Code Pink) and escorted out.  Sessions and I were sworn in to the senate on the same day. We have had our share of disagreements.  I know him as a trusted colleague and a good friend. Jeff Sessions has integrity and is a dedicated public servant. She talks of debates on which he took minority sides and business trade problems. (Olympia Snow has a very high positive rating and this writer adores her ways).  I have every faith in him….”

Senator Jeff Sessions:

(People are yelling from the audience) not that much.   Session takes the oath.)

Senator Sessions:  His microphone is not working.  Babies are talking…. he talks about his family.

He says he is humbled by the support of the law enforcement, and has them stand. It is every law enforcement head. He recognizes a black policeman killed in Orlando this week and another killed who was investigating this murder. Quite theatrical – but true.

I am honored to appear before you today.  No talk no KKK in USA is shouted. Police must drag them out as they shout.  He goes on ignoring them and thanking Shelby and Snowe. [Now more begin shouting a woman is escorted out.] He thanks Donald Trump and feels a greater weight than he aspires to. He worked with Meese for part of his career and act well as he did all through his legal offices. He is concerned about the recent jump in violent crimes (although they may have been caused by the Trump candidacy?) Of course, he talks about Chicago and the Heroine epidemic which he does not explain the cause of – miserable poverty and unemployment. We will be a great gun prosecutor and NRA supporter. He says local police are now more of a well-trained military and now believe they have been targeted. Crime against police is up 10% (only). I assure the police they will have my support. Help the police, to have the best methods to enforce the law, common and unified. I did this as US Attorney.  I am committed to community policing. Particularly important in our minority communities.

Protected the people from the scourge of Islamic-Inspired terrorism. We will fight cyber-threats.  WE will also ensure the lawfulness of electoral procedures and protection of the United States Treasury.

No one is above the law or beneath its protection.  I applaud all those working in justice around the nation. I know them and their community and integrity and professionalism.  We will reach the highest standards. Unprosecuted crimes on tribal lands, heroin overdoses, are just a few things I mention here.

In 1986 I was accused of harming African Americans, by my work on absentee ballots were stolen from them.  On a voting rights case on the KKK – I incited Washington officials to investigate the murderers in that case.  He assisted Morris Dees of the Southern Rights poverty center against the Klan, at least during that period I served. I fought against defeating African Americans being denied the chances to be elected or appointed to office.

I will work every day to uphold this office. I am not naïve including minority and LGBT communities and their denial of rights, and of women in the same vein.  I recognize my weaknesses. Input will be valued.

I have always loved the law, the very foundation of this country. If god gives me the ability…”

Grassley thanks him.


Questioning Begins

Grassley: I am going to ask – Occasionally you will be asked yes or no by the President. Will you be able to do that – you worked very hard for Trump.

Sessions:  I can do that duty.

Grassley:  Let me follow up. If you disagree, and you told the president so, what are your options at that point.

Sessions: I would work with the president, but I do believe I would not participate and resign in areas that are unconstitutional or illegal in other ways. The ultimate responsibility will be the upholding the law and enforcing it. I do believe we have a crime problem, I would be pleased the influence of the legislative branch on these problems.  If I have policy difference I will enforce the law no matter.

Grassley: Brings up the Clinton Foundation – and Session’s comments about it.  How can you approach the Clinton Foundation?  It was a highly contentious campaign – my objectivity would be in question thus and therefore I would recuse and appoint an independent counsel on those matters – the foundation and the emails.  It is good to not just say yes on all questions, but also perhaps or maybe. I want Senator Feinstein’s questions answered.

Senator Feinstein – Human sex trafficking. 11-14 years old. On 2015 we created a fund for victims’ services. Part of that fun includes healthcare and other help – Senator Cornyn asserted the rape exception in the law would not be used here.  Congress has spoken and we want the law followed.

Sessions:  I think this is a matter for the congress – not for me.  I know the law, and I would follow it.

Feinstein: You have referred to Roe vs Wade in highly negative ways.

Sessions: It is the law, and I would follow it on abortion.  I would follow the Supreme Court ruling on LGBT marriage – I will follow it.  I would follow Roe v. Wade law.

Feinstein: 1,400 lawyers have written us to say that it is unacceptable for Senator Sessions’ views on civil rights.

Sessions: I would refer them to Senator Specter’s remarks – unaccepted as a caricature of me.  I moved against these race based discrimination ideas.  “I did not”!

Grassley then lists a group of former Republican Attorneys’ General Supporting Sessions.

Senator Hatch – Brings up “dirty tactics” being used by the other side. Will you uphold federal laws on obscenity? Hahahahha. What?  He brings up Utah’s thinking that porn should be prosecuted as obscenity. Would you consider a special unit to pursue these crimes?

Senator Sessions – I would consider that.

Senator Hatch – He goes on and on, to strengthen privacy and trust with the IT Community.

Senator Sessions – would work with him, but has no firm thoughts on the issue as of now.

Senator Hatch – do you agree that rapid DNA investigation and analysis must occur?

NOTE: is this leading to DNA analysis of all people within the borders of the United States.

Sen Hatch brings up the violence against women act –

Sessions – I did, and approved a new law with stricter penalties.

Hatch – protects rights of prisoners etc. Next Monday will be the first Religious Freedom Day I hope you would support them as well as the human trafficking laws as a part of the civil rights agenda. There are situations that these may be honored. Wants vulnerable children letters in the record, and that Sessions has supported vulnerable children.

Leahy – Let’s deal with the fact on violence against women – 2013 – you spoke against it – it protected students, immigrants and you voted against it.  I believe all victims deserve protection including LGBT, students. -why did you protest and oppose the changes from President Obama and Democrats.

Sessions – My concern was for tribal courts to act against non-members of tribes.

Leahy – but this has been allowed and it has worked well against non-members.

Sessions – I would like to observe how the new law is dealt with – first time I’ve heard this problem – I learned that this is a problem by people speaking with me during this process – So I do think and Indian Affairs should be beefed up – the must prosecute these crimes. I would defend the law before the supreme court.

Leahy – I offered the Matthew Shephard law to extend crime to women, LGBT individuals you said you can’t see how they are discriminated against.  I thought the states were prosecuted these crimes, but Mr. Holder disagreed.  Do we have a problem that requires a Federal law? You said LGBT does not heed the hate crime laws.

Sessions – the law has past and I will be sure to enforce it.

Leahy – Trump has continued to speak about barring Islamics based on religion alone from entry to this country.

Sessions – Trump believes this should be for people coming from nations that sponsor terrorism and this should be – I have no belief that Muslims and Muslim groups should not be admitted to the USA. (Ted Olson sends a letter to support the LGBT actions that Sessions believes?)

Lindsay Graham – starts by lauding the Alabama football team. I will support you. Some people think the federal government is the only way to make sure laws are followed.  When the states do their job – the federal government should leave them alone. Would you support barring people that want to kill people because of their religion.

Sessions: Yes, but just religion cannot stop the allowance of coming to America.

Graham: Are you still against the DACA law on immigration? Dreamers. He asks more questions.

Sessions: We must study that. It would be constitutional to abandon that order because it is constitutionally in error.  For children, we are in a bad situation – I would be favoring ending the illegality of the children being here at their parent’s will.? Gitmo should be utilized – [SHOUTING NO! – they are thrown out they did not want GITMO].  I do not know the Russians hacked into our country. I like the FBI – I understand that they say that – but I have not been briefed.  AS far as a foreign entity interfering with our elections with improperly gamed information – that raises very serious matters. I don’t feel good about being called a racist – [THIS BEGINS A LARGE SHOUTING GROUP who are removed.]  I appreciate the question, I was not prepared to the 1986 accusations about me being a racist – it was not accurate – and as a Southerner I have no doubt it existed and it was wrong I have witnessed it and that’s how I will approach it.

Senator Durbin – I talked to about Alton Mills. He was 22, he was unemployed – he was arrested twice with small amounts, the third time, the drug kingpins turned on him – and with three strikes now – he was sentenced to life with possibility of parole. He then spent 22 year in prison until President Obama pardoned his sentence. You would not end this injustice for over 5,000 more people – and said Obama continues to abuse this power – So if you refuse this injustice why should we trust you?

Sessions – in 2001 we made law together and I was hurt by that bill. I said on the floor of the senate on that crack cocaine laws were unfair.  I took a strong stance- but many of these cases were plea bargained, and more complex.

Senator Durbin – Yes, we left it undone. There are still 5,000 federal prisoners who cannot petition for their sentences to be considered.

Sessions – the congress must pass laws to allow what you want and you are upsetting finality in the justice system. It is an honorable debate and I honor your opinion.


Senator Durbin– her is another man who came to this country as a Dreamer – You described dreamers as unworthy – this man served our nation in the military – you said we should follow the law.

Sessions – I cannot do anything but follow the laws passed by congress.



Senator Sessions – I think the best thing to do is to fix this system – How do we treat the Dreamers compassionately.

Senator Durbin – that does not answer the questions about so many waiting for Congress to do something?

Senator Cornyn – I think people are surprised by how you are not what some claimed. You are a good and decent and honorable man who should be proud of your record. Like when you are said to have UNFAIRLY prosecuted African Americans – when that prosecuting it was to protect African Americans.

Sessions – African American Grand Jury.  We approached Washington – they were taking ballots and changing the name of the person voted for. They were rightfully prosecuted.  As far as being married to the same woman for 50 years, and we do disagree on occasion.  My wife is always right.  I do not believe that assaulting police should go unprosecuted. We are placing those officers in greater risk by taking the wrong sides.  Certain officers should be prosecuted – but that does not mean all police are not good or respectable. CORNYN, as to Baltimore and Chicago – we have seen people killed by people who have guns which they should not own under law.  These prosecutions are down by too large percentages.  We can reduce crime by prosecuting criminal ownership or use of guns.  These people are more likely to kill people during their crimes. Maybe they will stop carrying guns during their crimes.

Senator Grassley wants the break at 1 PM EST.

Senator Whitehouse – Following the Gonzalez scandals we adopted strict regulations between White House and the Dept of Justice – will you continue these regulations. YES. What about discussion about those who were NOT charged and this was why the information of prosecutors. Does waterboarding constitute torture. Is fraudulent speech protected? Was the Department of Justice wrong when they won the RICO cases against the Tobacco industry.

Senator Sessions – Congress has made waterboarding illegal with support of the US Military. It is illegal. I taught this. If it is made to bring value to the fraudulent speech to the actioner. Tobacco case was right. Will I prosecute the President of the United States for the Russian hacking of our voting, etc. I do want further cyber-security. I heard LOCK HER UP on serval occasions. I cannot make such a decision on such a case. Will I disrupt community relations with minorities? My problems with the NAACP was my concern about their comments about foreign relations etc. I think the NAACP is a great organization.

Again, Grassley puts flower letters into the record. And then Lee does the same (theatrics)

Senator Mike Lee – you see yourself as a lawyer serving as a senator. The attorney general can be removed by the president – even as he must be able to say no to the president.

Sessions – sees no problem with saying no, or pointing to legal ways to do the aim of the President. I do not think willy-nilly special prosecutors is good. But sometimes it is needed. I thought AG Lynch may have appointed a special prosecutor in the Clinton cases.  The office of legal counsel in the White House is a concern – it issues an opinion and many times those opinions hold – but it sometimes binds other departments to do their jobs.

Senator Amy ___________________ (MN) – I am concerned about some states restricting voter rights. We have talked about your position that the voting rights act is intrusive legislation.  Cyber Attacks?  I focus on the plusses economic on immigration.  We have dairy workers in my state. What about freedom of speech of the press? Will you support the law as in effect on journalist?

Sessions– As to the voting rights act of 1965 – was one of the most important acts to pass when it comes to minority voters. (some shout outs and removed).  How would you follow up on the Texas voter rights issue now (voter ID) – on the surface voter ID laws could be okay – or the courts and congress could do such. I think the Supreme Court focused only on some states – it is intrusive – but I supported its renewal. I have no reason to doubt our intelligence agencies about hacking our elections.  ON immigration, we have been one of the leading nations pro-immigration. I do think that immigration sometimes hurts the wages of other Americans – middle class and lower class Americans are not getting their wage increases sometimes. (more shouting on immigration and removed) (then more shouting).  We could rarely ask a reporter to testify, but we have deference – but you could have BIASED media that could cause many problems.  Uh Oh – does that include cartoonists and Fox News?

Senator Sasse – puts some crap in the record. We have a crisis of civics and trust in our nation. Our current president exacerbated these fears. What do you think the place of executive orders is and how it should be approached?

Sessions – the congress makes laws, and the courts make unbiased decisions (do they) is the way it should be.  There is a corrosive feeling that the judge is controlled by his political choices. (Hahahha yes for that last 100 years of more).  The limits of executive legislation —– We really must revisit this as Prof Turly has one. (Turly was a Lewinskier).  Congress writes laws that are too broad, and allow the executive to make new laws based on that badly written law. Can you give me a proper instance – yes, the immigration laws have been problematic, that would suggest an overreach to me.  When would the solicitor general not defend the laws – reasonable defensible is the watch.  It does appear to me that agencies see themselves as independent fiefdoms.  For instance, the president can influence the death penalty by asking the AG for non-enforcement.  What would the OOC handling be served – They must be terrific orders and the constitutional order.  The President and the AG must insure that kind of Quality.

Senator Franken – you said that in 1986 judge situation – you were unfairly characterized. You will not represent your own record, would you?  You said you filed 30 or more de-segregation cases in 2009 – in November “a number” was used no actual number.  The records do not show 20 or 30 cases, some were multiple people involved – some started when I was there – some kept going after I left.  I was surprised to see the number that does not justify even 30.  You listed the Ten best cases you handled – four cases that Sessions added – the lawyers that brought these cases said that Sessions not been involved.

Sessions – they were lying – one of them Hebert – spent a lot of time – and when I sign the complaint it means I support it. You can dispute the impact of my signature.  My name is listed number one on the docket sheet.

Franken – I am not a lawyer – but when you say you personally handled these cases the other lawyers did not participate in either case I dealt with I never met him. So, this is three of the four cases. You say this was among the Ten top cases you handled.  Why?

Sessions – Mr. Hebert in 1986 when he testified in my judge’s hearing he complimented me on my assistance on these civil rights cases. I don’t know Mr. Rich – (well if you don’t know him -how could you have personally helped him). This was 30 years ago.

Franken – when you say you filed a case it means you lead or supervised the case – not that your name was on the case. I consider this serious stuff.

Sessions – You are correct that we must be – and I added this –  I signed and supported them, and helped as much as I could.  I apologize if I was in error. That was my recollection, I am sorry this was this was the case.

Senator Jeff Flake – I want to submit a column which supports your nomination (another orchid letter) – We have Operation Streamline to cut down repeated crossers.  I have no straight answer on how this is being acted upon.  Will you make Operation Streamline come back and be used now?  How about victims’ rights? How about the prison rape act? You will be responsible for 190,000 inmates. I am worried about duplicative grants to the Department of Justice.

Sessions –  I am surprised that is was under-utilized – and my inclination would be to restore and refine it. I do not know why it has not been expanded – but we will look at it, it’s the right direction to go. Victims’ rights must be protected – we cannot forget their rights – we have a victim-witness coordinator who protects and helps victims.  The law has improved the situation – but I have not had a chance to review it lately. I believe that prison is not a routine exposure to violence and worse in prison. It appears that Sessions would make certain that people are prosecuted for such things. I believe the taxpayers money needs to go to productive and valuable activities. I will make this a priority. Not just to say I got money to go someone there didn’t do anything for the taxpayers.

Senator Coons:  Hitching post use?  Can you tell me about the use of the Hitching Post and Chain Gang? The hitching post?  Reminiscent of Stocks and gone unchallenged under you.  Mandatory sentencing. Are you clear now that torture is prohibited?

Sessions: That was an issue from the governor. After my time as A.G. Alabama I believe. Working prisoners has been dealt with by Congress. Healthy thing – but not this way.  The Supreme Court disallowed this and I would absolutely follow that law. The work should be productive and lead to a job later.  The hitching post?  Not answered, why have I blocked long sentencing?  The sentencing act is now voluntary or the minimum mandatories do stay in place. I offered, in 2001, legislation to reduce the mandated terms.  The Bush Administration opposed this.  The Justice Department now allows the prosecutor to present a case that is NOT reflected in the casework. Sentencing guidelines are mandated by law and made by Congress. They are law and have resulted in lessening of prisoners. As to torture issues, this last bill was not the best – it is a law and it needs to be reviewed.

Senator Cruz – Hold your nose. Good day to hear praise of the law. For eight years, it has been absent. When Holder allowed Mexicans to receive guns sold to them by us.  When Holder was found in contempt of Congress in Fast and Furious – we were silenced.  Democrats were silent on other voting ethics rules. Democrats were silent on the special prosecutor choke hold.  (you are not worthy screaming – you believe in self-deportation, black lives matter, immigrants, tossed out) you know free speech is a wonderful thing – snotty – when Obama refused to enforce federal immigration laws – the Dems were silent. When Justice signed off on the $2billion ransom to Iran the Democrats were silent.

Sessions – I do not agree with what has been going on.

Cruz – I have every degree of confidence you would not allow things that were illegal as I have outlined. Senator Franken, misrepresented your record, not backed up by the facts.  So now that Hebert apologizes for lying to our committee, now he writes an op-ed – then he said you supported him – so Franken did not mention that – “for the cases described, was to support attorneys. I had an open-door policy, I signed the pleas” There is no question you have been forthright with this committee.  The office of legal counsel OLC – we have seen a highly politicized of the OLC – like on executive amnesty, DC statehood and others. In the last eight years, the solicitor general’s office has been far too political and won less than half its cases.

Sessions – I think short term political gains that come from the Department of Justice is not good. Office of Solicitor General – I think the problem there is a desire to achieve without obeying the law – that is an abuse of office.

Senator Blumenthal – Thank you Chairman and Sen. Sessions. This is a difficult experience. You are well liked – you would still be tough on me – and it is not personal.  I hope you will not vote on other nominees of President Elect Trump.  Will you appoint independent counsel on the investigation of Deutch Bank?  I would suggest in those cases; an independent counsel would be appropriate. Operation Rescue – head said he endorsed you – Operation Rescue has suggested execution of abortion doctors and others involved in abortions.

Sessions – I should recuse myself on the appointment of special counsel.  The emolument clause applies?  It does apply – but I would have to review the precise facts.  If soon I will do my duty. I suggested a special counsel in Clinton’s case – as attorney general you must follow the law, and I respect your question.  As for Operation Rescue, will you disavow its endorsement – I disavow any activity like that. He does not say he would disavow Operation Rescue. I agree that any interference with abortion clinics.  Would you oppose laws against gun ownership as is in the law. People should identify criminals on this as refuse guns to them.  Will you support universal background checks on felons and drug addicts?  There are some instances that would not require such – like inheriting a gun from a grandfather.

Senator Crapo – I know you are man of your word.  My question is about the way the Justice Department enforces the law.  Cooperation with the States.  Abusive power – includes Operation Chokepoint – program from department of Justice to deny funding to organizations that the administration disapproved of.  Industries – Ammunition sales, coin dealers, tobacco stores, and more. When we tried to defund it – Administration fought us.  These businesses “could” do things wrong more than other industries.  No good.  You are arrested or punished before you commit a crime. These businesses cannot get financing.  The National Criminal Background Check – put them on a no-gun list and says head injury – on no gun list. Now we have agencies going beyond our laws Like the waters laws. An agency can ask for an opinion – that opinion stands.  Often, they set out without asking an opinion. State sovereignty – many states think the Federal government is stepping on states’ rights.

Sessions – a lawful business should not be attacked by prompting other businesses to hurt them. So, I would under the circumstances you describe. Not asking for an opinion is wrong – it is twisting the law. I recall that every car theft crime had an interstate connotation which makes it federal. I would look at it.

Senator Harono (HW) – I will do my best to be nice to you.  I am interested in prosecutorial discretion. If we looked only at skill sets immigration is not a good strategy. With that I would not have been an American.  You told me you would support advanced vetting for immigrants “with extreme views”. Is that a proper thing for government to be involved in. What about religious views. How about abortion. And this is not a hypothetical question. What about voting rights law? You voted against non-Indians being prosecuted under law.

Sessions – State Department is in their hands. The DOJ is not involved if the vetting is constitutional.  I think clearly criminal violators would be highly vetted.  If the religious views encompass dangerous or terroristic attacks they would have more scrutiny.  Roe v, Wade is still a poor decision – because it denies the people the right to make laws they might feel would be appropriate. Would you be likely to weigh in against Roe v. Wade?  Well it is a hypothetical question. I cannot predict what I would do. On Voting rights – I cannot allow an erosion of the right of Americans to vote. As to Indians I was concerned. I would not do anything without a legal decision – I can’t do that today.

Mike Lee – re Guidance Documents – they are not from a legislative process. Will the DOJ under you use Guidance Documents?  The attorney – client privilege.  Anti-Trust “conditions” – there is a temptation for regulators to impose conditions that have nothing to do with competition.

Sessions: A guidance document clearly showing congressional intent is very useful.  A guidance document cannot amount to a rewrite of a law. You are asking about well-established guidance documents – I think that would be a little too far to go?  (not sure about this) I agree this can have great impact on anti-trust activities. This requires great integrity

Senator Leahy – It occurs to me that opposed the USA Freedom Act – that limited the collection of Americans records?  We had a dust-up on Trumps grabbing her pussy statement and you took issue with that this was an assault. If a sitting President fell under this law – would you investigate?  You have called the NAACP and ACLU unamerican – and have been hostile to them. Are individuals’ religious beliefs against the law as it stands – they could not be employed – like working against abortions even though they are illegal.

Sessions – I will follow the law, I will not allow the NSA to collect information on any American. I will follow the law. You are correct, and clearly it would be an assault.  The hypothetical related to what was said on the tape – not that it happened.   I would, re Marijuana laws, fundamentally it will not be an easy decision.  I do not think the death penalty should be implemented on marijuana cases, and do not recall saying such.

Mike Lee – we have seen a drift away from federalism over the last hundred years. Our actions cast a shadow over state law. So, we are careful to protect states using separation of powers.  As long as we keep the law in the same lane – we have now seen a lessening of separation of powers law. There are federal laws against raising, selling, distributing marijuana.  So, what is going on in the states that now legalize all of that.  Lee goes back to anti-trust – why? Is he being leaned on here by some corporations? Do you think the program should be made permanent? What role the Department of Justice should play with anti-trust law? In recent time the FTC becomes involved – as an independent agency – it is this that bothers me.

Sessions – The congress must change the laws to make enforcement mandatory?  I have not thought about the anti-trust laws as you request.  It is an important issue for America – and we need to get it right. So, should the DOJ be more involved with foreign anti-trust issues – I cannot answer that.

Senator Durbin – Russian involvement in the last election.  The CIA refused to answer questions about Russian involvement as it impacted ongoing investigations.  What if we are dealing with an investigation that involved the Trump Campaign or the President Trump. Would you recuse? It would seem to me this would be mandatory on your part.  Let us talk about refugees – we shipped Jews back only to be murdered in camps and elsewhere. Mr. Moktard is a Syrian refugee – he was writing about abuses. They broke his hands, he then fled and ended up here.  Prosecutors must seek justice not just convict. When it comes to cases like these – what is your feeling – to spare such individuals.  You have the responsibility on other refugee activity discretion. There are compelling cases of people looking at the USA as the last chance.

Sessions – I would think that if that happened I would take all under advisement and express my opinion.  It is really the State Department and the Secretary of State that makes these decisions. The president appears to have that power within the bounds of law.  A refugee is approved by the Secretary of State and our state staff-not under any law or right.  I would not end the refugee program.

Senator Hatch – Sessions, you’ve done a terrific job – you are an honest and decent man. Why would anyone be against you I wonder.  Reads a bunch of unimportant groups that support him of course.  I am not sure I have seen such massive support (BS) for anyone in my time here. Hatch says of course they would not support a racist or someone unfair. So, I am grateful for your willingness to take this on even though you might be smeared by some organizations.  Gag me with a spoon they say. Most of the statements you have been accused of making were made as a Senator not as a person.

Sessions – I do not think I would not be impartial on laws I did not vote on.  Personal bias, is not me in affect.

Senator Feinstein – I went to a Japanese internment camp with my father as a girl.  We are trying to enact a bill that no person cannot be kept imprisoned indefinitely (Americans).  Do you believe they can?   You voted against no torture rules. You failed to say you have mineral rights to certain lands.

Sessions – Classically the answer is yes.  You see wars might be even longer than they were. Therefore, when people are proven to be connected to a foreign enemy of the USA. As far as Americans go, a citizen of the United States cannot have their rights abrogated unless they can be proved to be associated with enemies, et al.  You voted against no torture rules. It does appear to be clear that waterboarding will be disallowed. It is correct that I might have these mineral rights, I have not information about it, have never seen the deeds, and have no idea. I did not note that the income from the oil well on the property $4,000 – so I will now make sure and correct it.

Senator John Kennedy – I used to have a law partner, Jose Conseco. I am so impressed by your supporters. Then he continues to laud him. Freedom of Information Act?

Sessions – goes on and on about how good he will be in office. I believe the 2nd Amendment is a personal right – but people can forfeit the right to own a gun through various circumstances. The FIA is law and I will defend it as such.