The Donald Trump Press Conference – New York City 11 January 2017 Reporter’s Notes not edited

The Trump News Conference 11 January 2017


We’ve had much good news this period. Ford Fiat Chrysler I hope GM will follow.  We must get our Drug industry back her mfg.  Pharma is getting away with murder – ((that is for sure) I don’t know the F35 is so costly not god – we will work on F18 too – Jack Ma – they are going to do tremendous things in this country.

Many people say they’ve never seen anything like me before I am gonna create millions of jobs like never.  We have most of the bands from the military. (oh gee) We have a movement like the world has never seen before. We have the Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic to straighten out the VA. David will help – you will get the information later.

Question one – did you get the two-page summary of the Hack – the new stuff?  First – the meetings are classified, I cannot talk about them.  I saw the information – It’s all fake news – it’s phony stuff – it did not happen. It was gotten by opponents of ours. They are sick people It’s not a disgrace – I think Russia has hacked but many more countries hack. We have much hacking going on – we have some of the greatest minds in computers – and form a defense with them.  The DNC was totally open to being hacked. Reince Probus helps us and no one hacked the RNC.

How can all this help you build a relationship with Putin – He said it was by Putin this morning – If Russia had hacked them they would be glad to tell you about it. Look what was showed -Hillary got the debate questions before anyone – they were from -.

If Putin like Donald Trump that is an asset not a liability – do you believe that Hillary would be tougher on Putin than me?

People say you are perpetually vulnerable to blackmail. I am surrounded by body guards and people. Do very careful I tell them – you will have cameras in your hotel rooms – in the strangest places – and you can’t see them because they are so small. I tell this to people all the time. I was in Russia with the Miss Universe thing -I told many people then be careful. Not just Russia. I am also quite of a Germ-A-Phoebe.

Does Russia have a leverage over you?

I have no deals with Russia, no loans with Russia, I have very little debt also. I certified that. We could make deals in Russia – but I think that would be a conflict. Over the weekend, I was offered 2 billion to do a deal in Dubai Hussein Dema – several deals – I turned in down.  As you know I have a no -conflict situation because I am president and so does the vice president. We have no conflict problems becaue I am president.  So, I could run my business and the government at the same time and I could run the country – But I don’t want to do that.

I am not releasing taxes- they are under audit? Would they show something. I don’t think Americans care about my taxes.  What I will going to me doing Don and Eric will be running the company they will not discuss it with me – again I don’t have to do this – then I will bring up Sherry Dillon.

I will speak of the questions you are asking.  Not unlike the size of Nelson Rockefellers’ when he was running. Morgan Louis and Bacchius law firm is us – He will assure the American People he acts for the nation and never from him.  He is not required to sever himself from assets.  This is the Congress who made this clear in 1989 – there terms Office and Employee in the Section does not include the President. He instructed us to take all steps to insure this – Fred Fielding – hahahahha – Ron Reagan and George HW and W. Also, was VP of Ethics Organization.  Let me detail some of the steps.

The Trump Organizations have all been conveyed to a trust (100 and 100s of them) He has relinquished power to Dona Eric and Allen Weisberg?  – the trust agreement insures that the organization with include a high-level ethics advisor – The family and Allen will do everything. President Trump will resign from all entities of business. The President has already moved all stocks bonds and treasury instruments. The trust will hold all the assets he owns, huskiness, royalties, resorts, trump tower – President elect Trump has terminating all ending deals.  That caused an immediate loss of millions of dollars – and there will no foreign deals allowed – domesticate will be allowed – but he will not be involved or not know about any deal.  He will not know about them unless he reads it in papers or sees it on television.

President will sharply limit his information on the company – no separate biz by biz accounting – Chief Compliance counsel will be there – a new position.  Everything done so show no exploiting of his office as President.  These actions – in sum – will sever the presidency from the organization.

Selling everything would not eliminate the problems – he could sell – he would be entire led to royalties form that brand – further any price paid would be called “evil “and such sales could cause a fire sale atmosphere. Selling the organization is not possible.  This would involve new banking, loans etc., know they will then be criticized.  There is no one capable to run the Trump Organization as a Trust except the current family and employees’,

Emollients –  Pres cannot receive gifts.  This does not apply to fair value exchanges. Now hotel expense are not emoluments – but President Trump will pay for these – so he will voluntarily from foreign users who uses his hotels, or anything else 0 will be awarded to the Unit States Treasury as a fight and show that his presidency is his ole interest.  Thanks, You

Your cabinet also shows conflicts of interest?  You’ve seen Tillerson and what he is doing – and that Sessions is doing similar.

We are way behind, we don’t make good deals anymore – we have hundreds of billions of losses with China Japan so many countries.

ObamaCare – repeal and replace simultaneously!

We going to take care of health care in this country.  Obama is a Democrat problem we are doing them a tremendous service doing this. We could sit back and let is explode – but that would not be good for Americans. This will be far less expensive and far better.

Do you conceive making a program of meeting with executives?  You wanna move your plant – and you will sell through the border – it’s not gonna happen because you will pay a great border tax.  You can move to any state – but you can’t move to any country. We would have millions of manufacturing workers we don’t have now.

What do you mean by asking if we are living in Nazi Germany?

It’s not a fence – it’s a Wall. I could wait 18 months – I don’t want to wait – Mike Pence will start building very soon. Mexico will reimburse us in many forms.  It will be a tax, a payment – most likely a tax.

Reports went out last week that Americans are going to pay for the wall.  It will now be.  I don’t blame the presidents of Mexico – I say we should never have let that get started.

On Supreme court judges – I will make the decision about two weeks after inaugural.  We will be signing things you will want to see first. You will all be invited to the signings. Seems to assure the nation it will be a right-wing justice.

I said Nazi Germany – because information that was false and fake – that is like Nazi Germany.  And CNN building it up -they said Michael Cohn was in Prague – a lie.

Jim Accosta CNN – tries to get a question – Trump says – No, you are fake news.

Lindsey Graham – I’ve been competing with him – he’s a nice guy. I’ve been hearing it.

BBC news – “that’s another beauty” – if any of this is true will you …. There is nothing they can come back with.

I don’t recommend reforms – I recommend a moral compass.  I could name the Fake News people – we must live with them. I can speak back at them.  Others cannot speak back.  I have seen other people destroyed.

Do you trust your US INTEL people?  Intel agencies are vital are very important.  When the report on hacking comes through we are the worst – the united states is last in protecting hacking.  So, I tricked you – I told no-one about a meeting with intel – but lo and behold – it was in print right away – They are leaking from within.  He should not have hacked PUTIN – he won’t be doing that again – 22 million accounts have been hacked in this country.  Maybe by china.  No reset button – like Hillary – we will get along, or we won’t –

I don’t like this building tin the South China Sea, and other stuff.  These papers are all just a piece of many companies put into trust.  I hope in eight years – I can say you did a good job – otherwise I will say You’re fired!



Jake Tapper – Sean Spicer said CNN and BUZZFEED published this document.  I said there was a falsehood that I pointed out in Buzzfeed.  I did say that intel chiefs provided the prez and trump a two-page synopsis without the information, uncorroborated yet – but believe the source is credible. And that the president elect should know about that.  WE have asked for a day for a comment from the Trump organization – and they are engaging in poor form – Buzzfeed is what is wrong.

Trump says that Russia was responsible for DNC and Clinton hacks – I think it was Russia.

CNN is not doing a good job on this two-page thing. Nor should they be putting buzz feed in a bad position because they had one element wrong?

Sean Spicer told Jim Acosta if he tried again with his questions – he would be thrown out.

Also, Accosta claims that Trump said to several people on the way out and not formally – that no-one from his team, corporation, etc. was in contact with Russia as this MI6 retiree claims.



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