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Of course President Trump enjoys some TV spotlights, but after almost three weeks I think it’s time to let the White House settle down, and the staff to settle in.

The time spent By the major broadcast, television, cable, and even public radio is unimaginable on topics such as ‘defending your daughter Ivanka’s clothing lines to whether Steve Bannon is a Leninist or Marxist who has hypnotized all the Trumpsters into believing he is the second coming or at some God or another.

While I agreed last week with Steve Bannon regarding the press “keeping its mouth shut” – for the first time our servers were hacked removing that long piece and media. It is back up today and I point this out only to alert you on just how crazy things have become in the mega and micro media world. How two different hackers found there way into our server is beyond me but i am no outsider and I informed the appropriate officials about the hack – a felony. I pray it did not emanate from the White House but since it agreed with Bannon that the press should lay off just a bit, I wonder – is this a liberal hacker – attacking American Politics Journal – which often publishers orchid pieces about liberals, but too much time not only speaking up for Trump during this cycle, but responsible for more than 40 million hits from our people attacking the Creepy line up of wannabees like Little Marco and Lyin Ted Cruz during the laughable GOP “vote off” with nigh on 25 contenders most of whom proved they were not even close to beating Trump for the GOP nod. I am both happy and sad that some of the President’s appointments include his attackers during the primary. I am saddened to see Senator Ted Cruz emerge once again from his dumpster to lies to foist even more on what is left of his adoring voter entourage.

This week has largely been spent attacking Trump for daring to call a federal judge out on his reluctance to support Trump’s actions regarding the damming of some entrances to this nation from citizens of 7 nations that have majority or even super majority Muslim believers – not Muslim terrorists.  However Trump asserts that he chose these 7 countries from a list of trouble-maker nations from the Obama Administration. I have heard no denial from former President Obama’s likely talking heads on the matter – but I do remain concerned about the public belief that the Gulf states were not on that list although the majority of the 911 hijacker-murderers were from those states.

What’s more annoying is that the biggest anti-trump news sources only talk about some idea that no terrorists have come to the United STates from the seven nations that the White House ordered be put on a hold until some vetting process can be established in those countries – which seems improbable in some cases since several are at war with each other or Isis or threatening Israel more than usual.

The fact the idiots at Nordstrom deciding to ditch Ivanka’s clothing lines for lack of sales was poorly timed as well – so I suppose now we will see retailers who have little hope of outlasting Amazon et al, on the charge against the Trump family. He Dad the President, felt badly about this, and hawked a little against the retail chain,  I think if my daughter was attacked financially by another business I might lose it – and say similar or worse things about Nordstrom.

We then witness the all-night vigils of NBC and CNN with regard the Billionairess Ms Devos Secretary of Education confirmation in the Senate – well of course she was going to win! – there was no doubt whatsoever –  and so she did – and the clone funeraria from the similar left-charged media sources  for Senator Sessions (my favorite Keebler Elf, and now Attorney General of the United States.  So all that brouhaha for nothing – it was in the bag!  The only thing new was that Vice President Mike Pence cast the tie-breaker! (the first in history).

Meanwhile things seem to be theatrically heating up in Iran as President Trump put them on notice and penalized some of the more powerful of Iranians because of their continued support of terrorism in the region and probably because the White House feels they jammed us on the nuke deal made handsomely by former the former Obama-appointed Secretary of State.

I think perhaps one of the more left media sources mentioned the normal blow up in the House of Commons where a motion (or something) was shouted from the liberals to disallow President Trump to speak to them, although I can’t imagine what they think he would say since he was all over the “special relationship” we have with London and the old “Empire”.

The Chinese were not too happy either about some verbal abuse from the Administration about its interest in, and completion of,  building a couple of Fantasy Islands in the South China Sea to show Asia “Who’s the Boss”-  like a dog peeing on a Hillary for President sign,

Young Kim Un was also upset about some remark or other by Sen. McCain and whoever about his messing with nukes again and perhaps secretly building and underground nuclear device factory in North Korea or instead nuking San Francisco just to show us that he might be young but carried a big load.

Ah, and lest I forget the horror of Judge Gorsuch saying he was disheartened by attacks on the judiciary, which now seems to be ALL attacks on the judiciary, but was, this afternoon – a Trump attack on that Judge that stopped him in his tracks re Arab nations with Muslim citizens.  The only thing worse – that I see that the pop-up former Senator, cum presidential candidate, sum what the heck does he do in off-cycle years –  Rick Santorum (named after some papal hideaway) is now a “CNN Contributor which I guess means he has no salary only a lesser or greater per-appearance or green-room sitting – check for Time Warner.

Seriously folks – it doesn’t appear that Democrat hopes to impeach Donald Trump will come to fruition yet – and the President hasn’t even flown to Moscow as quickly as they hoped so they could hang a Lenin-Marx medal on his neck like was done to Poor Old “Commie” Senator Bernie Sanders.

Frankly I am tiring of the whole thing, and worrying that someone, somewhere is pulling a gag on us. If not, let’s stop all the silliness and leash up the media apes who live to get 20 seconds on Cable news putting down a man for going to Yale for 8 or 11 years.

Enough, is enough.

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