President Bush and President Obama must Offer hands in aide for President Trump

By: Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus – American Politics Journal

WASHINGTON 16 FEBRUARY 2017 – President Trump has won, and been certified as President of these United States.

I think it is time that Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama reach out and offer a hand to our new President who certainly needs operational and human resources expertise badly. President Trump is a big businessman, not a natural and wizened politician or policy maker in the sense of the presidency –and he should not be expected to be such.  He is a 70-year-old man who is wise in many related things and in touch with leaders on both sides of the aisle.

He needs our help.

It is difficult for any man or woman to ask for help at the times they really do need this help.  It is time for humility and fellowship among our leaders.

This is also true for the myriad chiefs that must deliver operational government and complex human resources available to President Trump without interference in the policies he was elected on.

The men and women in the White House now and the secretaries in some Departments are doing fine jobs, and most likely have it easier in organizational and operational tracks using the talents of career staff that has not left and-or  retired.

It is not at all unusual for Republicans and Democrats to help any new president – and not just the first week or two, but for months – perhaps even the first year.

I know that both Barack Obama and George W. Bush are the kind of men who would bring not only some operational and human resources suggestions but also their tested “bodies” who could work for a relatively short time to get this new White House and its middle staff more comfortable with aide from people who have gone through decades of these types of adjustments.

As someone who lived and worked in Washington for more than 40 years and written about it in tough terms for more than twenty years, I think that these are the major problems we see. I worked the White House and Congress about policy for years, but it was also the people that get things done properly that were highly important within those departmental and governmental offices.

The White house is not only a centerpiece of our nation, but also an important center of the free world.

Since I’ve been alive the transitions from one president to another has been generally smoother than I see today.  It is still early days – but early days filled with very new and perhaps dangerous problems that require attention.

Whether President Trump would like this help is a question. I do not know him, nor the people closest to him. I do know other who were close to former presidents and how important they were and remains to our nation.

What I do know, is that there is more chaos today in the District than the President needs at this time.

And, worse, the rest of the world is worried as well. I have spoken to leading business people in Europe and Asia over this period and they agree that a transition like this – so complex and with such new and different aims and hurdles – makes a difficult situation to prepare aides and staff to deal with.

President Trump should ask for such help, quietly and personally to his peers now alive.

There are few of them now, but many many are very prepared and educated through experience to help him and his minions with the kind of operations needed in a giant Office.

The Office of the Presidency not only sees to our safety but touches almost everything in our lives.  The White House and it’s Departments and the Pentagon involves tens of thousands of high level federal employees – as many as 50,000 people who in fact work for the President directly or indirectly.

So, it is time for the Media to examine and suggest this kind of solution rather than only looking for juicy stories, or hard to solve problems such as this White House faces.

I believe that President Bush and President Obama, and yes, President Bill Clinton and others would be happy to pitch in and help put things in order for the very reason that the President must carry out his goals aspirations which he explained to voters over the previous 18 months during thepresidential and congressional  election cycle.

Things like this happen in business as well – but never at this volume and responsibilities not only nationally but worldwide.

Yes, perhaps those leaders confirmed and able will, in time, prove great value to our nation, but there is little time left for things to not go wrong without, and with no particular fault.

This is not a war any longer between two competing parties.

This is a time to step back and think, pray, and come to our senses – support our new president in the most difficult of periods to lay the functional  foundations that will make his job not only easier but also a finely designed machine to carry out the aims and hopes of the President and the Congress which the President must approve and the rest of us benefit from.

The little power grabs, unnecessary witch hunts, various plot flexors and other shots  that only enjoy hand to hand combat rather than hand IN hand aid.

It is not only leaks that trouble our nation – it is also loud and frightening squeaks in the gears and pedals of  stewardship.

Take heart, and urge those who know how to help with developing this well oiled machine to do so with no political gain

Government must operate at these higher levels, but at the same time not interfere with perhaps the most complex policy and opinion changes that were ordered by the voters in the 2017 election this past November, and special delivery to this new government and its loyal opposition.

Published by

Jeff Koopersmith

From 1978 Jeff Koopersmith, Chief Legislative Analyst for Budgets and Taxation ran the US Senate Campaign for Ed Howard - PA in the primary, lived in Washington DC, and chose later to lobby for green and health legislation including drafting such laws including on Indoor radiation, fuel ethanol blends and manufacture in the US for clean air and for large conglomerates - women's health and wellness. Since 1988 he has been the editor in chief of American Politics Journal - the first political news magazine updated daily on the Net. It is American Politics Journal's 27th anniversary this year. Koopersmith in now semi-retired, writing books on endangered species, aging and the electronics industry. He continues to write opinion re Politics and policy and is the named Editor Emeritus of American Politics Journal. He attended college at UC Northridge and UCLA, at Southwestern School of Law, USC, and Columbia University as one of its youngest admitted students studying logic and semantics, chemistry, and English literature.