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This most complex and confusing acrobatics in American Health must be offered to every American, but this does not mean sporting the dreaded single-payer robe, but instead, an ermine cape worn by numerous private sector business sources, etc.

BY JEFF KOOPERSMITH, Editor Emeritus – American Politics Journal

WASHINGTON 16 MARCH 2017 I’ve written about Steve Bannon, the Trump White House go-to man for almost everything, yet I am more than surprised at his purposeful, or not, abandonment of the new Health Care bill now dying in Congress when it seems that he might have a far more interesting plan that would, in fact, give every American not only the access , but actual health care as enjoyed, for instance, by the United States Congress – and Steve Bannon.

NOTE: We all have access to most things – But to look, not buy…

“i don’t even get to look at this Rolls – I want access too”


In short, Bannon should have shot for the moon on Healthcare – not because almost every nation on earth, not now insolvent, offers care – good, poor, or mediocre to its entire population, with few exceptions.



Steve Bannon says his philosophy is less Republican or Democrat. He is about the middle class set against elite nationalists as opposed to globalists. He believes this explains his opposition to open borders, political corruption and what he views as political correctness.

Is this a euphemism for American Health Care policy?

Bannon tells us his philosophy is less Republican or Democrat. He is about the middle class set against elite nationalists as opposed to globalists. He believes this explains his opposition to open borders, political corruption and what he views as political correctness according this week to the Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal.

Yet Bannon, in this instance, not providing the unhappiest in America with cheap healthcare, is – not enough. “Giving access” to healthcare is a fraudulent promise because the poorest, including many Black and Hispanic minorities have no way to shop around for a cheaper policy because they haven’t the funds – and these cheap policies are almost useless because these come together with such high deductibles that most cannot afford them.

Added to Bannon’s ideology is Donald Trump’s own.  He has repeatedly told the American people and his most adamant supporters that he will not forget those who do not qualify, or cannot afford, health insurance in this nation almost controlled today by pharmaceutical companies who spend far less on drug development than the mouthpiece lobbyists (PhRMA) claim.

Thus, Bannon seemingly protects the center middle class, as his father was a proud member before the last Wall Street spectacle.

Now, a decade later – not a single responsible soul has gone to a Federal or State country club prison for stealing the futures of millions of American families.

President Trump sews the mantle of the neediest in many of his speeches – but thus far has not made a move to help them directly unless whatever Health Care bill passes and is signed provides such relief via Medicare or more apropos Medicaid. 

Both the Travel-Ban bill now held unconstitutional by at least three high court judges and the ObamaCare burning now going on in Congress do not help, but instead hinder those most in need in the USA – nearly 100 million Americans who are either Aged, minorities (including the White American poor, and most non-working immigrants for sure.

Companies involved in medical care charge a genuinely brazen fortune for hospital services, nursing, and of course for newer branded medications while at the same time trying to stop the manufacture of the same drugs with far-less Generics.  One need only refer to recent pricing scandals over the EpiPen for one example.

What today’s pharmaceutical industry dreams of, openly and without humiliation, o is super-quick approval from the FDA or any drug that’s put before it, even as the drug makers advertise, almost continually, how perilous many of these medications can be.

Added to this of course is Grande Lobby Group PhRMA that also wants no interference in pricing.  Already the drug industry has such arrangements with the United States in part, and it in many instances around the world due to what I would label blackmail of the highest order.

Here is a set for a congressional dinner – and this one was in Australia

If this is a dinner for congress in Australia – what would it look like in the USA?


“We will spend whatever it takes to unseat you next election” is the message to elected officials from lobbyists who rep corporations who are real “people” says the Supreme Court.


Steve Bannon knows very well that the United States is not run nor managed by the voters, but by the permitted power of elected and appointed officials who give up trying to beat the health care industry and take big or little “contributions” for their turning backs on the neediest.

It is funny, naming political cash that cannot be traced if one so chooses as “contributions” — as if government officials are a sort of charity.

Ask the FBI or CIA about elected officials at all levels of government “just how honest politicians are” – you will be more than stunned or shaken by the answers, especially when you know how very many public servant arrests, indictments, and convictions for breaking federal, state and local criminal law occur day by day.

(I mention here that I am working on an essay that clearly and factually demonstrates that local and state governments are far more corrupt than our federal elected or appointed officials who tend to like their cash in Caribbean banks, not campaigns for re-election.)

I think Mr. Bannon’s ideas have a flaw, and that is that he focuses on the middle class and rarely mentions the alleged-by-conservatives “lower middle class” – another way of putting miserably underprivileged in “their place”.  This may be an unintended oversight on Bannon’s part and President Trump has always underscored his own commitment to the poorest of Americans as well as the wealthiest.

Let us focus on all Americans, not particular class.

The most frightening possibility for American Elites is now labeled, poorly, as “single payer” – because there are almost always more than one or several non- government payers when is comes to all healthcare.

Even the example I set forward below has no “single payer” save for those who can afford what England Calls “Harley Street” doctors and hospitals – in short – only the very well well-off can afford it. They don’t count in this formula. (Many of the mega rich are investing in medical care with a single goal – eternal life.) That’s the truth.

Although I believe the current legislation on healthcare will fail – the White House is attempting, quite fumbling, to quell the outcries coming from those in the underclass that might lose their healthcare as a result.

There was such a better way to do this rewrite of what we called ObamaCare.

Let me lay out a few of today’s facts before we continue:




43,308,000 from MEDICARE OR 14%

62,384,500 from MEDICAID 20%


Thus 36% of all those insured plus the uninsured represent 45% of our citizens from age 8-85, while the above three groups receive government aid.  All this could be truly unimportant if we put all Americans on the same level – of excellent healthcare.

Today the average expenditure on healthcare in the United States is nearing $10,500 dollar per person.

My question – So where is all this money coming from and going to?

The answer is – profit to the medical professional complex Pharmaceutical and medical instrument companies, hospitals, doctors and nurses et al. If you want to study the most ridiculous public and private mess of employees in the medical field – believe me – they are scattered all over the public and private sectors at surprisingly shadowy stations.

But what do I mean “where the money going” is a ruse; It is far more important to see who earns and spends 3.2 trillion on healthcare?

The Kaiser Foundation tells us that we pay between $6,251 per year on average for single coverage and $17,500 per “family” (which appears to mean there are only three individual people in each family.)

The employer pays the family plan $12.6 thousand. The employee pays over $5 thousand or an average of 29% or the total $17.5 thousand as his or her contribution. This can continue as is.

For the purposes of this writing let’s take the $10,880 as average cost for all individuals -no matter what the age.

The total bill for all people is 10,880 per person for total 320 million Americans or $3.2 trillion – the same as the total paid for medical care in 2016.

Now single with jobs earn an average of 70% paid by the employer or $2.42 trillion each year for their workers.  Let’s assume the employers will continue to pay that 70% percentage of the total US expense for the year:

ERGO – 3.2 Trillion in 2016 dollars less $2.42 trillion from business funds (70%). This leaves the cost of for total non-employed or self-employed individuals $800 billion to be found.

The answer is simple no matter the situation today.

A question arises right away – Why is the $11,000 per person average premium almost exactly what Americans pay for healthcare in total today on a yearly basis?

That’s a good number to use for all people who on average have someone working among “the family” and the same for all non-working, uninsured, insured by other public med insurance, Medicaid and Medicare. A human body, no matter how idle or old, is still a human being.

An Interesting Comparison: The average daily cost of a in-patient for one day in American Hospitals.

Under the current system only 141 Million Americans with jobs are working with businesses and share the premium costs 70/30%This leaves another 80 million poor, older, or other to be funded in whole at a cost of $880 Million.

Where does that money come from if we smartly choose the same policy for all – with most bells and whistles as have the workers? It comes from the United States Governments – either directly or payed to insurer(s).

Thus, the final formula for all to have a great policy might be as high as $2.4 trillion from the budget (the same as it was in 2016) and an additional $800 million from either the workers and the aged, poor etc. or from some place else.

But then, wait a minute – we and the government already spend that $3.2 Trillion! Ah but the government does not spend it all– and here lies the biggest lie of them all – Is the US government paying overblown premiums to the health insurance companies at $11,000 per person – or are the states, or both?

I bet on the states taking money from Washington – and spreading it around for healthcare – or maybe some other perks.

To my mind – let’s have the states pay the other 880 million?  That would cost each state $17,600,000 dollars on average – and could be figured per capita with the most populous states paying the most.

So, we have.  The US treasury now will pay only $2.4 Trillion and the states will pay the other $800 billion – or a tax rummy of about 208 dollars a month per person.

We can work all this out with a series of smaller non-injurious taxes or decrease in all the gimmees we gift business and the states already?  I know Steve Bannon will figure a way, along with President Trump..  My recommendation? Steve Bannon should machete banking and finance elites for the funds needed to provide for those scraping at the bottom of the healthcare civil war – nationally and in Congress.

Oh, there is one more way – let’s have the 54 Health Insurance Companies pay $2500, or maybe even $3,000 a year to help the poor and aging.

Take your choice, but without everyone getting the same USA HEALTH-GO-card we will find tens of millions with no coverage –  only access to care which is sort of like access to your Rolls Royce dealer showroom.

[Watch for a piece on Harley Street doctors and hospitals in England – it will demonstrate that the elites have no worries about the care they receive]


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Jeff Koopersmith

From 1978 Jeff Koopersmith, Chief Legislative Analyst for Budgets and Taxation ran the US Senate Campaign for Ed Howard - PA in the primary, lived in Washington DC, and chose later to lobby for green and health legislation including drafting such laws including on Indoor radiation, fuel ethanol blends and manufacture in the US for clean air and for large conglomerates - women's health and wellness. Since 1988 he has been the editor in chief of American Politics Journal - the first political news magazine updated daily on the Net. It is American Politics Journal's 27th anniversary this year. Koopersmith in now semi-retired, writing books on endangered species, aging and the electronics industry. He continues to write opinion re Politics and policy and is the named Editor Emeritus of American Politics Journal. He attended college at UC Northridge and UCLA, at Southwestern School of Law, USC, and Columbia University as one of its youngest admitted students studying logic and semantics, chemistry, and English literature.