83 days, 0 hours, 26 minutes and 19 seconds Since President Trump Took Office


We all pray President Trump is well and becoming inured to the unusual chaos the presidency brings, and that he will continue to grow smarter, and yes, even a better deal maker than he is today.

By: JEFF KOOPERSMITH, Editor Emeritus

WASHINGTON DC 13 APRIL 2017: I have been staying up late binge-watching “The Circus” on Showtime with Mark Halperin, John Heilemann, and Mark McKinnon – three of the best minds on my list of smartest political wonks on television.  The show is produced by Bloomberg News and as of today has 29, thirty minute shows loaded somewhere on your cable provider.  If you are reading this, you will probably enjoy it – no matter DEM OR GOP.

Watching the early shows on The Circus is the best thing you can do today because the 2016 “circus” continues and is updated even today. The three men are still filming but I am dying to know if they get some of the most exclusive and costly restaurants to comp them simply for putting the name of the place on a pop-up 2 second flash.

This essay is not about The Circus – at least the one on television.  It is about the Circus that is American Politics, and always has been, although having the Superstar as Donald J. Trump makes it sort of a step above the big top.  There is nothing like watching Trump: nothing more entertaining, confusing, shameless, and hilarious today.

Then that describes the President somewhat and therefore the fact that he has dominated not just national, but world politics and news, for nigh on two years.

The President has just about two weeks to reach the poetic 100 days in office marker which the dumbest of newscasters will focus on from next week until that 100th day.  In fact the 100th day has absolutely no purpose except to make people watch more news than usual to see how the White House is doing

If the networks and cable news producers were smarter they would have “days” special every 100 days, huh?  These pursuits would be like presidential report cards filled out by incompetent teachers and poorly funded schools.

Now, at the 83rd day I can tell you that Donald Trump is realizing in supersonic speed that the President of the United States is a grueling undertaking.  I won’t write the “gray hair” line because it is pukingly trite.  (take note CNN and Fox).

Donald Trump and I are the same age and come from the same place.  Today, I wish my dad and mom were here with us helping me through my own confusion and fear.  I think Donald Trump needs to find two stand-ins. In the past, I have and I am better and happier than ever – but I still miss my parents more than I can say.

I’ve had the honor of watching some of the White House from inside – even as a kid I was in the Kennedy White House to get some award with four friends which I forget for what. I was in the Ford White, and the Clinton White House, but never in the Obama White House where I really wanted to be – even for an hour just to taste the air and feel the atmosphere.  When I say “from the inside” I don’t mean that I worked in any White House. I did lobby some White House VIPs on eco and health matters.  My observations were those of a political scientist or lawyer that knows that outside ropes to compare with the inside ones. Thus I could sit in one office, of stroll the halls and catch a sentence or a pose. I could tell the tastes of officials and sometimes what they ate.  An observer, but never and insider.

The best way.

I imagine that the Trump White House, complete with those horrible gold lame’ drapes which are unflattering to a blonde man or woman, is filled with excitement and spicy tidbits and intrigues.  What it is not filled with – save for the Pentagonios – are levels of expertise needed to run a nation and a lot of the earth that depends on what there occurs.

Only this week has there been a hint that the Trump family, lovely that it is, cannot cope without adding some “old wood” into the fireplace of policymaking.

It appears that whoever ran the Trump campaign must yet be managing the politics because President Trump is almost the “teflon leader of the free world” thus far.

Trump is more than a genius at confusing the hell out of anyone – especially the White House Press Corps who sits gaping at Sean Spicer for a while every day only concentrating on what ridiculous thing he might say for nightly news coverage.

Sean Spicer is not stupid, but like his adopted father Reince Priebus, really has no idea how to run something as intellectually YUGE as the world’s most powerful place which sits above a swamp in Washington.

I mention Sean and Reince only to point out that running a political party as Chairperson offers almost no preparation to run the Administration, and really very little to press the Congress for something to eat – like HealthCare or Tax Breaks.

Already the most hilarious 20 some-odd losers like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are running for POTUS already!  You can’t turn on the television without seeing one of the 17 original GOP con artists on television, and mostly picking on Donald Trump only because, although you think he’s tough, in fact he’s a lamb  – a boy to “take behind the gym” as Joe Biden once said, but not a bully as the media likes to say – more like someone who misses his father as much or more than I miss mine.

Donald Trump needs a father figure around him – someone who’s grown up on eating and digesting the dirty snacks and smacks of Washington which make Wall Street look like a Disney cartoon.

Yet President Trump has naught.  His sons are well-spoken businessmen as is his daughter Ivanka – the starlet.  Reince Priebus couldn’t find his way to a national election if he tried. No party chairman could – because the party means little or nothing to senate and presidential candidates.  Today they are the icons, not puppets. So, to be kind, Priebus is good at yearly meetings in Palm Beach with all the players who are wannabees and control freaks.  He is not someone who can be chief of staff of the kind of person who is in most White Houses – the cream of the crop, the top intellects, and those with sharp minds and soft hearts that keep things rolling for the people.

I have no idea who that person should be – but I might suggest that President Trump surround himself with the top and aging super-staffers who are just sitting around today waiting for a telephone call, and wrestling what they might say if asked.

Let me speak to those geniuses who are drowning at a sad plethora of think-tanks or university chairs sponsored by this or that old Senator or Morgul.  Hey- get your shit together and make it known you are willing to help this President.  Right now old-guard seems to be hoping they can find a way to indict Trump rather than help him.  Remember this – Harry Truman sold men’s clothing in a podunk store – he was no genius – but he sat amid quite few of the best and brightest.

This is what President Trump needs. He has matured amazingly in only 83 days. He sees the light, but he needs help getting it right.

President Trump – you are the President – do not fear going to the top ten universities here and even abroad to search out talent.  Find the person to be in charge of that – he or she is not in the White House today.  Have lunch with the old foxes in New York and the creaky ones in Washington and Virginia. Talk a lot of the oldest Intel leaders you can find.  Ask them as mentors, not snobs to help you climb a mountain twice the height of K-2.

You will be able to relax, and by the way – find an english major, about 50 or younger who can compose and send your tweets after you work them out with her. Yes her. Him is no good for you, because you so obviously need your mom as well.

Hey, we all do.