So! We have an Unimpeachable Special Prosecutor Doing Battle With – Who?


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Able men who, like us, can make nonsensical decisions. Mr. President






So the second in command at Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ office had the gall to choose a  wonderful former FBI director to lead the investigation of anything he pleases – and that’s no joke for the Trump whitehouse which I assume is packed with staffs’ “Lewinskies” and Whitewater rafts. (

Former FBI director Robert Mueller III will oversee the current T-Russia FBI probe, including anything else Mr. Mueller stumbles upon (see Clinton) in his look at foolhardiness between Trump associates and Russians.  The President should not relax because if Mueller finds a Monica or a *.*Gate while digging he is, under his appointment terms allowed to pursue it.  This means if General Mike Flynn, while working for the President after the inaugural was busy getting Mr. Putin to give the Trump Organization a few acres in downtown St. Petersburg for a new hotel, all the Trumps would be in boiling water with no yellow-cake.

Hopefully nothing like this will happen. Anyone over 35 went through the Clinton “impeachment” and believe-you-me does not want a repeat.

I’m no chicken, Trump makes it clear

It took a shorter period to witness the Congress and the news media begun to discuss the impeachment of President Donald Trump that one might have guessed. Was trump so blind or uninformed to see that the payback for the Clinton impeachment over his own playroom in the White House had not yet been avenged. I can tell my readers that this was all I would hear from most democrat leaders in both the House and Senate.

If Mr. Trump asked then Director of the FBI Comey to drop or slam the brakes on the Bureau’s investigation of what, if anything, General Mike Lynch did in and among Russians who made it clear Mr. Putin wanted Trump to beat Hillary Clinton. Did Lynch ask for help to find intelligence on the Democrat and Clinton Campaign work to elect her the first female president.? Did the general make certain that RUssia would dump thousand of new Clinton emails on WikiLeaks, run by Julian Assange at his “hotel” room at the  Ecuadorian Embassy in London? Did Flynn help the Russians in this effort – and are the Russian cheers for Trump or worse come from business promises that the Trump Organization made, and kept to Vladimir Putin or his underlings?

Jame Comey, now gone form the FBI, tells associates and others, including choice leakers that the President invited him for dinner around the time the Flynn scandal raised its head, and later asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other to leave the room so he might talk privately with Director Sessions. “Drop the investigation” is the partial sentence that the too-active media are focused on. They should however be applauded for claiming they invited pro-Trump people into their talkathon groups if they have indeed made those invites.

One thing is clear – the congress is trembling, wondering what to do – and the President – soon to begin a trip around Europe must be worried that he will be met with guffaws as he attempts to convince NATO member countries and heads of other nations to chip in more money to defeat ISIS terror, and to plan now for North Korean help should it be needed.

As always the news begins its henpecks by using the term “The Unraveling.” Which I think some flack borrowed from a horror film. Thus far nothing is unraveling.

THE UNRAVELING – so trite, so wrong.

The prize for the Democrats who would like to Trump trumped in spades are Director Comey’s memos that he is rumored to have kept in detail. I have heard foreign and national reporters refer to the word “kind” – that Trump only requested Comey to be kind to General Flynn because of the General’s proven loyalty to the President and his service to the nation. That is far from “stop” the investigation.

Mr. Comey is hinting that more was the case – if not, then no impeachment is in the soup. However if the President, in fact asked Comey to drop the case his mistake becomes major and perhaps a lawbreaker, although I cannot really see an open and shut case of obstruction of justice accusations coming from the FBI nor the Justice Department.

There are more than hints is this paragraph of one supposed memo from Director Comey –

“I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go,” the memo reportedly recollected Trump saying, referring to the FBI investigation of Flynn. “He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.”


Look – we have all witnesses many missteps by the President and his staff, none that were worthy of maniacally intense concentration by cable news and broadcast news sources going bananas over – having the Chinese leader for a two day vacation at Trumps’s home in Palm Beach – “Mara Lago”; Winning a well-known racist of the past a place as Attorney General of the United States, Saying he respected North Korean schmer Kim il un, and dozens of other slams at his business interests, his family jockeying to make money on the White House – and a continuous hint, lately, that the President maybe, just perhaps, might be mentally ill. This has come up twice or more in just that 48 hours on America’s leading electronic and print news sources.

I must add the most hilarious whirling dervish of Russian freakout is accusing the President of telling the Russians about the “secret” nation that discovered (perhaps) that ISIS et al can make a larger bomb than thought out of a seemingly normal laptop computer.

It isn’t like no one has pointed out that laptops do explode

There is nothing dangerous of untoward about this which I can see – although some have told us, the”audience” that lives of undercover agents could be in danger. Recently I pointed out that laptop computers and cell phones exploding is nothing new as Dell and South Korean giant Samsung could share with you.

Moreover, Mr. Putin, from Moscow, offered the United States Congress, to provide it with a transcript of the actual discussion President Trump had with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak_. If it came with a tape – it would end the idiotic conversations about the President in some kind of Team Play with Mr. Putin to harm the USA.

I am not Mr. Trump’s defense attorney, but I do suggest he obtain a few of the best to help his irresponsible staff repel the other side’s accusations. Thus far the everyone handling the press, save for General McMaster has done such a terrible job that they have succeeded in fertilizing not covering those nasty schemes the opposition and most of the mainstream press have come up with thus far.

President Trump needs a defensive shark in the White House 24/7 who also has a strong diplomatic side.

Mr. Trump should also rid himself of the high echelon – low intellect “loyals” he keeps around him to help him handle himself. One would think anti-Trump forces snuck most of these high level/low intel staffers into the White House as plants and snoops rather than reliable counsel.

According to rumor linked to Director Comey, Trump also asked Comey if there was some way to “arrest reporters”  CNN reports the following on its web site today Wednesday, May 17, 2017:

“President Trump has called reporters dishonest, said the media is “the enemy of the American people,” and mused about making it easier to sue journalists. And, according to a new report, he has gone even further than that in private, telling then-FBI Director James Comey that Comey should consider locking reporters up.”

I think President Trump may be alluding only to opinion writers here that salivate to destroy him on daily basis. Reporters or essayists might most likely have smaller problem here – There is the First amendment – and it stands firm.

However, the congress could – as the laws now in England do, attempt to enact such laws to help protect honest or filthy dishonest members of Congress and even the President. In England, Trump or any number of elected men and women could sue a reporter and his publisher for untruthful lies and even innuendo.

Of course – the Framers – Slaveholders and Breeders or not – realized that the kind of law that would stop reporters from guessing at reality, or posting disturbing and destructive-to-reputation “news” would ever be disallowed unless linked to some other felony.

There were, by the way, many reporters arrested during the first “days of Trump” – all you need do is search. However I believe all were let go with no charges unless for physical or bodily damage.

Mr. Trump has no such choice here in America, he can’t sue the New York Times.

England enacted the laws which allow well-known persons including elected ones to sue for lying about them, these laws will not – soon – be coming here.

All you need do is harken back to Fox News which engaged in far worse while also, to my mind violating federal FEC law on almost a 24/7 basis for more than a decade giving the GOP billions in free non-stop advertising for their point of view.  That should be illegal – and I think it was.

Again. Mr. President, please search for some “brainiacs” to add to your staff who cannot be fired during tantrums – Or, better yet,  replace your staff entirely.

Let the new people spend the next few years helping you to find your way around the snakepit you call a swamp. A method to accomplish this is not taught at any university I know of.

It’s a hands-on ‘kinda’ school – and harder than  the school of hard-knocks!

All the President’s Men Seem Not to Protect Him – From Others, and Himself.

Which Idiot Allowed President Trump to Handle Director Comey as He Did?

BY: Jeffrey Koopersmith, 11 May 2017
Find a superb idea Editor
Two able men who, like us, can make nonsensical decisions.

WASHINGTON DC – I must say I will miss former FBI Director James Comey.  He gave me a reason to believe that our Democracy would last no matter how many devils in Congress or the White House.  Comey appeared to be a truth teller – and he is very tall – another sign that he is not sly enough to lie very much. – (You figure that out).
Of course I joke. And let me add, that I thought Comey’s decision to put the now infamous “you cost me the election” letter re Hillary Clinton’s email-server was a mistake – but to me it proved that Jim Comey loved his job and was then overthinking protection of his reputation against both warring political parties – all of whom are largely full of muck and practiced liars (some to “protect” us from the truth) but 90% of these will never be liked and respected by the commoner or professional guy as Comey seemed to have earned and enjoyed as well.
Also, Donald Trump made an error sending the “You’re Fired” letter to Director Comey for more than one reason. You have all heard enough of the mainstream saying anything they can think up to fill air time – but you know enough to know that no-one, even Comey, knows what truly happened – not now, probably not ever.
The most important revelation that this letter to Jim Comey displayed is that there is no one close to the President who can warn him off of doing frightening and silly things -OR-that the President is so out-of-control when angry that he is as great a danger to himself as to his 350 million citizens who are trying to trust him as they do any new President.
I vote for choice number one.  He has no capable and trusted mentors around him enough of the time – if ever.
Does the President hide what his gut tells him is a nutty thing to do or say.
Does his heart and ego override his sense?  I don’t know – but I must blame his too-small cadre of trusted advisors and aides who too often appear to be just plain stupid by allowing so many matters to go wrong in such a short space of time.
There are not enough of them, nor varied,  in the White House.
The Comey letter is worth writing about – not because it proves Donald Trump is too unpredictable to run this country and dozens of others by various unions and promises or threats this nation has made to itself and others in a few hundred years. He is no such man.
Yet, sadly, the best minds in the nation familiar with the intricacies of Presidential pressures are nowhere to be seen. In addition, the complexity of tackling the pilothouse of America without the best people that can be found  to work for the White House, should not be limited to those who really don’t need any more money.  Many I wise woman or man is not a treasure because he or she seeks money and power.
I am a businessman. One thing I do know for certain is that businessmen and women have little or no idea of the huge webs woven in large and even small national governments.  I also know that the best presidents we have had – rich or not so much – have been importantly aware of decorum and how actions impact the individual or a population.
What I found this past week was that Mr. Trump has a mean streak.  He doesn’t show it often – but sending a letter, “registered’ or not to the FBI director while Comey was in California with his people out there, was a hurtful thing to do.
I also think President Trump added the line about Comey telling him he was not a subject of this Russian business was not from trying to fool or lie to us – but to soften the axe he put to the neck of a man who had spent his career serving and protecting all of us. Donald Trump knows the onus of failure as do all of us.
If Russia was fooling around with our computer data in order to impact an election, or steal some secrets is certainly important to consider and remedy, but I think Mr. Comey would avoid, not search for, a way to link Mr.Trump to those shenanigans – not to save his FBI job – but to protect the Office itself.
Of course the Democrats will attempt to present the Russians as callous and stupid people who are engaged in protecting this President instead of our other choice – HIllary Clinton.
However the shrieking going on about it is far too well done with not enough pink in the middle.  James Comey – to my professional eye was not staking out the President -had he been he could have moved against him with the complete cooperation of his staff.  Comey did not, and would never do so.  Comey was also not lying when he said the outcome of his letter about Mrs. Clinton’s email.  He told congressional committees and the press that is sickened him.
Take it from me because I know many people of all ilks who work inside the FBI and foreign criminal and intelligence agencies. Here in the USA, they are almost heartedly proud of Comey even if they did second-guess his Hillary Letter, or made other errors in leadership during his tenure.
I have had many pleasant and less pleasant relations with most the well-aged security missions in our nation and in Europe and Central America.  Comey was more than a gust of fresh air among this group – and it’s a personal disappointment for me that he was  not able to continue among the sharks to have a ready and genuine smile or peeve while working 24/7 in your and my national and international interest.
I have defended Donald Trump because I know what it is like to be born and nurtured in 1950s New York City.  He is not a monster. He is anything but a neo-fascist – but he has done one thing wrong that only he can fix.  He simply must surround himself with great minds – we have so many hundreds of them in our country.  He must also make certain he has mentors from all sides of the equation – and who are not afraid to tell him, gently, that they feel he’s wrong – even crazy to think up things that every one of us do so many times in life.
President Trump – expand your staff.  You have the ability to be surrounded by the finest, the most wizened, and fair-minded professionals who can give you virtually thousands of years of experience in governance, security, and even-handedness.
Reach out for them.
That’s a sign of strength – the kind of strength I am certain you possess. Yet business and corporate success does not prepare one for what it, I believe is the toughest job on earth that will only get tougher as the years go by.