WEDNESDAY June 14th 2017 – I am certain that readers wonder why I chose not to write about the two latest Senate Intelligence Committee sideshows, and believe me – I took 30 pages of notes only I can read (attached below) yet in the end I was so unimpressed with both the Comey and Sessions inquisitions that I lost interest, much as you may have now that that serial is closed for now.

Generally, I was impressed with intellect of most of the inquisitors mostly because they all made little speeches making their points before starting there string of queries for both men.  But knowing “The Hill” well, after spending 30 years up there I knew that the “public” circus would not be interesting unless I went back and started building data piles to try and catch someone in an outright lie. The private sessions afterward must have been thrilling although I suppose the lack of Leaks from both afterhours sessions indicate, not so much.

I decline.

I think Mr. Mueller – the chosen Super Inquisitor cum Public Eye will find a plethora of stuff to concentrate on come September, and may even have some public inquiries for our entertainment before Christmas this year.  I am sure, in this Summer meantime he and his staff are someone on Cape Cod going through tons of boring files or sailing around wishing they could afford a house on Nantucket, which, by the way, many elected pols and surely lobbyists can.

I remain unconvinced that Sessions is a liar (in this case) or a Russian colluder, and that Comey is a rotten Kosher pickle in the FBI jar. Like all of you I am semi-intrigued as to whether the Russkies in fact messed with our already internally “messed up” Democratic Elections in 2016.

I find it ironic that Americans are yet foolish enough to believe that our elections are on the up and up since the process of gaining public office has little or nothing to do with the candidate unless he or she is a total public ass. I would have added moron, but there are so many in place in legislatures around the world today that it would be silly to mention.  The Supreme Court in its lack of wisdom and interest certainly destroyed Democracy when it decided that any seedy or huge corporate entity was a “person” and therefore could be stopped managing the Democratic process using billions of their customer’s overcharges to transfer to their favorite hippy or neonazi competitor for a seat of dishonor underscored but ignored by them in the form of 16% approval ratings of American government in general, or sergeant, corporal or captain.

Today, it would not surprise me if the military took over the country – and probably do a better job. At least they understand what killing and being killed for implausible reasons is about, and how untidy it is.

More and more deep thinkers are beginning to dream that the United States is at the start of its destruction today and that only a second-coming might save us.

I disagree, for one only look to most other supposed Democracies to see they also are nothing of the kind – just playthings for bored fanatics and wealthy bond clippers.

The saddest thing is that more people are downhome broke today than ever before in history as a percentage of our soon to be 7-billion-person earthly population.

You would think at least a majority of the richest would break down and give a pittance to the starving and illiterate for no reason other than thoughtfulness.

Oh well, why would they start now?  I find it heartbreaking that Bill Gates isn’t building libraries or museums today, although he is helping to stop some horrible diseases from spreading to the “developed world” and should be counted along with a few other rich guys as a treasures inasmuch as they are pledged to give away most of their fortunes – not to their children – ( well some billion) but to the neediest causes  This is nothing to sneeze at, although the majority would love it if these fellows would leave it to the middle class. Of this I a certain.

My point here is that Comey and Sessions are, in history almost totally unimportant as are all of us. Even Abe Lincoln will be forgotten one of these future days.  How many people think about Cleopatra (if she existed at all) at least once a month?

I am still entertained with our President and his family – The Trumps – who every day prove how difficult it is to pretend we are perfect and filled with conscience and dogooditness.  I don’t think the Trumps will bring down the nation as CNN hopes, nor do I think that no member of Congress should be disrespected.

This morning we are reminded that certain old hippies are still capable of revenge in a maniacal way and without deep thought and with psychotic rage – It seems like no mistake that our latest “shooter” aimed first at Congressperson what’s-his or her-name and proved that even in his outlandish rage the shooter knew well who was the juiciest target on that Virginia field from his own sick and sad point of view.  Too bad he didn’t know what I know – that people like this bed-ridden EPO rarely last long and almost never get their way.

If he did, he wouldn’t have shot at the target of his rage – he would have instead sat down with him and realized that this person was only acting and was not stupid enough to believe his own pap – just as most Liberals are not giving enough not to first feather their own nests no matter who’s the cost.

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Jeff Koopersmith

From 1978 Jeff Koopersmith, Chief Legislative Analyst for Budgets and Taxation ran the US Senate Campaign for Ed Howard - PA in the primary, lived in Washington DC, and chose later to lobby for green and health legislation including drafting such laws including on Indoor radiation, fuel ethanol blends and manufacture in the US for clean air and for large conglomerates - women's health and wellness. Since 1988 he has been the editor in chief of American Politics Journal - the first political news magazine updated daily on the Net. It is American Politics Journal's 27th anniversary this year. Koopersmith in now semi-retired, writing books on endangered species, aging and the electronics industry. He continues to write opinion re Politics and policy and is the named Editor Emeritus of American Politics Journal. He attended college at UC Northridge and UCLA, at Southwestern School of Law, USC, and Columbia University as one of its youngest admitted students studying logic and semantics, chemistry, and English literature.