Headlines: Editors’ Picks

Headlines: Editors’ Picks

Oh, it's on, baby — it's on:

Team Obama lays out electoral map strategy
Obama Visiting Key Battleground State After Iowa Caucuses
GOP prez-wannabes who failed to qualify for the Virginia primary ballot were caught in their own voter suppression tactics
Obama's real death panel took out terrorist and mass murderer Osama bin Laden: "You could all but hear a scream of 'Oh s**t' coming from the RNC headquarter"
Obama Administration Reportedly Mulls Transfer of Taliban Prisoner as Part of Long-Shot Peace Bid
Exposed! MSNBC Anchors Begin Disclosing Parent NBC's Ties to Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's Bain Capital Connection
More Ron Paul Writings, Speeches Reveal Wacky Conspiracy Theories Concerning Slaves, Christmas, and Diet Supplements
Privatizing war: Contractors' role grows in US drone missions, worrying some in the military

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“Have the rapist’s baby!” Says Rick Perry

With one week to go until the Iowa caucuses, presidential candidate Rick Perry, in a bid to win votes in Iowa, declares that if a woman is raped, the government should force her to have the rapist's baby.

I'm not sure what I find more disgusting; Parry's pandering, or that there are actually people in Iowa to  whom that appeals.

But Perry stopped short of "going all the way": that would be demanding that the woman marry her rapist. I guess he'd better hope Bachmann or Santorum doesn't go there first.

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Headlines: Editors’ Picks