An Open 10,000 Word Indictment of Bernard Goldberg and Bill O’Reilly

April 6th, 2015
Bernie Goldberg

Shut him up before he destroys what’s left of his rep





Last year,without consulting Congress, because no president must do so to protect Americans, President Obama made a non-controversial deal that right wing fascists decided to turn into a “scandal”.   He traded one American soldier who suffered extremely from PTSD-like symptoms and who one day disappeared. He ended up captive by the Taliban for many years.  He was exchanged for five so-called Taliban commanders who had been jailed by the United States at Guantanamo, Cuba. We do not know if they were in fact commanders or if they were simply picked up in a round-up in Afghanistan at some point and held in Cuba.  You can be sure, however, that the ultra-right made these five out to be the supreme commanders of all terror worldwide – especially Fox News which continues to do so.

That soldier’s name was Sgt.  Bowe Bergdahl.

Bergdahl from captors


The swap was non-controversial by any normal standard because only the President of the United States can make such an agreement as he is the Commander and Chief of the US armed forces and President Obama, after much consideration, decided not to leave an American soldier captive if he could trade roughly a handful of US prisoners captured in the deserts of the Middle-East at Afghanistan.  These were early captured Taliban – not good people by any means but were, at that time, considered the legal armed forces of and by Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.  – These were not members of Al Qaeda and ISIS did not exist as we know it at that time.

After all, there is not a single American warrior that does not believe that all soldiers must be found – dead or alive – and sent home no matter what is involved. So the President concluded a secret deal with terrorists, but also because the American soldier – Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl – had been captive for so long.

The agreement was secret because it would advertise to other Jihadists that it was possible to make such deals for American prisoners they retained.   Sgt. Bergdahl, after the trade, was said to be a “deserter”, from a charge made by more than a few soldiers who served with him in Afghanistan.

In the end however, it may be that the several men who labeled him such showed little decency in not exploring the possible psychological reasons that Bergdahl may have simply put down his weapons and walked into the desert.

Some also report to this writer that the most vocal of his “fellows” about his “deserting” were the same men who teased or tortured him emotionally during the preceding period driving thus him to simply give up fighting with them or anyone – seeing the impossible-to- defeat negativity of these “heroes” who seemed to me to be excessively eager to turn on one of their own so brutishly.  There is no proof I can offer here – but I believe that if this is true that the upcoming trial of Bergdahl may reveal it one way or another.

I cannot say that Sgt. Bergdahl was lop-sided, uneven, as are so many of our men and women at war or who have returned from wars over the entire history of the United States – including the Civil War.

What I can say is that it seems conceivable that Bergdahl was simply weakened by what he had witnessed in war and heard at his base, and especially among his comrades. In a sense – he was too thoughtful and not bowled over by the thought of killing men, women and children to help a nation so far from home and having no little or no impact on American lives that he could perceive.

A key to this analysis is that he took no arms nor body armor with him when he departed the day he disappeared – soon to be captured by the enemy and imprisoned.

There is also no proof of the reports his unit.  Yet it was accepted and feasted-on by ultra-right-wing Fox News and hosts of television and producers, writers, and on-air personalities that Bergdahl “cooperated” with the Taliban for staying put waiting for the next ugly chapter in his life to occur.

What choice did he have once apprehended?

Everyone recognizes the “Stockholm Syndrome”, an in-situate psychological effect that causes one to befriend, even worship their captors.

This syndrome is prevalent among prisoners of war and kidnap victims worldwide and throughout written history – so that if Sgt. Bergdahl did somehow “do things “(other than share military secrets with the Taliban with which, of course, he had no ongoing access to) Perhaps he did things like teaching, cooking, cleaning or otherwise – This would appear to be normal under the terrorizing circumstances he found himself in if he was ordered to so.

As to the charges that 4, 12, 11, or 17 Americans were killed as a result of searching for Bergdahl. All I can say is this must be proved without any doubt.

Bergdahl did not cause their deaths – their own integrity, heroism, and normal operations would seem to be the cause.  It seems to me that those who claim that Bergdahl “murdered” those on patrol looking for him – have no such proof.

The other day, after months of investigation, the United States Army made it official: It charged Bergdahl with one count of desertion and one count of misbehavior before the enemy. If he is found guilty he could spend the rest of his life in prison.  Mr. Bernard Goldberg who probably has never served in the military nor knows much about what he yaps on is excited by this.

Goldberg  is the is the perfect foil for that ninny Bill O’Reilly, a proven liar himself according to latest reports – and having never served their country in war it seems from their biographies. O’Reilly served only as a profligate reporter who claimed to be where he wasn’t and to have seen what he didn’t or so they sat.

Bernard Goldberg – much to his disgrace continually mocks Bergdahl and the President because he is miscarried reporter like so many on-air personalities without brains who clutter up that not-widely-viewed Fox News cable channel.

Fox calls itself a News Station – but it is anything but. Starting at 5 o’clock in the morning – Fox “News” begins its tirades against Democrats, progressives, and non-fascist Republicans who don’t toe the Fox/neocon/neofascist line which pushed us into the terror of the Middle East and North Africa via the fiendish Dick Cheney – Fox’ motorman at the time – and his beer-buddy boss who knew no better than not to follow President Eisenhower’s advice about those who appear to love war – as long as they are not in it – but profit from it.

Goldberg asks was the Bergdahl swap worth it?

OF course it was you jackass.

How despicable can Goldberg be?

Plenty – Goldberg is a pitiful catastrophe as a human being and is now no more than a sad sidekick of Bill O’Reilly who is a propagandist and a liar of great repute. His forte’ seemed to be sports news but he may have studied international relations and military law at The Mad Magazine foundation.

President Obama told us, “We have a basic principle, we do not leave anybody wearing the American uniform behind,” and he did not apologize as Fox News suggested he do – in yet another rectal demonstration of hocus pocus aimed at this the  first Black President – a constant diatribe that has never been seen before in history.

Remember Fox News pretends to coddle the First Amendment and the fake-journalist shield it hides behind without practicing journalism – yet the only thing Fox loves about Freedom of Speech is that they can’t be sued for producing schlock “opinion” news.

Roger Aisles himself once remarked that Fox was not much more than a propaganda family show – but he was lying. At the time he said that I believed he could have been jailed for Treason and certainly indicted, along with dozens of others at Fox for violating Federal Election Law by screening 24/7 commercials for the Republican National Committee candidates.

idiot Ailes

Ailes is not stupid, but he is evil. When I took him on about this situation publicly he hired private investigators to find dirt on me.  I have the proof for that and so do my acquaintances and partners.  Yet I am sure he will deny it or cook up some fantasy.

Now thanks to the fascists on the right sitting on our Supreme Court – Fox can do and say whatever it likes and give as much FREE money  in non-stop support of the right-wing – which could amount to billions if it chooses – credited of course, only to  the candidates Fox favors – and none other.

The White House continues to ignore Fox and its apparatchiks with White House Communications Director Jen Psaki (who Fox also attempted to destroy along with Maria Harf) said the swap was “absolutely worth it.”

Jen is lovely inside and out, and Roer Ailes is an evil pig

Jen is lovely inside and out, and Roer Ailes is an evil pig

You are so very correct Jen.  I would trade 100 sick and confused terrorists for one American military boy or girl or any American – dead, alive – or whatever.

Bernard Goldberg perhaps knows he will rot in Hell for what he does, and God forgive him, for he most likely needs to the cash to stay alive since he has closed every possible “real” job with the networks he could have by claiming everyone in the news media is as phony and moronic as he certainly is in my non-humble opinion.

Goldberg goes on hanging himself morally – Writing

“It is arguably a noble idea that the United States of America does not leave any American in uniform behind, as a matter of principle — no matter what he might have done. But getting an American, even one now charged with desertion out of captivity is one thing; trying to turn him into a heroic figure is something else.”

Goldberg thinks he is serving his aged puppeteer Bill O’Reilly who seems to relish that he and everyone on Fox have made Sgt. Bergdahl into a kind of criminal joke. But I can assure you there are many veterans and other serving today who think Fox News is a distasteful joke and an embarrassment to them and the horrifying job many of our warriors must do to protect us from whatever they are protecting us from.  These are the true brave men and women who put their lives on the line for Goldberg et al, not bantam rats who appear on cable television and elsewhere to put diamond nails in the coffin of Sgt. Bergdahl who did nothing much more than, for some reason, become disgusted with death and destruction and now found nobody and nowhere to turn he could trust.

Bergdahl appears to have told his attorney that he was hiking off to report the terrible situation in his area. I don’t know if he was – and I don’t fret about that – because he went unarmed and without anything much more than a pair of pants and a shirt.

If he was so wicked why didn’t he frag someone at his camp or blow up a tank or some such?

Bernard Goldberg – a horrible man because his treason aimed at American Values, poisons his body. He also loves to mock President Obama and the Rose Garden ceremony where Bergdahl and his mom and dad were introduced to the world.

The president was proud to have obtained Bergdahl’ s release with the help of others in the military and the usual go-betweens  yet people like Goldberg – and you know who you are – are submissively bowing to the nearly-insane Roger Ailes in my opinion, ready to cut Bergdahl’ s throat any way they could just to sell more advertising time.

Goldberg describes Bergdahl thus:

“There was the post-swap ceremony in the White House Rose Garden, the president walking arm-in-arm with Bergdahl’ s parents, giving the impression that Bowe Bergdahl was some kind of war hero returning home.  Was that celebration – on national television — necessary? Was it intended to do anything more than make Mr. Obama look good as he was winding down the war in Afghanistan?”

Could anyone be as gangrenous and insane as Goldberg?  Could anyone be as sick and bloodthirsty – drooling over what may have been a beaten man who tried to do his best for his country more than once and in the end, left in panic and disgust?

But Goldberg is not finished. He then attacked Susan Rice for telling us that “Sgt. Bergdahl had “served the United States with honor and distinction.”

Yes, no matter what the outcome. Bergdahl may have finally failed from the strain – but he was honorable and did serve with distinction as does any American soldier we send to do our needed but dirty work even if they don’t do it filthy enough.

Bernie Goldberg isn’t fit to lick the muddy soles of Susan Rice’s shoes and he has no right at all to claim she made up a story about Benghazi – the Hitlerian junta of Congress’ favorite mental cases are the only ones who might agree.

Yes, Rice is yet the President’s National Security Adviser, and Thank God.  Can you imagine if some slob like “Bush’s Brain” —  Herr Karl Rove –    held such an important post – as he nearly did in the Bush-Cheney white house?   Would Rove be a better choice – because he sure loves to beat-up on Bergdahl as well and participated in almost every lie and pose at the Bush-Cheney White House. (With glee)

And no- everything is not fair – in war or in politics you animals.

Bernard Goldberg, because he has little talent – either written or oral – makes his exit from  his humiliating piece of tripe by telling us that Bergdahl and Obama “polarized” America. That the neocons think Obama is “out of his depth” and that “liberals” which are – in essence – the thinkers and academics of this nation who played and play a key role in bringing the USA as far as we have come  – would approve of anything Obama did.

Bill O’Reilly and Bernie Goldberg – the Laurel and Hardy  of the American Right Wing News Gestapo, were beside themselves with joy when it was announced that  Sgt. Bergdahl would militarily tried, after months and months of distortion and lies and non-stop criticism of President Obama. Sgt. Berghdahl who did little more than collapse under the anxiety brought by war, and by American tormentors who drag him through their mud at every opportunity to sell a damn book

Goldberg and O’Reilly are thoughtless and malevolent men.  Worse, they are vampires feeding on the blood of war. Sure, O’Reilly now a multimillionaire on the backs of idiots who believe in him – donates lots of cash to veterans.  That’s easy to do but I I would suggest that he does so to assuage his guilt.

How he can sleep is beyond me- truly.

Goldberg signs off in his latest laughable and hateful  “column” that no one reads : “But for those in the middle, for those without any particular pro or anti-Obama ideology, the deal the president made — given the charges just filed against Sgt. Bergdahl — cannot sit well.”

That sentence makes no sense, but let’s leaves that be.

Hate to tell you Bennie, you contemptible gadget – We Americans are  in the middle, we on the right, and we on the left we are horrified by what you wrote here and the things you say about this man Bowe Bergdahl.

If I were you – I would put a pistol on my belt and volunteer to fight against the Jihad – And do it personally.

Sure Bernie – just go to Syria and volunteer as an unpaid aging helper – and, like so many, surrender yourself to the nearest Army or Marine Lieutenant instead serving up our children to these desert crazies.  I would appreciate it. Or maybe you can review films for Stars and Stripes?

That’s more your depth.

But you won’t will you? – Because you are just a nothing – a whining, frightened old man who is the subject of sneers from your professional peers and most likely, I would guess,  your own family.

You sicken me, and I was someone who once held you in esteem when no one else bothered.

Please, Stay out of public view.  Quit Fox. Stop writing your drivel and play some golf or swim with the porpoises.

You’re a pariah.

Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus


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The Mainstream Media is Completely Out of Touch

March 26th, 2015

Bad enough that they follow Fox News Headlines, but Fox never addressed the possibility that the co-pilot was insane or a terrorist.

cockpit code plate

By Jeff Koopersmith

26 March 2015 WASHINGTON DC – It is disturbing enough that cable news has surrendered to the measly talents of Rodger Ailes and Fox News – following their outrageous “Breaking News”  items (three of fours days old) like a baby in a wet diaper, but this does not mean – “Stop Thinking” – it means PLEASE THINK – and tell the truth, and the possible, and potential.

Highest on the list this week is sickly slick and off-the -cuff coverage of the 150 some odd people killed in an “unexplained” air crash in the French Alps.

The first thing I did was wonder about the possibility that terrorism was involved. With one shot, terrorists from the Middle East could hit four of the biggest NATO nations – the USA, France, Spain, and Germany – killing innocent men women and children on the steep slopes of a heretofore unnamed mountain.

I tweeted this possibility long before anyone else as far I can determine two days ago – yet it took more than 48 hours before editors in newsrooms across this nation had the guts to discuss this – only in 5-10 second bites and then move on to all the other – didn’t-make-any-sense ideas from so-called experts on aviation. Today they actually “dared” to tell the story of the co-pilot that killed them all.

Only when the cockpit microphone tapes were heard did anyone realize or contemplate that this was no ordinary plane accident – if there is such a thing. Here was a thus-far unvetted pilot with little experience and a German sounding name who intentionally locked the cabin door and threw the no-penetrate switch at the same time leaving the commanding pilot out in the aisle smashing whatever he could get hold of to bash down that door.

Let me add here that such a switch is a moronic idea in the first instance. Couldn’t the geniuses designing these solid doors anticipated that one of the crew could be a terrorist or just plain insane? Haven’t they watched enough NCIS or Criminal Minds programs to cultivate such horrible imaginings?

What should have been done just after 911 was to give crew-members a third code – perhaps shared half-and-half between senior crew members (one set of numbers for each) that would override the final switch that kept this captain standing in pain and shaking in vain trying desperately to save those poor people who most likely saw it coming.

Yes, I can visualize is – can’t you?

Such a final switch flip is needed when the enemy is outside the cockpit doors trying to get in. But no one thought about the enemy already in the cockpit?

What a terrible waste of life – due primarily from the thoughtlessness of aircraft and security engineers.

And in the end – what difference does it make if only a third code – known specially just to pilots was the answer? That could have saved all these souls.

Think people think.

And you sleepy news editors – you have some smart people – even the on-air-personalities. Talk with them when something like this happens. One of them might have offered that a co-pilot-gone-nuts was a primary consideration – not the last.

I did.

In Defense of Liberalism

March 24th, 2015


In Defense of Liberalism

An Annual New Year’s Essay from American Politics Journal

By Jeff Koopersmith

Dec. 31, 1998 (APJ) — In 1996, around Christmas time, I wrote the original version of this essay.

It was updated last year.

Now another year has passed, and our editors thought I should look at it again for 1999 — keeping a tradition.

First things first.

I remain proud to be a “liberal.”

Very proud.

On this, the first day of 1999, whether, Christian, Jew, Muslim or Buddhist, ask yourself a simple question: “Would Christ have registered as a Republican?”

Of course not. Especially in 1999.

This collection of editorials, news, updates and research we call American Politics Journal are presented to the reader as an unabashed defense of democracy and liberalism as its highest pursuit.

I have stood by for nearly 20 years and watched the fiber of this nation begin to collapse — not from lack of “family values” but from the oversold tales of a small minority of fundamentalist right-wing conservatives and pseudo-Christians claiming, simply, “that Americans lack ethics.”

Men like William Bennett, William Kristol, Ralph Reed, Tim Russert and Sam Donaldson — who know nothing about poverty and the misery it causes — tell us that we need to “get Biblical” in order to get moral.


Today, The Christian Coalition, largely responsible for blaming societal problems on the lack of “family values” — a buzz-phrase for religious zealotry — remains under indictment through litigation aimed at its illegal support of Republican candidates. The Justice Department continues its criminal investigation of this group on charges of money laundering and other illegal campaign activities during last year’s election as well.

But this year, the Christian Coalition lost members in droves as well.

Things are looking up.

But even as the Kings are revealed as having no clothes, I also believe that the disappearing American dream — if it ever truly existed — is waning due to the frantic pursuit of unprecedented wealth by the few with so very little compassion for the many.

What caused this is fodder for volumes of material. Suffice it to say that the so-called Reagan Revolution — unrecognizable even by Ronald Reagan himself — spun out of control.

So wildly did it swerve that the Democrat party of today Has become a mirror image of the Republican Party of yesteryear!

Instead of a battle cry for increased popular productivity, the “message” was somehow twisted into “You’d better make more money now and faster or you may be out on the street.”

“…and you’d better do it alone!”

Thus, when one overhears a conversation among college seniors today, it’s unlikely to be about traditional collegiate liberal viewpoints and a matriculation made to “change the world for the better” but, more likely, a discussion of how to make the most money in the shortest possible time.

In fact, The Newt Gingrichs and Pat Buchanans of our world, spurred by the Christian Coalition’s former Director, Ralph Reed, have perverted the truth about American’s compassion, and twisted the minds of good “God-fearing” citizens by blaming the women’s rights movement, minorities, gays, undocumented workers, “illegitimate children,” the television and film industries, and victimless crime for our national ills.

This year, after 75 months of digging, they finally laid the blame Bill Clinton for the demoralizing of America using unproved, untested “facts” that Clinton lied under oath. As a lawyer, I can tell you that he did not lie nor commit perjury under oath. He came close but never crossed the line. He will never be convicted, nor will he ever sign a censure.

In truth, it is unbridled greed, born of a seriously flawed corporate and Republican political “ethic,” that has caused the most intense polarization of rich against poor since the end drew near for Czarist Russia. And it is this avarice that has targeted Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Nothing less, nothing more.

The good news is that Americans evidence unparalleled uneasiness about this “me against you” philosophy so deftly sold them by the “new right” snake oilists and fundamentalist religious groups.

They know that something is rotten on Capitol Hill, but most are hard-pressed to articulate it.

That is why American Politics Journal was born: to help focus these issues and to put complex issues into day-to-day, entertaining language.

But make no mistake, we are dead serious about our editorial stance.

Almost all political and attitudinal polls suggest that support for right-wing philosophies is now on a steep decline, but voters — willing to try anything — still rewarded the most “conservative” wing of the Republican party with a modicum of control over the Congress. I write “modicum” of control because it is obvious that the younger, right-wing members of the congressional classes of 1992, 1994 and 1996 and 1998 have not been able to complete their agenda for their variety of balanced budget or their brand of new tax cuts.

More important — they have not been successful in destroying President Clinton and the Presidency itself.

They never will be.

The pinchbeck of the Gingrichian GOP “Contract With America” — which was never signed or seen by even a small percentage of Americans — has in most part been breached, not only because of Democrat legislative interference and defense, but from GOP party infighting with wiser and more moderate Republicans who are themselves uncomfortable with this new craven ideology.

A Contract “On” Americans is more like it.

And there was more good news this year — Big Business is rethinking its support of whippersnapper Republicans. The smartest of corporate leaders I talk with see that polarizing rich against poor, have against have-not, white against black, American against Mexican is certainly not in their best interest.

Instability in the marketplace is the worst possible atmosphere for continued profitability.

However, this is not to say that right wing conservatism is dead. Hence years ago, I began, in earnest, to criticize, albeit sometimes too passionately, the direction toward which many Americans are being dragged through deception and, even worse, manipulation of truth.

It has cost me. But not enough to stop. I have reveived death threats. My family has been terrorized, and certain members of the government would love American Politics Journal to be “disappeared.”

Few journalists, editorialists and essayists are openly writing from the liberal viewpoint. In this last year, only one noteworthy television journalist — Geraldo Rivera — was actively pursuing fair coverage of the latest coup attempt by Congress.

Put quite simply, the highest-paid journalists are afraid to lose their jobs in corporate media hallways controlled now almost entirely by the right wing. Thus, we offer this daily, wholehearted if not linguistically flawed, view of America and her politics from the back benches and the dark alleys of reportage.

I am not a great writer or thinker. I’m often a hypocrite. I too love the things and beauty that money can buy.

I, like the Christian Coalition, wish that American families could all stay together; that women did not have to, or want to, work while their children were young; that crime did not exist except in the insane, and; that we all saw each other every week in churches, synagogues, mosques and temples.

I wish that some people, bereft from simply living, did not turn to drugs for solace.

But wishing is not real.

Truth is.

That is what separates the leeches from the doers. I am a doer. The Christian Coalition is an institutionalized leech — threatening congress with its very life, blackmailing members to vote their way “or else.” As God predicted, evil will come cloaked in goodness.

As we become more erudite and the world shrinks ever-quicker, the pressure on the average man and woman increases a thousandfold. A world where we can watch a war 12,000 miles away live and in real time is one surely fraught with complexity and so much misinformation as to addle the mind of even the most astute.

A world overwhelmed by poverty of money and soul, where the majority of people go comparatively hungry, is suffocating for most of us — including me. We become inured to the tragedy around us. And the Republican Party, eager to permanently fix our blinders, helps us to do just that.

I was reminded of this last year as I read a snotty little note in the New York Times from Ms. Abigail Thernstrom — the Harvard-employed woman who thinks “Blacks are getting too much attention.”

She was congratulating herself for saying that General Colin Powell owed nothing to affirmative action. What an outrageous statement from this ghoul who was wonderfully chastised in front of millions by the President only a year ago.

Let me again ask Ms. Thernstrom: “Did the decades of struggle by Martin Luther King, and ordinary white citizens like my mother or myself, result in nothing? Do you think General Powell would have been made an officer in 1918? How about 1928 or 1938?” It was the atmosphere so courageously crafted by Dr. King and others which stood Mr. Powell in such good stead. If he had been born a decade earlier or four decades later, he would not have been The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

That is for certain.

Blood was shed during the civil rights era, but not much flowed over white skin.

Ms. Thernstrom, like the right wing of the Republican Party, is a sorry bigot who sells evil in place of compassion. She is a privileged White woman fighting so hard to sell her insipid tomes. She, like many of her ultra-right Republican sisters, preach hate while pretending to educate.

How dare she instruct the destroyed on their great “opportunities” by using a sell-out, Colin Powell, as an example – a false idol — a specious icon of a Black man who can get ahead without quotas or affirmative action or whatever label you choose! Colin Powell — A Black Republican — is a living oxymoron like his comrades-in-disgrace, Ward Connerly and J.C. Watts, who openly fight against their own people in order to secure a place at the all-white country club called the GOP.

Are you a madwoman, Ms. Thernstrom — or simply an overeducated naive whore for conservative ideas long dead and dying?

Our human tendency is to hide, to seek comfort in our own, and protection in what it ours. It is this weakness — shared by all mankind — upon which religious fundamentalism and right-wing fanatic “evangelism” seek to capitalize — most often without planning or even realizing they are doing so.

But certain leaders, like Mr. Gingrich, Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Reed and televangesnake Pat Robertson know exactly and quintessentially what they are doing, and how to do it. They know how to bait and use people like Thernstrom, Connerly and Powell. Certainly their formula was stumbled upon — much like a baby discovering ice cream. But if was perfected as well, just as Hitler honed his propaganda in 1935.

Once Newt Gingrich, Bob Barr, Henry Hyde and “the boys” found Nirvana in pitting us, one against the other, in the face of a designedly ever-shrinking pie, the masses, unthinking, hung onto the message like a gutter dog on a old soup bone. But then, this year, they went too far. They attempted to throw out a duly elected President based on entrapment — pure and simple — by the hoodlum prosecutor Kenneth Starr.

Well, Mr. Starr, you have your cake. Now choke on it.

I have spent most of my life, from age sixteen on, involved in politics — first as a volunteer, then as a professional, and finally as a financier of Democrat candidates and ideals. I have also worked with and for moderate Republicans and count many as friends. I recognize that many Democrats are also part of the problem, and fuel the fire of discontent. Republicans do not have all four corners on sowing greed and non-compassionate conduct — maybe only three.

However, it is Republicans who speak in the name of “family values,” yet practice the opposite by offering succor to the already rich — if only to gain more power. It was Newt Gingrich who preached family values while allegedly charging prostitutes on his American Express Card and reportedly serving his putative spouse with divorce documents on her thought-to-be death bed.

It is Henry Hyde, who lied to his constituents by omission — time and time again — about his ruinous affair with Mrs. Cherie Snodgrass — an affair which ripped her family asunder and ruined her husband’s life. It is Charles Canady, the rabid Florida moralist preacher who reportedly had an affair with the married Mrs. Becker and that forced her and her husband Robert into divorce court — another marriage destroyed. I spoke with Mrs. Becker. She was weeping and begged me to leave off — she had a teenage daughter. I did, until the story broke. . Then there’s the California Republican Congressman soon to be outed by Larry Flynt for having oral sex with a male in an alley and then fleeing the police as they closed in on him and finally arrested him — an arrest that was quietly “fixed.”

And there are more. Many, many more.

Yet it was these same men — merely suffering under general human frailty — who were the very cause of the suffering of Bill, Hillary ad Chelsea Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, her family and all of their their friends. Republicans continue to claim that Bill Clinton has brought this upon himself. But that is simply not true.

Let me ask you: how many of you would rush to the press, or to an acquaintance’s wife, to tell her of her husband’s infidelity? How many of you would then revel in it — only months later saying “It’s not about sex — it’s about perjury!”

How evilly convenient.

It was never about sex. It was about unseating a twice popularly-elected President who threatened big business with universal health care. It was about unseating a President who did not agree with William Kristol’s New Moralism. It was about unseating a President who did not worship at the false altars of Pat Robertson and his henchmen Ralph Reed and Jerry Falwell. It was about bribing a woman — Paula Jones — to sue the President for millions of dollars in, of all things, a federal civil rights suit! Civil rights, now embraced by the right wing, is today defined as extortion. It was about “hiring” the awful Linda Tripp to entrap her friend Monica Lewinsky into a series of moves designed to force the President to lie and to lie under oath.

But he didn’t fall for it. He knew what was up. He played their miserable game.

And he won.

It is the heart of the ultra right who deserve to be impeached — and impeached by their GOP colleagues for attempting an unconstitutional assault on the United States by plotting a coup against the White House. That’s what happened to Andrew Johnson. That’s what happened to Bill Clinton. Johnson won in the end, and so will Clinton.

Someone, somewhere — most probably a historian — thought they could rewind history and replay the Johnson impeachment trial — but with a different ending. It didn’t work. That “historian” was Newt Gingrich. He now sits alone planning his new “business” — monkey business, we’d guess.

Part of me feels that Republicans, so tired of being a shrinking minority in the early part of this decade, fabricated the notion that the United States is some terrible place to live — especially for the white middle class.

What else could they do but lie to gain power?

The truth is that this country is only a horrible place to live for those without means — minorities, women and gays — ever set upon by ignorant whites. And our women, who have endured countless rebuffs and insults to their intelligence and abilities — what are they even doing in the Republican party?

Have they given up or given in?

The truth is that America is a Garden of Eden compared to the rest of the planet! We have the lowest taxes, the greatest opportunity, the fairest of cultures, the warmest of hearts, the bravest of people — all while maintaining the highest relative standard of living on earth.

This has been the case for a long time — but less so since Republicans took the congressional helm. For they have twisted our fortune and made it their own in absolute disregard for truth.

They tell women that using contraceptives is “murdering their babies.” They say that “partial birth abortions” to save a deformed child from a back ward life is “killing.” They say that a woman’s right to choose is “murder.”

For those of you who have not had the privilege or inclination to travel outside our borders, I urge you to do so. Look about the world, search out its wealthiest cities and most dreadful slums. Linger in these places. Do not go abroad merely to sight see, but to learn about other countries — their tribulation and victories.

It is a humbling experience, and one that might shame those of you who complain so loudly about our lack of values. Compared to most of the world, our values, family and otherwise, are most high.

And when you come home, be sure to visit our American slums, the barrios on the Texas/Mexican border. The slums surrounding Palm Beach, Florida. Talk to émigrés — legal and not — and ask them how and why they came to our shores. Make acquaintance with Black and Hispanic families. Meet and talk with a gay man or woman.

Ask a thief why he steals. Ask a drug addict why he uses.

Do you really believe they’ll tell you that they chose this life?

In short, open yourself to information and contact with others unlike yourselves.

If you’re a “conservative’ Republican now, you’ll be ashamed.

Then, red-faced, ask yourself: “What would I do under their circumstances?”

You will be surprised at your indignation.

I assure you — the more you heed my suggestions, the hollower the words of the pseudo-Christian right and the frantic Republican stalking horse will sound.

Don’t believe me.

Don’t believe Newt Gingrich, Tom DeLay or Ralph Reed.

Don’t even believe your parents or your best friends when they preach that which divides rather than that which unites.

Go out yourself and seek the truth. It is then that you may discover the true meaning of Christ, the Bible, the Torah, Buddha, the Koran and other great and small religions, leaders, teachers and Gods.

It is then that you will discover the beauty of our constitution. For all share a common ideology or theology — and it is not, as right wing fanatics would have you think, “caring about, but not caring for your fellow man.”

It is the Constitution, flaunted sinfully by the ultra right, that will, in the end, save rather than convict Bill Clinton.

One need only look at his or her own relationship to his family to see the fallaciousness of caring about but not caring for people. Imagine caring about — but not caring for — your children, your parents and siblings.

Just as a newborn cannot fend for himself, many through no fault of their own cannot care for themselves. This might be because of lack of opportunity due to racism or religious persecution. It might be from lack of intelligence, illness or even insanity. It might be born from hopelessness or helplessness.

It may be from the stunning blow of poverty that smacks three-year-old ghetto kids as they stare out the front window at their neighborhoods while leafing through your old discarded copy of Town & Country.

However and wherever, one cannot assuage need for care by simply stating that one cares.

This is what Republicans ask you to do. That is what they do. It is their only choice, because in order to give all Americans an equal playing field we would have to spend enormous amounts of money, money Republican incumbents are “hired and bribed ” to protect.

When have you heard a story about welfare bashers adopting a Black crack baby in order to preserve its life?

You’ll hear the Republican leadership constantly quote the “Founding Fathers” as if they were Gods. You will hear them invoke the words of Thomas Jefferson, and avid slavemaster, in their zeal to convert you to an 80 hour-a-week workaholic, laboring for the “man” that feeds the GOP its campaign cash and stops by Democrat treasuries as well.

And now that Americans are beginning to sense the false prophet’s words, The Republican National Committee, leaderless, seeks to cloud your minds again — this time with $100 million worth of lawsuits, investigations, false indictments, lives destroyed and wives shattered, children humiliated, and nations dissolved.

And for what? To be the top cops for a gang of multinational thieves more bent on luring the global economy than hugging their sons and daughters.

It sometimes seems impossible — this battle to convince Americans that there is more than money, more than military might, more than “getting what you deserve,” to define a good life.

This atmosphere of greed began in California under Republican sponsorship of tax cuts that devastated public education and social services for the poor and middle class. It was called “Proposition 13″ and it made 50% cuts in Californian’s property taxes in 1976 and was nothing more than a payoff — a bribe to Californians in exchange for turning their backs on the weak and unfortunate. “Prop 13″ is proof that even Americans can be cajoled into doing something that is neither right nor judicious — and certainly devoid of any “family values”

All that was California experimental fascism is now gone. The Democrats swept every important election in 1998 and will sweep in 2000 as well. Californians learned quickly that they do not want to live in a Neo-Nazi-controlled state governed by the likes of Pete Wilson.

A black man among white leaders said it best: Vernon Jordan, a true symbol of tolerance and opportunity and a man denigrated unjustly by Ken Starr, called Prop 13 “America’s Dirty Little Secret — Racism.” He was razor right. But now America’s dirty secret is forked. It aims not only at minorities, but also at the poor — white or otherwise. It is unacceptable to be poor in America. “There is no reason for it,” says our friend Mr. Gingrich.

While his more moderate pals like Senator Orrin Hatch are hawking Bible-based music CD’s for profit, Henry Hyde has pledged us another year of character assassination, despicable behavior and racist polemics. He and people like Dan Burton vow to spend another $50 million to “get the president” and the Democrats.

You see, I believe in cliché, and hackneyed thoughts when they are appropriate — That our nation, our world, is one big extended family, where everyone’s victories and defeats are visited on the other.

Nothing less could be true.

Americans know this, and that is why we send more money and people abroad to help the helpless than any people on earth. It is also why we send bombers to cripple evil.

We seem to know the misery of others, yet often forget the misery of our own.

Isn’t that just like us?

Krauthammer Lies Again – To Bill O’Reilly – Another Ambisinistrous Delusion at Fox

March 17th, 2015

Krauthammer Lies Again -To Bill O’Reilly 

Another Ambisinistrous Delusion on Fox News.


Another Ambisinistrous Delusion on Fox News.

Neither O’Reilly Nor Krauthammer can prove their lies are truth

BY Jeff Koopersmith

Charles Krauthammer

The creepiest neocon of all time.

WASHINGTON DC 17 MARCH 2015 - And there lies the key to Fox News and Right Wing strategy.

Lie about anything that can never be proved, one way or the other.

On March 16, the Evil-Intentioned Charles Krauthammer once again re-spun his web of lies about Hillary and Bill Clinton regarding Mrs. Clinton’s private e-mail which I have told you, once and again, was a great idea owing to the proven non-security of the United States’ computer array which appears to allow foreign nations and hackers to download secret intelligence and more.

Whether or not this was ordered by Republicans hoping to destroy their opposition and the President is still under investigation – but I am certain that GOP candidates and incumbents must have played at least a cheering role in many hacking contracts either directly or indirectly by contact with top malfeasors in the the field.

You will never hear O’Reilly or Krauthammer mention these whispers -nor that the GOP and/or the Tea Party might have hackers knowingly employed or secretly “volunteering” within the midst of those organizations without their knowledge. I can’t be certain – but rumors among those in the know abound and it’s unusual, is it not, to witness only Democrats and leading members of that Party being accused of horrors in Congressional Committees – and by the likes of Darrell Issa and Tom Cotton – among others.

Krauthammer told O’Reilly that ” It’s the 1990’s all over again”. Oh really? – Well then I am more certain that the majority of Americans who vote must now be extremely satisfied with the Administration’s performance and that their adoration of Barack Obama continues as it did with Bill Clinton until departed the White House with positive “numbers” in the stratosphere.

Bill O'Reilly

The laughingest fraud on cable television – ask anyone under 70.


In fact, the more the Snorting-Republicans continue with these witch and warlock hunts, the more it will drive voters away from them – all but the most hate-filled and racist ones that is. And don’t get me wrong. I have dozens of Republican friends and acquaintances who are not wild boars bent on rooting out magically disappearing smut from any source whatever.

This was a Senator Joe McCarthy trick, and we all remember where that left him – or do you Senator McConnell?

If not Google it.

The only thing the Clinton’s “dragged out” was the Lewinsky scandal which was not a scandal at all until the right wing facist press began hunting them down as if they were two-bit pimps, planting rats in their midst, lying over and over, and then – to everyone’s shock – actually filed Impeachment Papers against Bill Clinton regarding his private life – not his white lies about that life.  Of course, Bill Clinton was not removed from office. And, of course the GOP was humiliated again.


Yet Krauthammer is correct in one sense – Just as it played out in the 90s – The people involved in the latest sophomoric tragedy trumped up against any Democrat target available will disappear into a similar nightmare to Ken Starr’s and dozens of other liars and hangers-on that were part of the Impeachment ruse –  tried and failed.

As to the several other forged “scandals” that the GOP has and will cook up about Bill and Hillary Clinton – like the impossible Whitewater activities which amounted to nothing and only made organizations like “Judicial Watch” which people with minds call “Prejudicial or Artificial Watch” look like the unprofessional stinkers they were then and are now – The Clinton’s, in fact, “dragged” nothing out, nor stonewalled anyone accept those plotting against them and conspiring not only to destroy their impeccable reputations but also to conspire against the Presidency itself.  They were, however, “dragged” through the mud for as long as possible.

Can you say De Ja Vous?

A ruined reputation and exiled in Malibu.

Ken Starr -A ruined reputation and exiled in Malibu.

One out and out lie that the aging Krauthammer told O’Reilly yesterday re the Lewinsky scandal was that President Clinton accused Monica Lewinsky of being “a stalker.”

The truth is that a former Clinton aide claimed in an email to a well-known journalist, that Clinton told him Lewinsky herself had  told him this and “complained that she was being called ‘the stalker’ at the White House … and that if he didn’t have sexual intercourse with her she’d tell people that they did anyway.”  Nice huh?

I know of no public or private mention of this fact, but a prime journalist like Krauthammer should do his homework.

Krauthammer wraps up his lie-pie with this stupe-pinion – that the E-mail (non) scandal “Has Legs”. I suppose Charles thinks that is a cute term but it’s written or said,  “got legs” Chuck – and besides, it doesn’t have any legs.

Here are Krauthammer’s laughable reasons for these fictional “legs” – which i guess meant in 1920, that the lies about Hillary Clinton’s e-mail would “continue for years”.

1. “You can have three separate committees of Congress issuing subpoenas.” But fails to mention that those Committees are controlled or bludgeoned by the nut-ball Tea Party and the other Republican Party to harm Hillary Clinton’s chances before she even tells voters she is running for sure.

2. Then – as usual – Krauthammer gives himself a weak-kneed “back-door” and goes on to big-ears Bill saying “It may not be a story every day going on from now on in the median term, but it will not go away. It will keep popping up as these subpoenas and lawsuits go public and get to a crisis between now and election day and that’s why she can’t dodge it.

Wishful thinking Kraut?

Well, Krauthammer is being figuratively honest in his second harangue because he stupidly lays out in enough detail – the entire Republican strategy to capture the White House and who knows what other federal and state elective offices in 2016.

The GOP with the disloyal cooperation of the Tea Party goblins will present a new fake scandal monthly, then weekly, then daily as time goes by and the presidential round comes closer.

All of these phony fables will never have crossed American’s minds as scandals and will not be followed up because they will be impossible to prove.

To Republicans today, Justice means nothing – but the appearance of pursuing justice is everything.

Long after Bill O’Reilly and Charles Krauthammer are relegated to the trashcan of history, some graduate student will present a thesis comparing Fox News, Charles Krauthammer, Rush Limbaugh and the Czar of Liars – Fox Chief Roger Ailes with Senator Joe McCarthy.

McCarthy heaven help him – will be embarrassed.


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