Same Old Same Old-REALLY Old Kissinger & McCain

February 1st, 2015





Kissinger gets his due

Protestors try to arrest Kissinger and McCain goes wild!

By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

You had to weep when you saw Senator McCain on Sunday political talk shows this week.

Of course, he would not back off his comments to the Code Pink demonstrators who called for Hank Kissinger’s arrest during a Senate Committee Meeting where at least McCain was over-eager to hear the octogenarian-plus-eleven year old’s words regarding the state of foreign affairs.  Here is what he said even today about this scummy comments:

Video title: John McCain: ‘I Am Still Outraged’ At Kissinger Protestors    Click here to see the video.


Even Chris Hitchens, who I abhorred for his reverso  politics (Bless his soul even though he never believed he had one) told us that Kissinger was indictable.

Hitchens presents a rather straightforward argument that make two undeniable propositions.  Hank conspired to murder, and on many other occasions, he was the driving force behind  be called war crimes.

Hitchens called this  a “lay-down” A case that shows facts and rules of law that are nearly insurmountable by defense. The murder victim was  General Rene Schneider, who was the Commander in Chief of the Chilean Army or who Chris called the army’s “Chief of Staff.”; According to Hitchens (and the 09 September, 1970 minutes of the “40” Committee, the Kissinger chaired secret panel that oversaw U.S. covert operations), the Chilean military was neutral re political affairs.

Schneider had a strong and committed sense of the rule of law and  upholding the Chilean constitution against a ready coup against newly elected Socialist President Salvador Allende by a right wing  gang of current and former Chilean military men. Using U.S. Government communications cables from the CIA and documents from the State Department, and White House, Hitchens relates the facts of Kissinger’s direct involvement in the direction, planning, financing, and general support by the organs of the U.S. Government in the plot to remove General Schneider.

Kissinger— rivals Pol Pot for the dishonor of being a person responsible for the death of the highest number of innocent people in South East Asia and even today still wields significant power in the United States; but his role as a happy warrior and fan of mass murder, totalitarianism and other atrocities seems to be buried and never openly discussed in the media.

Kissinger gave the thumb’s up  to Suharto’s invasion of East Timor and following and mass war crimes there, and he  helped President Nixon plan and hold harmless the Pinochet coup and reign of  terror, torture, and murder, He also personally orchestrated the first phase of the holocaust in Cambodia according to record.

According to Walter Isaacson Kissinger borrowed several hundred thousand dollars from which he borrowed from Goldman Sachs during the latter part of the 20th Century. You can read his list of huge corporate clients in Issacson’s book on Kissinger – Hank serves as a kind of personal National Security Adviser and Secretary of State for untold multinational corporations.

Kissinger, now over 90, I am sure felt he was doing the right thing – but that does not excuse his conduct no matter how he affords his ability to stay alive for so long.  One only wonders if he and Dick Cheney play poker together as friends or rivals?


January 24th, 2015
Sniper hidden in grass

Here is the way a sniper spends his days

“They are heroes, and that’s obvious to anyone thinking clearly”

Jeff Koopersmith, 12 January 2015

I cannot understand what the battle about the film “American Sniper” is all about.

The American snipers I know of did not start the wars in the middle east. Dick Cheney did that despite warnings to the contrary which we and our snipers, so long after, now reap.

American snipers did not order the planes that hit the World Trade Center.

American snipers believe that they are helping greatly to protect other troops on the ground – and they are.

I am particularly disappointed by Michael Moore’s remarks because they eat away at his other ingenious work that is truly needed in a nation that has caught too grand a dose of greed. Remarks like his lessen his credibility, with everyone.

The film shows not only how difficult this job is, but how it hangs in the consciousness of the sniper. The Jihadists they shoot and kill  also have snipers that kill and maim our boys and girls.  So don’t fool yourself Mr. Rogan.  You are attacking the wrong reality.

Despite the fact that I believe these uprisings stem from poverty and dictatorship, there is no sanity in throwing the baby out with the baathwater. (sp. intentional). To say that snipers are evil is tragic. They are doing what we ask them to do -and at terrible cost to them whether they survive or not. Imagine feeling that you killed so many, or you missed too many.

How would the people who never served feel if put in this position?

If there is blame to shuffle – deal it to the Commanders in Chief and their shell-shocked cabinets as well as us.

It is we who expect revenge for the attacks of the early 2000s and before. It is we who demand our pound of flesh. If any are murderers it is us or the men who lied to us about the need for the first invasion in the Middle-East.

So “man-up” and see the film before you review it and insult the men and women who risk their lives and limbs every moment they are away from home, their families and their friends.

My God – if only for their parents, their children and their spouses – keep your mouths shut.





January 21st, 2015


ON KRAUTHAMMER: More idiocy from the Pundit Psychiatrist

January 20th, 2015

The Duke Krauthammer


By Jeff Koopersmith, for American Politics Journal

WASHINGTON DC – 20 January 2015 – It is terrifying how many times Charles Krauthammer turns up like a bad penny on Fox News.  One never knows when that mean-spirited grump will show his face, care of Roger Ailes et al and his usual team of bleached screaming blondes or the likes of Bret Baier who I am forced to write has a far loftier IQ than the con-freak he replaced, Brit Hume – just another reject from the broadcast networks  joining most of the has-beens on Fox.

The Kraut (my pet name for him) appeared on Fox with Baier, mostly to do his duty as a sneering critic of President Obama who has clearly decided to do battle with the new GOP majorities in the House and Senate by helping aliens become citizens and seeking laws to urge the wealthy to provide a bit more of their billions to give at least some relief to the middle class and at even some of the poorest in these United States.

Of course, making a tax  move on the fastest growing kleptocratic cabal in world history is plain nonsense to Krauthammer who may have finally reached the top ten percent of earners through either a drunken Act of God or some Voodoo intonation that allows him to cloud your television screen and your brain in his nonstop appearances and truthless opinion columns in the Washington Post.

I often wonder Whether Jeff Bezos, the founder of and the owner of the Post, reads Krauthammer’s fairytales without feeling like texting the newspaper’s HR department with an electronic pink slip.

My anger at The Kraut does not come from anything but his own outrageous flexure of the truth. I am sure he is a wonderful guy to go to a Nats game with, or wonder what it would have been like if we had lost the second World War.

Krauthammer tells us that President Obama’s plan for tax reform is “not about tax reform.”  He adds that this is corruption of the language because it is not tax reform in that it does not “simplify the tax code, lower rates, and eliminate loopholes” when that is exactly what the reform will do.

The only problem for Krauthammer is that he somehow puts himself in the laps of billionaires and sees reform as only that which punishes the poor (as in welfare reform and lack of healthcare “reform“) and rewards the richest among us with tax cuts and lower private medical insurance premiums – both of which are not on the Obama “feed the rich” menu – He doesn’t have one.

Along that line, The Kraut tells of, surprisingly, that Obama’s plan, which the President will announce tonight during his State of Unions speech, is a tax and spend via revenue increases for the federal government – This even though the Cheney Wars have cost us untold trillions that made Cheney himself  a richer than Croesus neocon even as he was arranging the hanging death of Saddam Hussein who he once shook hands with in celebration of Saddam’s agreement to go to war with Iran, thus starting the beginning of the end for hope of any kind of peace in the Middle -East.

Well done Mr. Cheney!

Krauthammer labels tax relief for the middle class and some of the poorest Americans as “handouts” and “curly cues.”  (You can hear him say that and more below on a Fox clip from Real Clear Politics)

Charles Krauthammer lives in the far gone past – this time harking back to the 1980s and what he calls “25 years of almost uninterrupted economic growth” Really, but for whom?

He conveniently forgets that during those same 25 years the average working man and woman has had absolutely no real increase in earnings while the unindicted co-conspirators in our “Open Markets ” were busy  putting  the nation in bankruptcy which only Obama rescued – not Mr. Bush.

During the 2008 presidential campaign Krauthammer posits that Charlie Gibson, of all people,  asked President Obama a “famous question” – Huh? – Whether raising capital gains tax is something Obama would support – even if it lowered revenues. The President said he would.

Again The Kraut acts as if respected economists, not those  in the back pockets of the wealthy, believe that increasing taxes on the richest would indeed cause tax revenue to go down. Right. We increase taxes on the wealthiest against their humongous income and vast estates – but this results in less revenue?  Ah! It must be that they will all flee to the Cayman Islands and leave the nation destitute – Is that what The Kraut believes will happen?

This is not true of course – unless someone like Krauthammer engineered it through other weaselish tax breaks for the wealthy hidden in another part of  the text of the Tax Code.  Obama is not planning to do this, he just wants to provide a modicum and deserved relief for people that actually work for a living – behind a desk, in a mine, in a high school – not around a dinner table at Les Grenouilles in Manhattan.

And predictably, Charles Krauthammer, follows this by explaining to we morons that the point of ” taxes are to bring in revenue.”

Yes, that’s correct Mr. Krauthammer, the point of raising taxes on top tier incomes IS to bring in revenue, but direct that revenue, at least in part,  to the most needy and therefore  abused in this country.

Crikey!  The evil Kraut, to cover his a__, claims that President Obama wants to punish the rich regardless, but that he would agree with the Obama  plan if it would help the economy.

Yup, that’s Krauthammer – correctly himself with no bases in fact.

I rest my case,

See Charles Krauthammer’s appearance here:


(Thanks to Fox News, Bret Baier, and Real Clear Politics.)



Mario Cuomo – An American Dream and man of the people is Going Home

January 2nd, 2015


Mario Cuomo

A great New Yorker, A wonderful Governor, and a guy for the common man: Mario Cuomo


A hero and mentor of mine, Mario Cuomo, has died.  He is survived by his wonderful wife Matilda, his children and 12 grandchildren.

Governor of New York for three terms, Mario led the charge against Reagan Republicans, reminding them almost every day that it was the common man who was in trouble in the early 1980s and not the wealthier of us.

There is nothing more to add save for the fact that Mario Cuomo was and will continue to be a true “shining star on a hill” and someone I was proud to study and know. Best of all – he was a helluva baseball player.

I am bereft

Jeff Koopersmith

Play this for him and you remember his soul:

“Innocent” Rep. Steve Scalise: Why He WON’T Last As House Majority Whip

December 30th, 2014
Rep. Steve Scalise

Rep. and ‘almost” Majority Whip Steve Scalise – He won’t last as majority Whip – maybe lasher?

I have no idea what the Republican Party has become – but I was trained by Republican National Committee in the 80s at the U.S. Senate level where, becaseu the National Journal, was going to sit-in with our class for a day, the fellow running the GOP Univeristy then cautioned us not to use words such as nigger, kike, or somesuch. (Name withheld, as he is still alive).

I have always been sort of an independent liberal, and frankly my client at that time was a Republican, but he also was as liberal as any Democrat.

I must admit that I wasn’t shocked at what I heard from the class leader, but it dawns on me – because of the latest racism scandal involving House Majority Whip (Maybe) to be- Steve Scalise – as he has been found to have been a key speaker at a white supremacist conference sponsored by the Ku Klux Klan leader – David Duke himself. Rep. Scalise has not denied he spoke at this conference, but of course, saying he might have attended the Klan meeting (aka “conference”) and he denies knowing who he was speaking to or why.

Sure, and the GOP stands for the working class, healthcare for all, and a livable safety net for those Americans who just can’t compete in the current high speed blender economic circus where the top 5% of women buy Hermes bags for $20-45,000 dollars each, and the middle class ladies get by with a canvas tote from National Public Radio (NPR).

All this happened light-years ago in 2002 in New Orleans – home of the conservative and wannabe President and Governor of Louisiana, Piyush “Bobby” Jindal.

Scalise has said this thus far, “I didn’t know who all of these groups were and I detest any kind of hate group,” told the Times-Picayune news, “I had one person that was working for me. When someone called and asked me to speak, I would go. I was, in no way, affiliated with that group or the other groups I was talking to,” he added.

My Lord – he might have spent the evening at the American Nazi party that day!  God love him – it just slips his mind.

No, how could he be a White Supremacist ? Here’s the makeup of his District at the last Census:

White alone – 94,527 (68.9%)

Hispanic – 18,791 (13.7%)

Black alone – 14,885 (10.8%)

Asian alone – 5,418 (3.9%)

Two or more races – 3,234 (2.4%)

Other race alone – 230 (0.2%)

American Indian alone – 123 (0.09%)

Of course Lil’ Steve could never attend a NAACP conference in his District very near the New Orleans Airport, where the average home costs about $250 thousand the most earn less than $40 thousand and are very White.

David Duke (KKK) told the Washington Post that Scalise was invited to the Klan Function aka EURO Rally by two close friends, Howard Farrell and Kenney Knight who both seem to be in hiding as no searches we have completed could find anything about these two Scalise buddies. I suppose that Duke isn’t protective of Scalise any longer.

Scalise, though, has a expert woman fronting for him named Moira Bagley (Hopefully not related to Democrat Smith Bagley) – who told reporters :”We have no reason to believe he was not there. It is 99% likely that he was there, but we have no direct records so cannot confirm for definite.”

The slimey part of the story is that “The Conference” was held by a fraud called the European-American Unity and Rights Organization (Euro) formed by and eagerly promoting our old Klan friend David Duke, the former KKK grand wizard who was far too interested in politics for his type.

There are few educated people alive today who haven’t heard the name David Duke – yet Mr. Scalise has no memory of what or who he spoke to – what he said, and why he was there at the Best Western Hotel in New Orelans among some attendees who might as well have dressed in white sheets and hoods.

Almost overnight there is no public or private support in the Capitol for Rep.Scalise, the third highest-ranking House Republican and one of the most senior seemingly white supremcist racists in Washington DC despite his efforts to lose his memory.

Yet Louisiana governor Bobby Jindall, who is not a white supremcist and himself one of the few non-white figures in the Republican Party, had the gall to say that Scalise was a “good man who is fair-minded and kind-hearted.”…….

The “conference” took place in Scalise’s future congressional district at the Best Western Plus in Metair, LA – south of New Orleans.  Don’t stay there although it is rumored that EURO was scolded by Best Western when they found out what it was.

Meanwhile Speaker of the House and VERY TAN but still Wthie – John Boehner (not pronounced “Boner”) as well as the House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy seem not able to respond to questions about Scalise’s background even though, surprisingly, he was backed by the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party in a hot fight for the Whip position.

Some so-called experts on the Hill say he will survive the revulsion, however, I can assure you that he will not survive unless there is a gun battle at the FIrst Street NE, Washington headquarters of the Republican Party.

Tom Cole the GOP deputy whip (deputy to Scalise) said the usual: “This looks to me like an incident where a politician was at the wrong place at the wrong time by accident.” UmHm.  “As a Native American I am pretty sensitive to charges of racism and white supremacy,” the Oklahoma congressman thought to say. “I have never seen any evidence that Steve holds such views. Quite the contrary … I do not believe he has a racist bone in his body.”

(Or a white sheet and pointed hat in his briefcase.)

David Duke is the most well-despised white supremacist in America, and was, for a very short time, a Louisiana state representative after switching his party from Democrat to Republican – I assume to stay in sync after the Southern Democrats disappeared from history.

Scalise told reporters: “At the end of the day, you are judged by your character.”

Right Steve. So goodbye, and good luck – you will need it.



Obama’s Cuba Move: FOX News Channel Goes Wild With Hate

December 17th, 2014
Time for us to visit and talk and bury the hatchet.

Time for us to visit, talk, and bury the hatchet.

fidel agingFolks, don’t forget to watch FOX Non-News this evening to gawk at “Billo the Klown” O’Reilly and blonde shriekette Megyn Kelly telling 6o-year-old stories and lies about how horrible Cuba and Fidel Castro was, and is. They will lie and tell you that Cuba was cool until Fidel kicked out the scum that owned not only the people and the gambling casinos, but also all the sugar. Really?

Maybe Fidel made a deal with the Devil – the Soviets – but he tried first to gain the confidence of the USA – and was rebuffed.

I know that some Cubans that have escaped and moved to this country won’t like what I am saying, and I respect them. I understand their desire to come to America and I can’t fault them.

I just think it’s a little too long to have an island and people living under our economic hammer for so many decades.

I want the Cuban people and Cuban Americans along with anyone else here to be able to be able to visit Cuba, their relatives and friends on the Island – and I hope you will as well.

Don’t listen to the Neocons. Haven’t they caused enough trouble – Thus far scowling Dick Cheney has destroyed peace in almost every nation in the Middle East – and the ones that survive from his ill-gotten wars and the deaths of our brave men and women, will,

When you see Cheney on the tube – a raspberry will do!

Slapping Putin – Obama to sign stiff but flexible new sanctions

December 16th, 2014

Ruble Chart

WASHINGTON—President Obama is due to sign legislation that will tighten the straightjacket currently choking the Russian economy.

As of this writing the Russian Ruble is drifting down to over 75 Rubles per dollar which is a stupendous drop in its value equaling a slip from 30 Rubles per dollar only months ago.

NATO allies and other western nations are uneasy regarding the Moscow reaction, but the White House appears to believe that either the current situation in Russia will work to weaken or even topple the Putin-led government or at least bring enough pressure on him to remove his eccentricities from Ukraine.

On the side of the coin, some sources worry that pushing the Russians this hard lends a hard handed reputation to the US that it does not need on top of the reports on torture that came from the Senate last week. There is also some chatter, but not on in the media as yet that new and additional sanctions could act to force Putin to move toward more severe measures.

Those measures could range from further folderol in Ukraine to a genuine Russian invasion that would further destabilize a region already hammered by a plummeting economy and other worries about oil prices and Islamic terrorism in Russia itself.

We must also wonder about Russia’s cooperation in other areas like the Middle East and even the US space program.

One must believe the White House has significant even weighty intelligence in these regard and is assured that nothing more than minor placating adjustments from Russia in the Ukraine might result.

Others wonder if the White House has completely sampled the mood in the Kremlin and is keeping in mind that Russia is yet a prodigious nuclear power.

President Obama will have elasticity regarding when and how severe the roll out of these new sanctions, will occur but once Obama begins I am hopeful that Mr. Putin ‘comes to the table’ or telephone and begins a frank and mutually rewarding rather than debilitating solution.



Rich Lowry – the Newest and Dumbest NN on NPR

December 15th, 2014
rich lowry

The latest member of the Cheney Youth – see 1938.

Dear NPR:

Your greatest supporters believe that Rich Lowry is the latest “Cheney Youth” member (see Hitler for comparison) to hit your airwaves. This guy is a paid puppet for the ultra


right wing and the newest fool to take on National Review – “A review of American Greed as it’s called.” and you should hear Lowry defend the crooks In the banking industry!  It’s beyond belief.

Lowry acts as if he knows it all – but you should have listened to him tell the NPR audience that Fracking is why oil prices are down (No, its the Gulf states holding back on production), That Senator McCain can’t be taken seriously about torture “because we’ve always been at war and that means killing people – and how can you use drones against people and complain about torture? Lowry is a snotty moron.

He doesn’t see a drone as an airplane WITH a pilot – no different than in any war since the airplane was first used – THER IS A GREAT DIFFERENCE between the two – perhaps Rich needs a course in Logic and Semantics, which he would most likely fail.

Lowry is what the Germans are no calling NN’s – Look it up Rich if you don’t know what we are talking about – American Politics Journal ; Rich Lowry acts as if he knows it all – but you should have listened to him tell the NPR audience that Fracking is why oil prices are down (no its the Gulf states holding back on production), That Senator McCain can’t be taken seriously about torture “because we’ve always been at war and that means killing people – and how to you use drones against people and complain about torture?

Lowry is a moron. He doesn’t see a drone as an airplane WITH a pilot – no different than in any war since the airplane was first used – THER IS A GREAT DIFFERENCE in the two – perhaps Rich needs a course in Logic and Semantics, which he would most likely fail. Lowry is what the Germans are now calling NN’s – Look it up Rich if you don’t know what we are talking about – American Politics Journal Editor Emeritus

– Jeff Koopersmith


December 8th, 2014

It seems the 1% are having trouble wasting their billions these days. What do you think?

This size of this wart-like gross-looking but delicious thing is nearly twice that of the existing record holder, which was sold for $417,200 in 2010. Bidding for this extraordinary white truffle did not yield “twice the price”  The rich are getting smarter – the auction gallery that sold it – did so for less than $62,000.00 USD – a bargain at ten time the price.   Maybe we are making progress with the middle class?

What is hilarious is that Sotheby’s PR Department seemed to be hinting – at least to CNN that the puss sac yellow thing would go for $1 million!  Congratulations to the buy who got this 4.2 pound Martian vittle!  Now go out and try to sell it again – this time at Chiristie’s!

Jeff Koopersmith