American Leaders, Intel Hooligans, and the Mainstream Media aka “The Trump Lynch Mob”

Senator Susan Collinc
Senator Susan Collins
Donald Trump

Susan Collins – I’ve always admired her greatly, but…

By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus – – Since 1988

Amber Phillips, a writer for the Washington Post’s “The Fix” recently wrote, pointing out five areas with which Senator Susan Collins (R) wrote about Donald Trump that concisely sums up why Donald Trump cannot be the President of the United States.

Yes, Amber – The Fix is certainly in.

Whether I agree with Sen. Collins, or the fifty former Bush intelligence squad, or CNN, or PBS, that Trump does not qualify for President, I must point out that this planned execution of Trump violates every precept of Democracy.

Why? For two reasons:  First, The Constitution has no list of qualifications for President except for age (35), birth in the US, and been 14 years a resident of the US.  Second, Republicans and Democrats, and Greens, et al, have proposed that Donald Trump’s supporters are everything that he is – and perhaps more – and therefore are not entitled to have their votes counted. Period

When a group this fat and powerful decides that someone running well for President should be humiliated along with tens of millions other Americans who support him – all chance of Democracy (whatever is left) flies out the door.

It is the same as telling 35-50% of American voters that they are either too dumb, too weak, too greedy, too senseless, too disparaging of others, and ergo – just not “Presidential”, whatever that is.

I have lived in worked in Washington DC and Europe and the Americas for nearly 40 years as a legislative advisor, campaign manager at the U.S. Senate level, and a high-level complex matter jurisdictive activist for Fortune 100 clients.  Actions by “lobbyists” are the most respected by elected officials here and in most Democracies.

This is because they are the link to large contributions and legal (or illegal) transfers of power, money, and luxury that the average legislator, mayor, city councilperson, et al cannot afford.

Senator Susan Collins knows this is true. She also knows that the only thing that preserves the Congress from acting outwardly worse than Donald Trump is the “politically correct” and silly rules which penalize members of Congress for insulting each other –  at least in public.

These so-called rules (broken all the while) help to keep the WAR of party politics a guarded secret.  But, let me assure the reader, politics is a dirty, bloody, and mind altering war itself – and believe it or not – politicians who lose their election very often suffer and are treated for PTSD!  This is a fact and that is how ruthless and vicious the fight and potential loss can be to just one person in politics.

This is also accurate for those “intellects” who go to war with each other over the poor, abortion, health care, and national security, sometimes in a snake pit of revulsion and maliciousness that outdoes the professional politician.

Let’s look at Ms. Phillips’ “Five Sentences” that I know could not only destroy the concept of Democracy – except for money and control of the message – but are also based in lies, knowingly based in lies.  This is why the Republican Party did not simply throw Mr. Trump out with the trash. They now tell us he is:

  1. “Rejecting the conventions of political correctness is different from showing complete disregard for common decency.”

What nonsense is this?   The United States Congress and the White House are overflowing with a disregard for communal decency.  This is not apparent to most of us because elected members and staff do not normally act in disregard for public decorousness except behind closed and locked (no press) doors. Worse, now Senator Collins and others link at least forty percent of American voters for the same “crime” their disregard for decency for supporting Trump because they are sickened by the poor outcome of our leaders for more than thirty years.

My argument is not that the Congress and everyone else in government do not usually somehow show graciousness.  It is the poignant lie of what Senator Collins said here.  Again there is no set of rules like your old aunt might have taught you about how to act in public as President.

Some of us are complete ladies and gentleman. Some of us are not.  This does not disqualify anyone from running for office.

And does Senator Collins think that voting for and funding wars that kill millions and leave tens of millions without homes, food, or care of any kind is just fine? Is war decent or is that just feathering our own military-industrial stockholder nests, hiding behind the excuse of being attacked by some ragtag power of other men and women lied to by their leaders.

Is it decent that fifty percent or more Americans cannot afford to feed their families and must rely on food stamps and at that point suffer the ignominy that both the right and left pile upon them in different degrees for spending “our tax dollars”?

Are the horrid slums and poison water so prevalent in this nation another act of decency by our so-called leaders?  No. It seems, however, that these effects occur, but they are not simply indecent they are human and yet compassionate failures in many cases.

No politician, save for one of two, are ever held up as icons of human decency.

3. “He opts to mock the vulnerable and inflame prejudices by attacking ethnic and religious minorities.”

Senator Collins, and the rest, mock the weaker and the vulnerable every time they pass budgets that contains 50% of our trillions to be spent on war, maiming and killing, but far smaller amounts on the fallacies of the least able to get along in our country.

More than half of the Congress mocks Islam, and our Black President for not toeing the line and calling Muslims Islamic Terrorists, and mock Cabinet members, or just men and women who work for the federal government – as criminals – and they do this publicly.

They mock those who are vulnerable to mean-spirited party-loyalists who seek to make 3 Points on the basket-case of deliberation spewing contempt for federal working people, sneering at Americans who do not believe that everything is a plot or scheme.

They are just men and women who have reached higher goals in our government departmentally – but can be fired and lose everything because some idiot like Darrell Issa or John McCain thinks they should be arrested or worse.“He proved incapable of apologizing, of saying he was wrong.”


This statement of Ms. Collins’ does not deserve a comment. Are we not all guilty of her third “reason” for being unqualified to be President?  Have we somehow thought all along that our Congress and most elected officials ever apologize for saying “I was wrong”?


Is Senator Collins one of the few who does? – well perhaps that’s why I admired her – but to say this is how Presidents must act is like saying that the one-twenty percent of the wealthiest or most educated of Americans only -are qualified to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for four years.

4. “I am also deeply concerned that Mr.Trumps lack of self-restraint and his barrage of ill-informed comments would make an already perilous world even more so.”


Has Susan Collins watched the nightly news, or better yet, the fake news, like the kind Fox News purports to deliver. For the past decades very few in Congress show restraint or anything close to it.


Today, because of the absurdity of men like Trey Gowdy who waste your money on holding counterfeit tribunals on Hillary Clinton she now faces law suits from grieving families of the dead heroes at Benghazi as if Clinton herself planned their deaths.


And Trump is ill-informed?


Are the Senators and House members who claims that “Obama Care” is hurting the poor ill-informed or are they, worse, providing disinformation to make themselves wealthier or more powerful. I could go on for hours, days, months on this ridiculous “qualification” that Collins extols. Most elected Federal politicians now spend perhaps two or three days on the people’s business – how’s that for being ill-informed – how’s that for “we the people” being the idiots?

5. “The unpleasant reality that I have had to accept is that there will be no ‘new’ Donald Trump, just the same candidate who will slash and burn and trample anything and anyone he perceives as being in his way or an easy scapegoat.”

Yes, Senator Collins is correct.  Donald Trump will most likely not change.  Then again, he was ahead of Hillary Clinton doing things in “my way” manner as Frank Sinatra made ironically famous.

Look at Harry Truman – the man who wound up WWII.  Before he entered politics and became FDR’s vice-president he sold men’s clothing – Would Ted Cruz call Truman a shop-boy?

Parenthetically Susan Collins, who has, sadly, been the most humane of the Trump Lynch Mob that is accusing millions of American voters-for-Trump that they are blind, stupid or worse.  I wonder how her followers will take her slashing and burning and trampling on Donald Trump for nothing but partisan reasons and his own “lack of couth” – despite her and her peer’s excuses to the contrary.

The most important thing?

That thus far only a few Democrats have joined the vicious pursuit of Donald Trump trying to drive him from our consciousness.  Only Republicans – so guilty of destroying our economy and engaging first in this seemingly unending war in the Middle East and North Africa have put on their sheets and grabbed their ropes and chains.

 Gracious me, are they the ones inhumane and stupid!

One more item.  Although I am registered as an independent, I have been for most of my life a supporter of Democrats, with one exception – Ronald Reagan, who was a neighbor and a friend.  I am not planning on voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, nor am I supporting anyone for President during this cycle.  Perhaps I would have supported Bernie Sanders, if he only he could be elected – but all of us knew – that was an impossibility – didn’t we?



NOTE: Coincidently I turned on the tube and heard: “I may well end up writing-in a candidate for President.”  – Susan Collins 11:43 a.m. on CNN, 9 August 2016


NOTE:  In many ways the Trump assassination team essentially tells us that the man is plain stupid, not prepared, and not well educated enough to be President. – Here from the Washington Post are those who did not get those benefits:

Four other presidents enrolled in college but did not complete a degree, including Harry S. Truman, who is often said to have never attended college, though he actually spent a semester at a business college in Kansas City before dropping out to get a job and later attended some night classes at the University of Missouri’s Kansas City law school. James Monroe enrolled in the College of William & Mary but stayed only a short while and then joined the Continental Army (there are buildings named after him at least four universities). William Henry Harrison (who died on his 32nd day in office in 1841), started at the University of Pennsylvania studying medicine but never graduated. And William McKinley (1897-1901) attended Allegheny College for only a year; he later attended Albany Law School but was admitted to the bar without earning a degree.  Other presidents who never attended college were Andrew Jackson (1829-1837), Martin Van Buren (1837-1841), Zachary Taylor (1849-1850), Millard Fillmore (1850-1853), Andrew Johnson (1865-1869) and Grover Cleveland (1885-1889 and 1893-1897, the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms).

NOTE:  The United States Constitution “Requirements to be President”

 “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States”.

ARTICLE II, SECTION 1, CLAUSE 5 – The Constitution of the United States



Sniper hidden in grass
Here is the way a sniper spends his days

“They are heroes, and that’s obvious to anyone thinking clearly”

Jeff Koopersmith, 12 January 2015

I cannot understand what the battle about the film “American Sniper” is all about.

The American snipers I know of did not start the wars in the middle east. Dick Cheney did that despite warnings to the contrary which we and our snipers, so long after, now reap.

American snipers did not order the planes that hit the World Trade Center.

American snipers believe that they are helping greatly to protect other troops on the ground – and they are.

I am particularly disappointed by Michael Moore’s remarks because they eat away at his other ingenious work that is truly needed in a nation that has caught too grand a dose of greed. Remarks like his lessen his credibility, with everyone.

The film shows not only how difficult this job is, but how it hangs in the consciousness of the sniper. The Jihadists they shoot and kill  also have snipers that kill and maim our boys and girls.  So don’t fool yourself Mr. Rogan.  You are attacking the wrong reality.

Despite the fact that I believe these uprisings stem from poverty and dictatorship, there is no sanity in throwing the baby out with the baathwater. (sp. intentional). To say that snipers are evil is tragic. They are doing what we ask them to do -and at terrible cost to them whether they survive or not. Imagine feeling that you killed so many, or you missed too many.

How would the people who never served feel if put in this position?

If there is blame to shuffle – deal it to the Commanders in Chief and their shell-shocked cabinets as well as us.

It is we who expect revenge for the attacks of the early 2000s and before. It is we who demand our pound of flesh. If any are murderers it is us or the men who lied to us about the need for the first invasion in the Middle-East.

So “man-up” and see the film before you review it and insult the men and women who risk their lives and limbs every moment they are away from home, their families and their friends.

My God – if only for their parents, their children and their spouses – keep your mouths shut.




Republicans in Disarray: Chaos Spreads to Blogosphere

Tuesday's primary victories by teabag extremists Christine O'Donnell and Carl Paladino are not the only signs that the Republican Party and conservative establishment are in chaos. Go read fringe rightie blogger Dan Riehl's latest and laugh. Here's a hint for Dan and his unhinged fellow traveler Michelle Maglalang Malkin: there is no damn way that Roger Ailes is going to suspend his pal Karl Rove from FOX News Channel. Both men — and the so-called "news" outlet — are major players in institutional movement conservatism and the Republican party, and have successfully played the astroturf grassroots "members" of the Tea Party charade movement for credulous rubes and useful idiots. 

Matt Drudge Should Set Himself on Fire

Dave Weigel was being facetious, but, by God, the Versailles Media must have blood when someone dares get snarky and jokingly suggest that repeatedly proven prevaricator Matt "Eggman " Drudge set himself on fire. I could rant, but I'm on vacation and wouldn't want to get in the way of Amanda Marcotte's brilliant takedown of the whole mess.

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Joel Silberman: Media Creates Misinformed Americans

The Doc is for the most part no fan of RT Television (Russia Today, i.e. The Putin Channel) — but every once in a while, they run a short segment as smart and informative as the one below, and you know you'll never see such a moment from the broadcast networks, CNN, or even MSNBC. (Hat tip: Crooks and Liars).

Ted Kennedy, 1932-2009

Ted Kennedy has died at age 77 following a struggle with brain cancer. Both lengthy obituaries in the New York Times and the Boston Globe are well worth your time.

Via TMW's Greg Sargent comes this quote, from one year ago today:

“This is the cause of my life. New hope that we will break the old gridlock and guarantee that every American – north, south, east, west, young, old – will have decent, quality health care as a fundamental right and not a privilege.”

You're likely to see some or all of that barnburner of a speech Kennedy delivered to last year's Democratic Convention among today's news coversge – but even better was the remarkable speech he delivered to the 1980 convention, "The Dream Shall Never Die," which you can see at .

Glenn Greenwald explains the Beltway Press Rules on Torture

April 24, 2009 – New York ( – Salon's Glenn Greenwald gets it. In an early morning blog post, the legal analyst and press critic spells out three rules of the Beltway elite that are shaping the so-called media "coverage" of torture:

Continue reading Glenn Greenwald explains the Beltway Press Rules on Torture

Astroturf Watch: Kochzilla Caught Planting Faux Seeds Again

Over at , Mark Ames and Yasha Levine connect the dots between Rick Santelli's bizarre rant on CNBC early last week, a couple of domain names, something called the "Sam Adams Alliance," and the oligarchic Koch family, who have been tied to previous astroturf (as in "fake grassroots") campaigns. So what's holding you up? Go read…

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The Truth about the Fairness Doctrine

Because they control the media, these twelve men could bring truth home to America: Edgar Bronfaman Jr., Howard Stringer, Robert Iger, Jeff Bewkes, Jeffrey Immelt, John Malone, Arthur Sulsberger Jr., Rush Limbaugh, Philippe Dauman, Rupert Murdoch, Carlos Slim Helu, Roger Ailes
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The demise of the Fairness Doctrine gave us Rush Limbaugh, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, nearly 5,000 dead American soldiers in Iraq, perhaps as many dead "contractors," a “million or so” dead civilians, and a world unimaginably stricken with poverty and illness. But now, says Jeff Koopersmith, there's a new rule in town.

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What Athenae Said…

… about P.J. O'Rourke's break with the reality-based world:

It's like he threw Red State in a blender and this is what came out. "Blargle blargle flap flap AYERS blargle!" Conservatism has failed, objectively, because for the past 20 years at least all conservatives wanted to talk about was presidential blowjobs, phony associations, windsurfing, faux-scandalous land deals, and people with askeery names. Conservatism has failed because for the past 40 years all y'all have done is bitch about hippies that have hurt exactly nobody, Ayers and Dohrn notwithstanding, Peej, instead of focusing on things that make people's lives better and run government usefully and well.

I wish I'd said that. The last funny book P.J. wrote was The Bachelor Home Companion. It's worth the price alone for the hilarious recipes. The eagle-eyed will spot a much younger Lucianne Goldberg in one of the photos!

Only on the Beeb: Obama wins, Gore Vidal speaks the truth

Tuesday night (Wednesday morning in London), the BBC called the US presidential election for Barack Obama – and then welcomed their first guest, Gore Vidal, who shared his incomparable observations and bad-boy attitude with BBC institution David Dimbleby:

Hat tip to Sybille Werner and twittervlog’s Barrage of Hatred: Your 2008 Guide to the Gay-bashing

October 29, 2008 – Geneva ( – Here is a list of editorials attacking gay men and women just in the past year. There are 204 of them, using their own search engine. I repeat: 204 times these freaks attack people who just want to live as they were born. Be sure to read just these pieces before Election Day. It will make it a treat to vote a straight Democrat Ticket!

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Why Berke Breathed Is Retiring “Opus”

Lauerman: Your children's books seem to appeal to your gentler, Charles Schulz side. But how — without Opus — will you exercise your Michael Moore side?

Breathed: I'll be on my couch Sunday mornings screaming at Brokaw and Stephanopoulos to call out the blathering bastards on their stupid fucking talking points and pin the dancing, lying, spinning Tasmanian Weasels down about something, ANYTHING for Christ Bloody Sake THE COUNTRY IS GETTING STEERED INTO CHAOS AND INSOLVENCY AND WAR BY ITS UNREAD UNINFORMED DULLARD SHEEP CONSTITUENCIES AND YOU JUST LET THE CANDIDATE SAY ONE MORE TIME WITHOUT OBJECTION THAT HE'S GOING TO CUT TAXES WHILE HE CALLS FOR FREE 24 KARAT GOLD FRANKFURTERS TO BE INSERTED INTO EVERY AMERICAN'S ASS JUST BECAUSE BUTT BULLION POLLS WELL.

You see right there why I can't have Opus involved with this anymore.

Our all-time favorite Opus strips here and here. Read the full interview here.

It’s Time to Go After Michael Ishikoff

Jeff Koopersmith

I've just finished reading Joan Didion's latest tome that is a republished version of her best work, and was reminded of my disgust with so-called media stars the likes of Bob Woodward, Mike Ishikoff, and others who seem to have escaped retribution from their publishers for the damage they did during the last decade, and the damage they continued after the election of George W. Bush. – This is a working story, and readers oomments wougl be appreciated……… Email:  __________@

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