Obama’s Cuba Move: FOX News Channel Goes Wild With Hate

Time for us to visit and talk and bury the hatchet.
Time for us to visit, talk, and bury the hatchet.

fidel agingFolks, don’t forget to watch FOX Non-News this evening to gawk at “Billo the Klown” O’Reilly and blonde shriekette Megyn Kelly telling 6o-year-old stories and lies about how horrible Cuba and Fidel Castro was, and is. They will lie and tell you that Cuba was cool until Fidel kicked out the scum that owned not only the people and the gambling casinos, but also all the sugar. Really?

Maybe Fidel made a deal with the Devil – the Soviets – but he tried first to gain the confidence of the USA – and was rebuffed.

I know that some Cubans that have escaped and moved to this country won’t like what I am saying, and I respect them. I understand their desire to come to America and I can’t fault them.

I just think it’s a little too long to have an island and people living under our economic hammer for so many decades.

I want the Cuban people and Cuban Americans along with anyone else here to be able to be able to visit Cuba, their relatives and friends on the Island – and I hope you will as well.

Don’t listen to the Neocons. Haven’t they caused enough trouble – Thus far scowling Dick Cheney has destroyed peace in almost every nation in the Middle East – and the ones that survive from his ill-gotten wars and the deaths of our brave men and women, will,

When you see Cheney on the tube – a raspberry will do!

Justice Department should go after bank fraud, not pot smokers

Attorney General Eric Holder has his priorities wrong what he says that he is going to "vigorously enforce" federal marijuana laws, calling it a "core priority". Statement like that makes me wonder, "What's this guy smoking?" Maybe the justice department should make catching the criminals that ripped off the banking system a core priority? Or make prosecuting the criminals in the Bush administration who got us into a war in Iraq through falsifying evidence a core priority? Maybe the should make going after Meth labs, drugs that really are dangerous, a core priority?

If Eric Holder thinks that going after pot smokers in California is a core priority then he has the wrong core priorities. I say that if the attorney general doesn't have a clue about priorities then he should be looking for a new job. I encourage California to Vote YES on Proposition 19 and tell the Feds they have better things to do.

I'm Marc Perkel – And I approved this message!

Sure…Blame the Media!

Now let's see if I've got this right: Sarah Palin is not going to do any more interviews with the network anchors because they are ''filters'.' The videos show her reactions — which she now finds offensive — to questions from the interviewers. The reality seems to be that Mrs. Palin is in desperate need of a filter.

McCain’s Transformation

To: The editors
From" Stephen L. Love
Re: McCain's Transformation

The freight of the message Thursday night was that the torch was being passed from the Bush Republican Party to the McCain Republican Party.  There would be no change in the policies, but the leadership would transfer from Bush, who was as welcome a figure as Usama bin Laden might have been, to an "honorable, patriotic and selfless servant of the people."

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Fan Mail

I love Pundit Pap and so do my kids! Something you might want to keep in mind when writing your summary on Monday mornings (or whenever): we get up early on Sundays just to watch the gasbags.


To mock them.

There is no other reason.  There is that and nothing more.  We have long given up on hearing real issues discussed so all we do is mock these folk. Such arrogance on their part!

Anyway, I believe that you do a profound service in this and I urge you to continually remind these idiots how little influence they have and how many people watch them only to make fun of them.

I think they should know.


A Starr Dissembler

Last week I sent many of Salon's staff a copy of an Atlanta Journal Constitution front page, above-the-fold story from their Sept. 9th edition.  It concerned the fact that Kenneth Starr and his infamous Chicago law firm, Kirkland and Ellis, were cited for "obstructing justice and defrauding the court" in Georgia with respect to the infamous GM exploding gas tank case that had been in litigation for years.

In light of the fact that Starr and Co. have been repeatedly cited for what amounts to lying and deceiving the courts of several jurisdictions (see the Mother Jones story in their February 1998 edition), don't you think this might be a matter that your readers would want to consider in relation to today's story — involving an Appeals Court ruling by Judge Laurence Silberman(!) et al?

Mr. Starr seems to be VERY concerned about his public reputation in Washington regarding his citation of contempt of court for his massive and illegal leaking operation of several years' duration in his investigations into President Clinton.

Isn't this also a 'character' question?

Mr. Starr has been found to be perfectly willing to lie and to obstruct numerous state courts as a corporate lawyer, and has been cited for doing this repeatedly.

Perhaps your readers might want this information to better judge whether or not Starr might be similarly inclined to lie to a Federal magistrate and/or the Justice Dept. as well!

Perhaps the fact that Starr & Co.'s lies were about the very real incineration of HUNDREDS of people, probably unnecessarily at the hands of a highly negligent but very rich multinational corporation doesn't count for much in Washington or where the power elites meet to gather over champagne lunches.

Down here in Georgia, where we can see the victims of these corporate policies, it matters.  It mattered to the jury that awarded the victims of this widely known design flaw a record amount in punitive damages.

Which is the higher moral value here?

A.)The continuing decade long cover-up of the hundreds of smoking charred bodies of the men, women and children wrongfully incinerated alive due to the deliberate negligence of a corporations' bottom line; or

B.) Zealously and probably illegally prosecuting the twice duly elected head of state of the world's only remaining superpower over 'lying' about legal and consensual 'sex', that amounted to only 9-11 instances of not very successful exercises at oral gratification?

That, in a nutshell, is Kenny's world view and his moral universe.

In short, why should a corporate shill like Ken Starr be allowed to so easily hide his lying and his ignominy from the scrutiny of the world?  After all, he has so plainly made it a point of personal and professional honor to expose all others he encountered in his operations to date!