It seems the 1% are having trouble wasting their billions these days. What do you think?

This size of this wart-like gross-looking but delicious thing is nearly twice that of the existing record holder, which was sold for $417,200 in 2010. Bidding for this extraordinary white truffle did not yield “twice the price”  The rich are getting smarter – the auction gallery that sold it – did so for less than $62,000.00 USD – a bargain at ten time the price.   Maybe we are making progress with the middle class?

What is hilarious is that Sotheby’s PR Department seemed to be hinting – at least to CNN that the puss sac yellow thing would go for $1 million!  Congratulations to the buy who got this 4.2 pound Martian vittle!  Now go out and try to sell it again – this time at Chiristie’s!

Jeff Koopersmith

Nuclear Power — Not Now, Not Ever

Thirty years ago, the ambitious Reactor Safety Study known as "The Rasmussen Report" was published — and subsequently discredited and withdrawn.  Ernest Partridge looks at the reasons for that failure, the disaster at the Fukushima facility in Japan, and the proposal from the Obama Administration to revive the nuclear power industry in the United States.

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Government-Mandated Disability Insurance: Socialism or Salvation?

Has the time now arrived for a declarative policy regarding short-term disability in America? Kaitlin Addams takes a look at the ramifications of a safety net for people who suddenly become disabled.

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If It’s Good for General Motors, Is It Good for the Rest of Us?

Ernest Partridge takes a look at the old adage — and a need to redefine fiduciary responsibility in an era of de facto military-industrial economics, fast food, and rampant business deregulation.

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America Inc. Is Here — Get With the Program!

With last month's Supreme Court decision, Citizens United v. FEC, it is obvious that elections in the United States are now obsolete. So why not, asks Ernest Partridge, select our members of Congress by means of auctions instead?

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Greg Palast Asks a Troubling Question

Consider this:

How did Haiti end up so economically weakened, with infrastructure, from hospitals to water systems, busted or non-existent – there are two fire stations in the entire nation – and infrastructure so frail that the nation was simply waiting for "nature" to finish it off?

And that's not the only question he has. Read the entire article (title may be NSFW) here.

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Help for Haiti starts with YOU

From our friend Digby:

  • The Red Cross: You can give $10 to the Red Cross’s International Response Fund by texting HAITI to 90999. 100 percent of your donation benefits the Red Cross, and you can print a receipt through mGive, a foundation that helps non-profits take advantage of mobile technology.
  • UNICEF, the United Nations Fund focusing on children, has worked on the ground in Haiti since 1949, so has the expertise to make a difference. You can donate here.
  • Doctors Without Borders is also present in-country. One senior staff member reports, “The situation is chaotic. I visited five medical centers, including a major hospital, and most of them were not functioning.” Donate to support public health efforts here.
  • MADRE, the international women’s rights NGO, partners with the Zanmi Lasante Clinic on the ground in Haiti. “The most urgent needs right now are bandages, broad-spectrum antibiotics and other medical supplies, as well as water tablets to prevent cholera outbreaks,” MADRE reports. Donate here.
  • Action Against Hunger has had a team in Haiti since 1985, and is ready to fly planeloads of emergency supplies from Paris to Port-au-Prince. Food is one necessity, but so is sanitation; in some Haitian towns, 70 percent of homes do not have plumbing. Donate here.
  • Mercy Corps has a history of deploying aid to regions affected by catastrophic earthquakes, such as Peru in 2007, China and Pakistan in 2008, and Indonesia last year. They are deploying a team to Haiti, and you can support their efforts here.
  • Partners in Health is the NGO founded in Haiti in 1987 by Dr. Paul Farmer, the celebrated physician and anthropologist who focuses on international social justice. The group’s emergency response focuses on delivering medical supplies and staff. Louise Ivers, PIH’s clinical director in the country, sent the message, “Port-au-Prince is devastated, lot of deaths. SOS. SOS.” Donate here.

Take the Money and Run

If the Obama economic goals are to be met – a repaired physical infrastructure, educational pre-eminence, health care for all, international leadership in science and technology, etc. – Ernest Partridge argues that we, the public, must retrieve the cash that was effectively stolen from the public treasury.

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Harry Markopolos: A True American Hero

Harry Markopolos describing the size of the average brain employed by the Securities & Exchange Commission. Click here for enlarged version.

Jeff Koopersmith on Harry Markopolos, the man who dared blow the whistle on an SEC that is at best incompetent, at worst corrupt beyond redemption.

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Terrorism and Liability in the Luxury Hotel Racket

Hey, Ray! You need a new P.R. agency. "Saddened by losses of security forces"? How about your guests who lost their lives from your lackluster security?
Click here for enlarged version.

Jeff Koopersmith believes the Taj Mahal Intercontinental Hotel in Mumbai may be responsible for the slaughter of its guests. Where, he asks, was the beefed-up security after it had been warned?

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The Death of the American Versailles Lifestyle

The New York Times lets the cat claw its way out of the burlap bag: unbridled spending, lavish parties and greed are now declassé. Jeff Koopersmith goes behind what they really mean: “We just don’t have the money.”

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• NBC, Politico, AP: Hillary Clinton being vetted for Secretary of State
Susan Rice as Head of Foreign Policy Team Augurs Bold Pragmatism | Doing It Right This Time: Obama Pushes for $50 Billion for Automakers, Oversight Czar | Obama resigning Senate seat as of Sunday | Good news for people who don't like their airliners hijacked: Counterterrorism guru Rand Beers heads Obama's Homeland Security Transition Team
• Judge dimisses Coleman's lawsuit against Franken
• Rep. Waxman chairs hearing into 'virtually unregulated' hedge fund industry, in House committee testimony featuring industry player George Soros
Hedge fund hearings: Billionaires bring a lot to table, explain the mess as regulators stumbled | Soros: Hedge funds will be decimated | Your taxpayer bailout money at work: AIG to pay top management over $500 million | Retail sales plunge by worst drop on record | Democrats Fed Up with Bailed-Out Banks | Regulators to consumers: Drop dead! Federal bank regulators nix credit card debt forgiveness plan
• Palin's 2012 bid takes shambolic turn at conference of governors
GOP Governors Reluctant to Embrace Sarah Palin for 2012: She Is Not ‘The Future of the Party'
• Error in Justice: Politicized Prosecutors Seeking to Convict Former AL Gov. Don Siegelman Broke the Law, Sent Notes Back and Forth to Jurors DURING Deliberations
Arizona Congressman Renzi Has Charges Added to His Indictment
• CIA warns of increase in 'western' terrorists
CIA Chief: Iraq Not Main Front in War on Terrorists
• On GMA, William Ayers pushes back against John McCain's slander
• Why Is the National Press Ignoring Small-Town Racism?
• Secrets of hate radio revealed by a career professional

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Desperate McCain Utilizing Neo-Nazi ?Journalists? to Spread his Message of Hate

The Townhall Cover
Click here for enlarged version.

Jeff Koopersmith confronts's relentless campaign of homophobia.

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Treasury Department Conference Call Suggests Collusion With Brokerages

Courtesy of Digby, we learn of a conference call held late Sunday night between Treasury Department officials and some of the most powerful players in the financial services industry about the House bailout bill that they assumed was about to be passed – a call that they never imagined would be leaked to the public. More, including a link to the call, below the fold…

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Anyone Care for Some Good News?

The world is focused on the House bailout bill that, as of a half hour ago, didn't pass. As I type, various House honchos are all over cable news spinning and sputtering. So naturally, if there were a good piece of news about the Republican Culture of Corruption getting their due – for example, Kyle "Dusty" Foggo pleading guilty to wire fraud as part of a plea deal – you might miss it.

The Idiot Congress, Impressing Us with a Tranche

September 25, 2008 – Geneva ( – I noticed that over the past few days Secretary Hank Paulson and Chairman Ben Bernanke have been using the word "tranche" (from the French "traunche") to explain how they are going to go about deceiving us and the potential buyers of the worth paper they want to purchase from scheming lenders.

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BushCo: Indictable Criminals

"This was a purposeful crime.  There was conspiracy to commit criminal acts and these felonies were carried out – over many years– while the people we elected to represent and protect us were busy eating caviar and drinking French Champagne in their mansions in Washington, Maryland, Virginia, and New York." Jeff Koopersmith speaks out about the crime of the century.

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Bush’s Federal Reserve Socializes AIG

The Federal Reserve has agreed to bail out AIG with an $85 BILLION loan in exchange for a 79.9% stake in the mega-insurer.  Thanks to George W. Bush, Helicoptor Ben Bernanke and Henry Paulson, the United States is at last a socialist nation – so long, of course, as one has millions of dollars in illiquid assets. And if you think that you're going to see one red cent should the economic geniuses make AIG profitable, just remember: the Bush family only socializes the risk, not the return…


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