27 MARCH 2017 WASHINGTON – Months ago I wrote what appeared to be a defense of Donald Trump, as it was it was a offense against the mainstream media which has so disappointed me that I rarely read the New York Times, my hometown paper and satisfy myself with doing its crossword puzzle daily.

This week, however, President Trump may have proved he is not an alt-right kind of guy, nor is he even that conservative save for business which has not truly been addressed in the past two months – so we shall see.

Democrats are smiling in D.C. that the Freedom Caucus, with the help of Club For Growth and Heritage, have saved Planned Parenthood & Ocare!

The fact that the President went on a Twitter frenzy against the most conservative wing of the Republican Party might have angered Steve Bannon, or did it? Bannon who began as a fan of the Russian Revolution is hard to label. To most liberals and the majority of intellectual writing essays that no one reads at one university or another Bannon is see as the perfect to display the evils of Nazism. I yet hold back my opinion on him. I don’t think running the idiot web site Breitbart proves much, nor do the few times he exploded in anti-minority rants.

So, why hasn’t the President realized that all the losing GOP offense in the past presidential ballot stuffer are now coming back at him? And why hasn’t he realized that he should, in fact, use the Art of Deal for himself.

Again, I suggest a summit the White House where the top 15 health insurance bigwigs attend a three day meeting where a single payer system – Run by those same companies in partnership with the government – take on that responsibility.

That responsibility meaning: Insuring every American soul and those who happen to be here on business or vacation, a full blown insurance policy without the need to pick and choose which makes little difference to insurance bottom lines. Of course Americans could also buy premium policies which offer anything from free blood transfusions to private rooms at the Ritz Carlton or better hotel-like hospitals complete with theaters and massage.

Employers would contribute directly to the insurance companies at some predetermined amount per person. The government – because it must protect the health and wellbeing of its citizens would also contribute – But I tell President Trump that the cost per policy would be lower – perhaps as much as 23% lower than today. The new health insurance would be run by directors and staff that reflect the current share or this market – free from the non-mandatory believe we are supposed to have in the “markets” fixing every problem. The free market does not do this in all cases – especially in the case of problems that impact every soul in the nation.

Yes, Barack Obama might get the prize for starting the Beta Test of a national health insurance system, but President Trump be remain beloved for offering people peace as they approach serious illness or old age. Better Congresses than we have today knew this. No one took care of retirees until the Social Security laws were passed is one example but almost every program issued from government should be meant to help the entire population – not just those with “special interests” like making more money than ever conceived for themselves and their families. Making more money seems to be the only special interest of most unthinking people all too often these days.

So President Trump – you can now make insurance company executives proud to walk the streets without armed guards and make sure you don’t forget the docs, nurses, and all the people it takes to keep us alive by reminding them why they became professionals in medicine and pharma in the first place.

The Speech George W. Bush Should Have Given the American People on Iraq

NOTE FROM THE EDITORS: It's no wonder the President's speech on his latest shift in Iraq tactics was a bigger bomb than Ishtar.

It wasn't Bush's nervous, stiff demeanor. It wasn't the fact that he preempted prime couch potato fare. What it came down to is that most people have no faith in Bush's Iraq Adventure. And it sure as hell didn't help that nobody — but nobody — likes an obfuscator, especially when they speak in short, declarative sentences that make people feel as if they're being treated like children.

Jeff Koopersmith took a look at the text of Bush's disastrous speech and added a huge helping of the truth. Here's what he thinks Bush should have said about Iraq.


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