Oh No? Donald Jr., Jared Kushner, and that guy whose name no one remembers met with a Foxy Russian lawyer who had rumors about Hillary Clinton to share . . .

American Politics Journal Hacked by an Ultra-Right or a Hippie-Leftie.  Proves that everyone loves and hates us simultaneously.  Was it the Foxy Russian Lawyer? Was it the Obese Roger Aisles’ Ghost?

By: Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

WASHINGTON DC – Monday 10 July 2017:  [ FYI: We are taking care of our serious hack of 30 Years of work stolen from our servers. Help from the FBI would be a nice touch. Don’t worry just send money from PayPal to dw@koopersmith.com.]


So, let me chat (one-way) with you about the latest scoop from the New York Times with regards Donald Jr.’s chat with some Russian attorney who is rumored and backed up by a Trump (Donald) to have some good memes and rumors re Hillary Clinton before election day.

If someone telephoned Bill Clinton and said – “Meet me in Moscow, I have a lot of very very bad things to share with you about Mr. Donald J. Trump” would that be illegal or the start of a collusion?  To tell you the truth, I don’t know even though I went to law school and watched the congress and the White House for nearly 40 years now.  Could be, maybe not.

Of course CNN – the cable station that repeats everything they say every 17 minutes with different talking head, has jumped on this like a hot frog on a cool rock.

I suppose that it tickles some an annoys others, but I was more interested in the original story told by Donald The Younger that the meeting was about “adoption” from Russia, which Ivanka is interested in.  You see, Americans adopted oodles of adopted children who may or may not turn out to be “sleeper” spies who will report details on the latest IPhone and Samsung Galaxy cell messes months before anyone knows that they are – include Apple and Samsung.

Okay. That seemed like a screwy thing to meet about – let alone with three other “brains” from the Trump campaign, but Donald the Junior did run back to the Times to tell them that the woman also talked with the FAB FOUR about bawdy Hillary stories that would make Bill blush.

Now, of course, the question IS – Was that meeting taped by anyone – including the Sri Lankan and Beluga Island spies all over New York and Washington these days.

This much I can relate:  My unmasked source – deep inside the inner circle of the Trump Crowd actually threw down her head and yawned when I asked her about this mystery. She was bored she said, and proceeded to go to sleep in our gaudy penthouse suite high atop the redone Trump “Old Filthy Post Office” Hotel.

Tune in hourly to learn more!



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