Is Donald Trump Wiser Than Many of You Think?

I think he has  unique American smarts - but is so undone by the very people he trusts the most ... an avaricious bunch for sure.

WASHINGTON 18 July 2017: It is time to give Donald Trump a true chance - So all you know-it-alls out there - you PHds and geniuses at our universities better volunteer to help him.

Here's why.

It came as no surprise to me that "TrumpCare" and almost anything coming out the White House again failed for what seemed the umpteenth time. The mainstream media is attempting to blame the President for not pushing harder on American Citizens.  It appears the media will somehow move the blame to Donald J. Trump no matter how many turns in their own loopy San Francisco minds to get there.

If we've been right in the last twenty years it appears that since the fall of Fox News there is no television carrying the GOP banner, and the so-called Lefties that run the nation's major news sources must have been ordered to "finish" off the Trump team - at least as far as any person or nation is concerned.

The blame should be placed directly on the ineffective leadership of the Senate and the House - so greedy for power that they won't back anything that might cost them their low paying jobs with multitude perks. Can you blame the Congress for wanting to stay in Washington?  Yes. How would like a job that pays you a couple hundred thousand dollars a year plus "expenses" - and also offers you what is it now - three or four days work on the people's business, and another several months on vacation - supposedly to meet and hear from constituents who perceive each of them as a pariah?  Oh yeah - I know how we all think that our members of Congress are great - but the other's aren't - but that old lie has been disproved for so long now that it is only lore.

Mr. Mcconnell, the master of the Senate who has trouble with the English language and very old age to whip 99 men and women, is the not only ineffective but continues his twice monthly nomination for ignopolitics and just plain lazy huntin' dawg reputation.

The other so-called leaders still fooling themselves into a future Oval Office lease have continued to make me smile.  Seems that Senator "Lyin' " Ted Cruz continues to carry the load for the entire medical and health insurance industry and especially the expectations of Wall Street which expects him to to insure - no, guarantee their huge profits no matter who suffers as a result. The only other active face on the tube is southern gentleman and medical doctor himself - Sen. Rand Paul who no one understands or heeds for good reason.  Senator Little Marco Rubio has been relatively quiet during the healthcare hoax pushed by the Congress -thankfully.

Meantime the Banks are rolling in cash with nowhere to lend it - all of them intending to become NetBanks and closing their branches by the dozens every month.

Yet what about the President? He is overcome from deadly stupidity by everyone he pays huge fees to, trusts with enormous federal departments, and his own family who continually attempts not to make waves but instead is already into a Tsunami of laughable errors, while thus far skirting the law.  Let me remind them - "If the federal government wants you, they will have you - no matter how."

I am still a sinking fan of the Trump "kids" - as they seem to care for their father even as they ignore his reputation.  Unfortunately the buck stops with him.

But the mystery remains - why is President Trump always trying to kill his own ideas?  Yet even they must be quaking as the read or listen to the list of all the erroneous, impudent, and outrageous mistakes.  My guess - that he got elected being "mean" but in his heart he can't fill that bill.

My suggestion: Stop with the revenge aimed at Obama and Pelosi who more than any two people alive got you elected Donald Trump. Instead use your street smarts and business ability to do the best for your people - and your people are not billionaire buddies, poseurs, or morons who bit off so much more than each could ever hope to chew.

So, again, aside for the military who seems, at least, to know what they are doing - I recommend with all respect that President Trump clean house - with at least a Dyson or industrial product!

Out go the family members, Friends' children into the back rooms never to be heard from again.  Bring in a new Chief of Staff - ASAP, and a professional team of "News Handlers" who make friends not enemies with the press - communists or not. Do you really think that executives of Parties are the best in the business when it comes to running a nation - the richest in history, but the most punishing to all who are just plain folks.

If you want a decent health insurance policy - which you had better - then don't listen to all the wags who know less than you do about life.  I once recommended to you, though I don't know if you read it -that you call in the chiefs of every major medical and pharmaceutical chief and lay it out for them.  Tell them - you handle this - Every man woman and child in America - Here  for whatever reason needs health insurance. From the gnomes of New York to Americans living in the streets -they all need you.  There is only one way to solve this - you must go fro some form or single-payer insurance and you must convince the powers-that-be that impact on wellness that they either come up with fair and equal treatment for 99% of your people at an affordable cost. - Tell them - damn the stockholders, and if you cannot control them you will instead buy them all up and find some fine executives from the tens of thousands out there - who can.

The basics:  Today it costs about $9,000 per capita to pay the bills that keep them alive and well.  That's about $3 billion a year.  That number could be cut in half and still leave a decent profit and more-eager breakthroughs for men and women not in the field to get rich - but to save lives.  Today that's maybe 35% of MDs and 90% of nurses.  So give them the choice - You put together the teams and buy-outs needed and manage the system - the entire system. Don't let them split it up for confusion's sake. Today business is far too complex to have thousands of chiefs and not enough natives.

Then make certain that that citizens contributions match their incomes, and since the Supreme Court thinks that corporations are people - they pay their fair share as well based on gross income - not net. If you go net -they'll cheat as they always have.

Somehow though "cheating" had become part of the DNA of business. Cheat the government, cheat the client, cheat the patient, short change 'em, overcharge them, lend to them at usurious rates - that's business today much as it was at the turn of the 20th century.

Well this is the 2ast Century.  Fewer rules, but more attention to decency should be your watchwords.  You have demonstrated this to me and many others - You called the latest garbage coming out of the Congress - "MEAN" - well you were right on -right on the ball, and on the mark.  There is plenty of money laying around in banks and investment firms - plenty to keep people healthy and happy without bankrupting themselves in order to live.  Don't allow the federal, state, or local governments to be MEAN.  You know the difference - and if there was anyone who knew how to stretch a dollar -it's you Mr. President - So get on with it.

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