Houston is Sinking – NYSE Moves Up?

And . . . Kim Jong Un Just sent a missile flying over Japan!

By Jeff Koopersmith

WASHINGTON – 29 April 2017  Okay, you figure this one out.  Everyone who teaches us about investing blamed Hurricane Harvey and North Korea for smallish stock losses last week and this morning.

So, what happened between the a.m. and 3:30 pm EST that had the NYSE rising almost 70 points.  Was is the visit and short press conference with the chief of Finland. Was is reports that the Trump Organization was dealing with Russia on building a hotel in Moscow?

Heck if I know – all I know for certain is that at least $100 billion bill is ramping up in Houston where as many as 1 million people may still be stranded on the roofs or car tops where they live.

No Virginia has a small storm going for the past 24 hours as far north as Williamsburg. What’s worse is that my squirrel’s nuts were late coming and we almost had to ration them.

This feels like mid-2000s to me.  Property values in cities worth living in are at the highest asking prices in history – That’s of course if the place is on either the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans – which makes little sense as we see what’s happening in Texas and Louisiana – again!

Mr. Gorka is gone from the White House and it seems our President is sitting alone in his office with his door locked by one general or another while Steve Bannon is throwing spitballs at the Administration from his old digs at Breitbart which seems only to advertise crap in its email while one searches for some “news” or “opinion” on that site.

Today I saw a new article that wasn’t – about Ted Cruz “dropping out” – of what? It was a mishmash of old news from 2015-2016 and believe it or not more news from last week which no one here could understand.